Watkins working with No. 1 defense in nickel package

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Aug 18, 2006.

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    Cowboys | Watkins working with No. 1 defense in nickel package
    Wed, 16 Aug 2006 20:39:03 -0700

    Mickey Spagnola, of DallasCowboys.com, reports Dallas Cowboys FS Pat Watkins is working with the team's No. 1 nickel defense, replacing SS Keith Davis.
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    Honestly I thought he had been starting with the nickel many times in camp.

    I think it's pretty clear Davis' time as the starting FS are nearing an end. It may not happen in Jacksonville but I can see Watkins claiming the starting position sometime this season. He's probably smarter (not exactly a tough one to achieve I admit :)) and athletically there is no comparison.
  3. DragonCowboy

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    I'm really rooting for this guy. Great camp story.
  4. aznhalf

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    If we picked him up in the second or third round like a lot of us wanted we'd be expecting him to start.

    Same kid, just a different round.

    I wouldn't be shocked to see him in Jacksonville
  5. stilltheguru

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    i want him starting week ONE.we cant afford to have keith blowing assignments to start the season.

    he is like the only free safety EVER to start 16 games without one interception.***?:eek:
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    Sizable project at safety
    Web Posted: 08/17/2006 10:41 PM CDT

    Tom Orsborn
    Express-News Staff Writer

    Ask Bill Parcells about Dallas Cowboys rookie safety Patrick Watkins, and he tosses out a phrase an ornithologist might use upon discovering a species of bird.
    "Never seen one like him," Parcells says.
    Watkins, a former Florida State standout, is indeed a rare bird. He's 6-foot-5 and plays a position where 6-1 is considered big.
    "I think that's one of the reasons he was drafted where he was drafted (fifth round), because no one else had seen one like him either," Parcells said.
    Tall safeties have excelled in the NFL — Hall of Famer Paul Krause was 6-3 with Minnesota — but none towered over teammates in the secondary like Watkins.

    "I've heard a couple names here and there, but I don't think they were quite his height," Parcells said. "Most of the references were to cornerbacks, (Pittsburgh's 6-3) Mel Blount and guys like that."
    Last season, two 6-3 safeties started: the Jets' Kerry Rhodes and Seattle's Michael Boulware. Arizona had a 6-4 safety, Ernest Shazor, who was a backup.
    Steve Atwater, an eight-time Pro Bowl safety for Denver in the 1990s, was 6-3.
    But most of today's top safeties are shorter. Cowboys Pro Bowl strong safety Roy Williams is 6-0. Ed Reed, arguably the league's best safety, stands 5-11.
    NFL.com analyst Gil Brandt said Watkins reminds him of Don Burroughs, a 6-4 safety who played for the Los Angeles Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles in a 10-year career that ended in 1964.
    "They called Burroughs 'The Blade,'" said Brandt, the Cowboys' personnel director during the Tom Landry era. "He was a tough son of a gun. It's very unusual to have a tall safety. I think the Cowboys may have gotten a steal in the fifth round with Watkins. He's going to be a good one."
    Parcells agrees. In fact, the coach says Watkins is pushing Keith Davis to start at free safety.
    "Watkins is going to be a factor here," Parcells said at training camp in Oxnard, Calif. "I don't know whether he will be a starter, but he is going to be in contention."
    Earlier in camp, Watkins said starting wasn't a goal.
    "I'm just trying to learn and let my talent take over," Watkins said.
    Parcells has started rookies at free safety before. The first to do so was Myron Guyton for the New York Giants in 1989.
    "I've had several (rookies) who have done it," Parcells said. "It doesn't make you sleep well."
    It could be different with Watkins. He logged 54 plays — 38 on defense, 16 on special teams — in the Cowboys' 13-3 exhibition victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday.
    "I've been impressed with him," Parcells said.
    "He's quicker than I thought he was and he's very fast, and he has tremendous wing span," Parcells added. "He has good ball skills and seems to be pretty smart. He was a two-year starter at Florida State, and that's a good level of competition."
    Parcells said he expects Watkins to be an outstanding special-teams performer.
    "He's going to hold up (opposing) punt gunners," Parcells said. "He looks like he can really do that well. Superior would be the word to use. I'm very happy with him.
    "Now, when the lights go on, is he ready to go in right this minute? I don't know."
    Parcells said he would like to see Watkins, listed at 211 pounds, add weight in the offseason.
    "I can see him being 219, 220 pounds with a year of work, with the same speed," Parcells said. "I can see him being 6-foot-5, 220 pounds. That is a formidable guy playing free safety."
    You might even call him a big bird.
  7. SteveOS

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    Can't wait til Monday night to see more from PWat.
  8. superpunk

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    You can't teach height.
  9. Reed

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    you can't teach football either.... :lmao2:
  10. Kilyin

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    Bullethole Davis. Shoulda let the Saints have him.
  11. Bob Sacamano

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    Watkins and Ratliff are the only ones on this roster pushing starters from last year
  12. theogt

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    Earlier in camp he was playing with the first team on more than just nickle packages.
  13. superpunk

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    I don't see how it hurts to have him on the roster. We had to sign him before the draft, so Watkins wasn't a definite, yet. He's the only FS we have that's familiar with the defense, and even if he gets replaced eventually, that might be invaluable early on. And he helps our special teams.

    I think anytime you can have a guy who can get shot, and be practicing in a week, on your roster you should do it. ;)
  14. jazzcat22

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    Is he BULLET PROOF ?
  15. NorTex

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    ABD=Anyone but Davis!
  16. Kilyin

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    I don't disagree with any of that, I just don't think he was worth the price we paid to keep him around. But, it's not my money, just my opinion.
  17. theogt

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    SP, no matter how many times I see it, that sig is disturbing.
  18. Waffle

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    You're forgetting Davis is made of Kevlar®. :shoot2:
  19. superpunk

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    I agree with that. The Saints did kind of put us on the spot there. It was either make our weakest defensive position even weaker, and be completely fenced in during the draft, and then reliant on a rookie during the season, or just match. We could, so we did, I guess. I think we basically kept him around so we could keep our flexibility in the draft.
  20. superpunk

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    It's important that our WR and QB are in sync. I'm campaigning for that to happen. It will come down when I think of something more disturbing.

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