We are drafting Chung in the 2nd

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Avenging Hayseed, Mar 8, 2009.

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    I agree. I wonder what they are doing about NT. I don't care if they pick a big NT up from anywhere and anyhow. I think NT, OL, WILB/nickel LB, S, CB, TE/HBack/Fback, and S are our needs. I think they need to address all these in some way preferably the draft or undrafted rookies.
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    I guess I should have put this in the draft forum. Sorry bout that, this way we can keep filling the board with opinions on one of the Buffulo Bills w.r's...:rolleyes: Just kiddin.....SORTA!
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    Mar 5, 2009 4:49 PM

    Cowboys New Safety

    Posted by CBS11

    CBS-11 Sports has learned that the Cowboys have targeted 2nd year cornerback Orlando Scandrick as Roy Williams' replacement at safety in the Dallas defense.

    The Cowboys coaching staff is designing a special "Star" safety position in the secondary that will allow Scandrick to be on the field on a regular basis. The hybrid safety/cornerback position is one that the Cowboys hope will help confuse opposing offenses much in the same way the Cowboys of the 90's were able to use Darren Woodson. The game plan is that Scandrick will be used in both the regular defense at the "Star" free safety position and as the nickel slot cornerback, a role he played in his rookie season in 2008. Ken Hamlin would move to the strong safety position.

    In fact, secondary coach Dave Campo is calling upon the expertise of Woodson himself to help tutor Scandrick on the intricacies of the position. Woodson told CBS-11 today that he believes Scandrick has the ability to flourish in the role.

    On the other hand, Deion Sanders has another opinion. When asked by CBS-11 this afternoon what he thought of Scandrick moving to safety, Sanders scoffed at the suggestion, saying, "How much does he weigh, 190 pounds?"

    Scandrick is listed at 5-10, 192 pounds, and quickly points out that a couple of the best safeties in the NFL, Pittsburgh's Troy Polamalu (5-10) and Indianapolis' Bob Sanders (5-8), are a similar height. However, Polamalu and Sanders each weigh about 15 pounds more than Scandrick.

    The project of converting Scandrick to safety will be a joint venture that includes Campo, assistant secondary coach Brett Maxie, and Woodson. The move illustrates the excitement the coaching staff has regarding the 22-year old Scandrick's potential.

    "I trust the coaches," Scandrick said, "and am willing to do whatever it takes to win."
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    Barbie Carp.

    The entire board was all over that.
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    Thomas Everett was a damn good FS, and he was smaller than Scandrick is.
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    Many people thought Roy Williams, Terence Newman, Bobby Carpenter, Demarcus Ware, Marcus Spears and Felix Jones were going to be Dallas' picks in the weeks leading up to those drafts.
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    everybody pat chung tonight.........(everybody pat chung tonight)
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    Did you not see people calling for Felix and Jenkins last year or does that not count?
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    The thing about Chung is this.

    He goes into the Senior Bowl and is considered an "in the box" guy and comes out a good cover guy.

    Which is it? I've seen reports saying he isn't great in coverage.

    In my opinion, the SSs will fall, and I don't think Dallas will take Moore or Chung in round 2. I think they would take Rashad Johnson in round 3. He could be your nickel safety.
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    Our NT went to the Pro Bowl and we signed Canty's replacement.
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    i think we draft a WR
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    I don't think so...I don't have Everett's measurables readily available, but I'm certain that he was heavier and stronger than Scandrick.
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    Everett was 5'9 190something.
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    Everett was 5'9 and 190lbs.
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    Do you remember the guns that Everett had? Scandrick doesn't have guns, and Everett was known as being a very physical hitter.

    Link to your "stats" on Everett??
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    Best player available now that Sensabaugh has been signed. Teams say that but are usually full of it and have HOLES. We still need ILB/WR/Safety/NT/Oline in that order IMO. We now have enough depth to take the BPA as well as package some lower picks to get more picks in the juicy 2nd/3rd round slots. It's looking ALOT BETTER THAN LAST WEEK!!!!!!!

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