We are going to have a tough time stopping the run

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rpatricc, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. rpatricc

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    Without Spencer. I think not having Ratliff hurts the inside pass rush, but Hayden will be fine on run downs. But Spencer sets that strong side edge as good as anyone in the league. It is going to be a long night of watching David Wilson bite off chunks of yardage, I fear.
  2. Vintage

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    I am more concerned with our ability to stop the pass.
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  3. Zimmy Lives

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    The LBs, CBs and safeties are going to have to play some serious run defense if the d-line is not up to task.
  4. boysfanindc

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    It would be nice to have Spencer, but the Giants have their own issues on the OL. With it looking like both Baas & Diehl being out and the reshuffling that has caused. I would rather have our problem then theirs.
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  5. EGG

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    Supposedly our plan is to be playing with a lead and turning loose our pass rushers. I too am not certain our secondary is ready but with decent safety play it could work,,,
  6. Lonestar94

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    Spencer not playing is a new one for me, where have I been?
  7. pugilist

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    ultimately I think we are going to have a tough time stopping... anything. The D isn't going to magically come together in its 1st year transition from 3-4 to 4-3. All of you expecting a top 5 defense this season are probably in for some disappointment

    hopefully the pts allowed is significantly better than the yds allowed
  8. conner01

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    it could create some issues. spencer is very good at setting the edge. but hopefully it's just one more game and he is back. put up enough points to force them to pass to keep up and that fixes that problem
  9. boysfanindc

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    I don't think we will be top 5, hoping for less points and more turnovers.
  10. rpatricc

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    Did not practice again today after Kiffin saying he might practice today. I think having sat for 6 weeks with no practice, going to be very hard to throw him in.
  11. DenCWBY

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    If they get into a run and pass rhythm where we're 2nd guessing it will be a long night on defense. The thing about NYG offense is they do not get into many 2nd or 3rd and long situations which are more predictable because they do not make many mistakes (like we have in the past). We often self destruct with penalties and poor blitz pickups which has hurt us. Eli and Co. just don't make that many mistakes which makes it hard to defend or to match up with what we think they are going to do. They will get their points. We need to outscore them and if we can get in Eli's face a little bit, we can force some errors on their behalf. Going to be fun to watch and I too wish Spencer was playing!!
  12. pugilist

    pugilist Stick N Move

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    yep, if preseason was any indication then that is very encouraging turnovers wise
  13. Yakuza Rich

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    I am as well. But, if the G-Men start running the ball well that can open things up in the passing game. But, I'm more concerned with Ware getting doubled and tripled with no Spencer available.

    From what I've seen from Kiffin's defenses, the weakside DE matters the most for him. When the weakside DE was good, particularly with Simeon Rice, the Bucs defense was extremely tough. When it wasn't good, the defense lost some of its luster.

  14. RoyTheHammer

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    This right here.

    Im not worried about stopping the run at all. All Hayden and Hatcher have to do on run plays is eat up blockers so that they can't get to the second level. If they can handle that, Lee and Carter will take care of the rest. They are both instinctive, sideline to sideline LB's who will be in on alot of tackles this year.
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  15. sbark

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    I'm a little worried after the injury problems at LB last yr, letting the DLine get worn down means a lot of wear and tear on Lee and Carter......
  16. OhSnap

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    Don't throw in the towel till you've seen the RZ defense, thats where KIffin will earn his money.
  17. cowboys2233

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    Yup. I'm not buying into this notion that we can't stop the run. With a healthy Lee and Carter back there, it makes up for a lot of deficiencies up front. I think we're going to crush the Giants on Sunday night.
  18. InmanRoshi

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    The biggest issue is having rested bodies and a working rotation so that there will still be gas left in the tank to apply pressure late in the 4th quarter of a shootout. Because history shows that these two teams play shootouts in Dallas. The last four contests in Dallas the scores were 29-24, 37-34, 41-35, 33-31.
  19. kiheikiwi

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    Thats my concern, the rotation. Not sure if we have bought back anyone yet, but 1 or 2 backups still means our DT will get worn down. Funny how last week everyone was down in the dumps about our OL and all the changes of positions we were forced to do. Then Waters gets picked up and this site was pretty euphoric - one day later Bass is out and now the DL is the great crux. I said in another thread a few days ago, and still believe we are one more good draft away from being back to a dominating team. But for gods sake - it has to finally be a Trench's draft. Something most of us have been yelling for for the past few years. I think our DL and mainly our tackles, (but even our DE are undersized players, so the rotation has to help there too) will be this teams weak position this year - barring too many more injuries. I think we will be in alot of shootouts this year. If we can patch it together I think we can make the playoffs - but depending on how we shore up our OL and DL next draft, we can be contenders again ! We are on the upswing for sure ... we have great weapons on offence to score with most teams. Our LBs and corners should be really good. Safety - I think will be good, not great, but good enough.
    Im tired of being an average football team, so lets hope they can do enough untill Spencer and Rtliff return (and Bass for the Rotation). Sunday night Ill be pretty nervous about the D tackles holding up, but we can outscore NY i believe - we shall see !
  20. davey999

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    Our DL is going to get run over.

    My guess is Spencer isn't back until mid season, if at all. Waste of the tag.

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