We need to draft a top tier QB... and soon

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by iowast8rs, Sep 10, 2012.

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    It's pretty simple. We draft BPA, especially in the early rounds.

    Up until now, if a QB fell to us in the early rounds (think Brady Quinn), the value play was to trade down.

    As Romo gets older, the value play will be to draft a QB who falls to us and we have rated as BPA.

    In 2-3 years, if the drafts haven't fallen that way yet, the value play may well be to trade up for a QB if he falls close enough to us and we see a value drop right after him (think of the Claiborne trade this year).

    But based on what I've seen the last few drafts, we won't reach.

    The late rounds are a different story, of course. Absolutely go get a guy you like in the 4th or later.
  2. Cowboy Brian

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    If they tank and have the #1 pick they deal Tannehill for a 3rd and draft Barkley.
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    Prove it, what evidence do you have that Romo will not only be playing here 5 years from now but playing at a high level? Guys like Farve are not the norm for QBs
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    How about drafting OLinemen to keep Romo healthy longer?
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    We are talking about DALLAS COWBOYS and their fans here.

    Imaging drafting a 1st round QB and sitting him behind Romo for next 3 years! We are looking at controversy every time Romo throws an INT. Dallas will be a CIRCUS (an even bigger one).

    I am not against drafting someone if the draft falls our way BUT do not go out of our way to pick one because it sends a very wrong message to our QB and our fans.

    Ideally we would pick up someone in the 3rd round and groom him. Someone who actually has real potential and not like McGee. Someone who actually has a high enough completion percentage and a decent arm who needs to learn to read defense.

    Someone LOW PROFILE!

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