We had 8 possessions last night...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nav22, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Nav22

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    Well, 9 if you count the last-ditch effort with 17 seconds left. I don't.

    Of the 8 legit possessions, 2 ended thanks to 3rd down drops (Ogletree, Austin).

    Another ended thanks to getting stuffed on 3rd and inches. A nice play by Atlanta but one that doesn't happen if the OL can execute for just a moment's time.

    That's 3 possessions out of 8 that we just bumbled away on our own. That's 37.5% of our offense's opportunities.

    And in each of those instances, we would have had a 1st down in Falcons territory. So that's up to 21 potential points that could've been.

    We do this to ourselves seemingly every week. Collinsworth said it best after Miles' drop: "If you want to know the story of the 2012 Dallas Cowboys, it's plays like that."

    Of the remaining 5 possessions, we scored 3 times. Not bad. Of course, 2 of those were mere field goals, but points are points.

    If you're keeping score at home... of our 5 failed possessions, the Falcons stopped the Cowboys 2 times, while the Cowboys stopped the Cowboys 3 times.

    And that's why we are where we are.
  2. jday

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    Nice post. It is one thing to simply say the Cowboys beat themselves, and quite another to prove it.
  3. blackbull

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    Miles and Dez both suck. I don't wanna see anymore vs threads about them. I should've known they were trash when they had no comeback for Roddy clowning them. No way they didn't get wind of those comments. TO would've fired back at Roddy off and on the field. Disgusting.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    And don't forget the Dunbar drop that would have been a first down that forced us to kick a FG. That's potentially 4 more points on the board as well.
  5. GloryDaysRBack

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    Yeah! This defense played great!!!! We held them to 19 points...

  6. gimmesix

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    Austin made some nice plays. Granted, that one drop ruins it all, but he went down to get a couple of low throws and fought hard in traffic to pick up extra yards.

    Dez was nonexistent. Some of that might have been because of his injury, and some because of lost trust.
  7. TwoDeep3

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    Nav, great post. Collinsworth nailed it and so did you.

    What I don't understand is this.

    After the Giants game Garrett made a remark the reason he did not runn on 3rd and short is the Giants were better suited to stop that play.

    So he has a recognition of when success of a play is sketchy.

    So why did he run into the line against Atl stacking 9 in the freakin box?

    Do we NEVER spread them wide with receivers and then run? Or pass for that matter.
  8. AbeBeta

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    Chalk that one up to injuries. Costa is a good run blocker -- and Murray is greatly missed.

    I know that teams need to go "next man up" - but we've lost Rat, Lissemore, Murray, Costa, Church, and Sean Lee for substantial periods. And we played with a not healthy Witten for several games. These are big losses and they hurt in close games
  9. OklahomaCowboy88

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    If you can't get 12 inches in the NFL, you dont deserve to be in the NFL. Sadly, our offensive line and running back position is full of guys who don't deserve to be in the NFL.
  10. TwoDeep3

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    Garrett is an idiot for calling that play.
  11. 17yearsandcounting

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    Exactly. So lets throw Parnell in and make it obvious to the entire civilized world what is coming. That play was doomed from the start. Jerry should burn that part of the playbook.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Had really hoped that our FA signing of Vickers would have solved a great deal of this issue. Alas, not so much.
  13. 17yearsandcounting

    17yearsandcounting Benched

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    Vickers got owned on that play. Get leverage dude! Ran into the hole upright.
  14. Paniolo22

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    How about the 54 yd fg attempt? Wth?!? Defense was playing great at that point. Didn't make sense...
  15. CaptainMorgan

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    how many of Garrett's decision make sense?
  16. jday

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    If you look at the average score of any game in the NFL, holding a team to 19 points should be enough to win. I honestly do not blame the defense at all for the loss to Atlanta.
  17. Hoofbite

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    I'll chalk that one up to trotting out a formation that plays right into the defenses hands.

    Dallas has a weak OL. They barely win one-on-one's on a consistant basis.

    You can't let a defense stack the line when you're 5 guys up front can't get it done when they don't stack the line. Adding Parnell, an even weaker player than what is on the field, isn't helping.

    After watching the OL get zero push on the goal line in back to back plays last week, there's no way Dallas should have given the Falcons the same opportunity to stop them.

    They should not have gone back to that formation.
  18. aikemirv

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    How many times do you let Atlanta pass a 15-20 yarder down the middle of the field until you stop the play?
  19. Hoofbite

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    Trying a QB sneak every now and then probably wouldn't hurt.

    I saw Palmer sneak for a full 2 yards the other day. 2 inches seems to be too far for Dallas to attempt it.
  20. ufcrules1

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    Me either.. not at all. The offense didn't help them one bit. Romo overthrew Beasley in the endzone, overthrew other receivers, underthrew Romo in the endzone, WR's dropped balls, etc. We lost that game because of the offense, not the defense.

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