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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ejthedj, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. MichaelWinicki

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    Actually Erik Williams was a 3rd rounder. :)

    I understand your point.
  2. NickZepp

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    Randal El is a good comparason. Maybe not as fast but just as quick. And he is more experienced as a reciever. We have 3 solid WRs that can all go deep. He's a guy who can make plays on short passes that will be opened. Or he can get reverses and make plays. But he'll make his biggest impact in the return game.
  3. J-DOG

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    Skyler Green reminds me of when Jimmy Johnson drafted Kevin Williams from Miami in the 90's.
    They have similar skill sets and both were dynamic punt returners.
  4. AsthmaField

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    Fabini played LT for the Jets... I think he's much better at RT, and so will be a better player for us.

    Personally, I think Green is a heck of a pick. He could turn out to be a difference maker at PR. Frankly, I'm glad to come out of the second day with a player that is so exciting.

    What's gotten into you Eddie? You're normally no so universally negative.

    This is a heck of a draft.
  5. zrinkill

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    T.O. :rolleyes:
  6. LaTunaNostra

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    Eddie, Fabini was no Orlando Pace. But he was more than servicable...he was not, over his career, the penalty machine your buddies are making him out to be.

    He never excelled with terrific agility or enormous strength, but he held his own. Luckily, a player like Fabini doesn't lose it overnight, because his game was built on tenacity and common sense. At this stage of his career, he is what every team needs..a reliable swing tackle.

    I sure understand your fears, and even share them. All the impact in the world won't matter if the line is a sieve again...if 'immobile' Bledsoe can't be bought time, and JJ/Marion sans holes. Even TO is not going to make a difference if dumb penalties and inconsistency once again define the line play. In fact, there is a fairly substantial blocking game downgrade in TO over Key, and any 2nd te over Dan.

    I also think our draft MIGHT be a bit affected by recently being bitten by those 'finesse' tackle and brute-but-no-technique guard picks. Just as Millen lacked the stones to take Leinart, the Jacobs, and to some extent Peterman pick could be scare-off factors.

    But even more deadly than being scared off is a mass attack of over-reaching.

    As long as we stay consistent to what reasonably looks like adherence to a value board, I suppose the FO merits the benefit of the doubt..that they felt the line could best be upgraded this year via free agency.

    Frankly, the biggest line issue we have, imo, may be the coaching of it. I am more worried about Sparano's fair haired status with Bill and ability to develop players than whether we stack the draft with lineman. Parcells, btw, has saturated drafts in the past with one position...could be the FO just didn't see the value in this particular draft class.

    Anyway, Flo coming back, Rivera a full year off his back injury, a more seasoned Al/Dre/Rob, and the presence of "False Start" :rolleyes: is at least minor consolation.
  7. Eddie

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    Heck, I'll take the draft ... I just don't like the Green pick. We could use 7th rounders on ST and punt returners.

    Maybe I envisioned a draft of the trenches ... big linemen filling up the boat. OT, OG, NT. Speedy and big WR to take over Terry's spot in a year. So far ... nada.

  8. neosapien23

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    Really. I don't like the Hatcher pick.
  9. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    LTN, let's hope you're right. I think the OT's should be secure, but I have bad visions and nightmares of 2005 ... 7-3, on the brink of a playoff birth, only to see our season disappear with the injury of one single player along the OL.
  10. LaTunaNostra

    LaTunaNostra He Made the Difference

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    I know. I know Eddie. I have nightmares too.

    And I admit I am enjoying your annual draft weekend takes. :)
  11. kapolani

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    You're not going to find a ST/return type of guy with the apparent skill set that this skylar green has.

    The way the league is now - giving the small speedy receivers more room to work with because the DB's can't body up on them as much - is exactly what we need to complement the personnel we have now.

    I think our line will actuallly do enough to give Bledsoe the time he needs to get the ball out. We have a plethora of weapons now. The opposing D can't just through everything at us anymore. Who are they going to cover. TO him self will demand help over the top. TG? I don't think anyone can cover him one-on-one even now. Who you going to put on Witten? A safety? A smaller DB?

    I think it's looking pretty good for us.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Well there is the problem. At what point did anybody indicate that was our draft plan. I rarely heard any media types predicting O-line in day one. All along I said we wouldn't go OL day one. JJ said before the draft that wasn't a priority. Also, you can't get the kind of return guy that we got in the 7th round. All experts agree there were 4 elite return men in this draft. We got the last one and lucky for us he is a do everything Randel EL type.
  13. BigDFan5

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    He has averaged 4 false starts PER YEAR over his career

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