we need to get more out of the 1st-day picks

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JPostSam, Apr 13, 2005.

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    unless the cowboys are really smitten by shawne merriman AND he's available at 11, i think the team's numerous needs call for a trade down. there's just too much talent that should be available later on, at less cost (in picks and in contracts) to stay with the 1st-day picks we have. i'd like to see at least one trade down, and i think many of you would as well.

    ...not that doing so would necessarily be easy. you have to find a partner, of course. looking at who has some extra picks AND perhaps some interest in moving up to certain positions, i could envision the following scenario:

    dallas trades 11 to green bay (especially if qb alex smith is available) for 24, 58 and 89;

    dallas trades 24 to tennessee for 37 and 68.

    that means dallas has the following picks on the first day:

    1st -- 20
    2nd -- 37
    2nd -- 42
    2nd -- 58
    3rd -- 68
    3rd -- 89

    fill in those picks however you like. no matter what, we'd do better by addressing six positions with RELATIVELY high draft picks than just three VERY high picks.

    i'd be happy with the following:

    20 -- wr mark clayton
    37 -- de justin tuck
    42 -- fs josh bullocks
    58 -- mlb robert mccune
    68 -- og logan mankins or chris kemoeatu
    89 -- dt sione pouha

    with the 4th-round pick (109) i'd like big rb/fb brandon jacobs, and with the 5th rounder (148) i might pick up darren sproles as a return specialist.

    i think those spots are reasonable for those players, and i think those players would be playmakers for us very quickly. certainly they made plays in college. and i DEFINITELY think that this collection would be better than any three players we could get by staying put with only three 1st-day picks.

    ...what do you think?

    ... and if you'd stay at 11, 20 and 42, who would you pick?
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    Anything is possible...and BPA at 11, 20 and 42.
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    What i'd do is if Merriman is gone at 11 then draft Charlie Fry at 11 and Jason Campbell at 20 then trade Frye to Greenbay for their first,51 and 5th rounder and trade Campbell to Cleveland for their 2nd and a fifth. We would then have a
    1st), 3 seconds an three 5ths:also trade Bledsoe,Henson,Hunter and Morgan to Chicago for their 2nd giving us 4 2nds then take Matt Roth in the first round, then Eric Green, Barett Ruud(can play inside or out) and Vincent Jackson and Courtney Roby. In the fourth round we could take Ray Willis as our right tackle and the Adrian Mcpherson,Jonathan Welsh(olb/de) and Travis Daniels(cb/fs) in the 5th and Lionel Gates(rb, big back who can run and catch and won't mind being a backup,unlike Clarette) and Jason Jefferson(young run stuffing dt) and Jay Ratliff(pass rushing dt,Auburn) in the 7th with Kevin Eli as a fa de who played at Maryland with Shawne Merriman(he rush the passer and stop run) would replace Kenyon Coleman as the backup to Greg Ellis. Oh, and of course bring in a Veteran qb whose younger than Bledsoe.

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