We should bring in Richard Sherman

Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by Texas_Pete, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Tenkamenin

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    We don't have a pass rush so he is as good as toast.
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  2. dwight

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    Richard Sherman would not perform well with Dallas current pass rush situation. If the front office did trade for him the fans that want him would be asking that he be cut from the team by the end of the season.

    The main reasons why we lost to Green Bay in our last two playoffs games was due to a lack of a pass rush.
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  3. calico

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    i like his play but he if doesnt respect pete carrolls authority and challenges him on the field, then id fear he' make redball a capon at midfield.
  4. Bizwah

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    I'd trade a third day pick...maybe our 6th and 7th. Not using a premium pick when there are so many good CBs available.

    We have an opportunity to build a good, young team. Wasting picks on a CB that will soon be 30?
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  5. haleyrules

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    Yeah. These older, high end, high maintenance high cost players seldom deliver. Make for great conversations and excitement...l would rathet draft someone or sign a younger player just starting his upswing...like the Patriots did this off season. Forget the older guys.
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  6. lostar2009

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    Naw a 3rd.
  7. dagreat1_87

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    Is he actually a scheme fit for us?
  8. Silverstar

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    Not for any of this years picks.
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  9. Wood

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    I am definitely not giving up 1st rounder for 29 year old CB.
  10. The Natural

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    We can get a better Sherman in the draft..haven't you guys been impressed with our track record drafting DBs?
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  11. Texas_Pete

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    Counter argument: Sherman will travel with the #1 receivers which will allow our pass rush (which will be addressed in the draft by the way) that extra second or too to get to the quarterback because of his good coverage. His intensity (along with O-Scan) would also fire up our defense. He's good against the run too.
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  12. ghst187

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    I loathe Sherman more than probably any other current player but if we could lowball Seattle and get him we would be idiots not to. I'd offer a fourth this year and a fourth next year and I might go as high as making one of them a third. We aren't getting anyone that good with those picks in the draft and we instantly shore up a position of dire need. Add a S like Jones in the draft and we suddenly have a pretty decent secondary and two more draft picks to go after a passrusher and DL or LB.
    I mean if you could guarantee me the CB we would draft would be really good I wouldn't trade the picks for Sherman but we've gotten the best CBSs in several drafts past 20 years and none were as good as Sherman is now.
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  13. davidA

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    not a first rnd this year or next maybe a second
  14. Rockdoc

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    even if we wanted to trade for him
    he wants too much money
    we wont afford him, so we can just drop it.
    now after training camp, if we realize we are a vet CB from the super bowl; then we make it possible
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  15. Texas_Pete

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  16. xwalker

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    Sorry to be rude, but that is the worst idea I've seen posted this off-season.

    He is 29 with salaries of 11.4M and 11M.

    They could get a free agent with no draft picks required for slightly more than Sherman's salary.

    CBs that play well in their thirties are usually guys that were super fast and therefore when they lost speed with age, they were still relatively fast. Sherman has always had borderline speed. If he loses any speed his ability could fall of a cliff.

    You can draft a CB with that first round pick and have him on a cheap contract for 5 years.

    Summary: They could use the 11M in salary to get a really good free agent at some position AND use the draft pick to get a quality young player.
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  17. Texas_Pete

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    Point taken and I take no offense whatsoever (this is a message board, why would I?). I won't disagree per se, but Sherman is a known commodity and is better than every DB in this draft. Our secondary just gave up a 35 yard bomb on a 3rd and 20 - which ended our season. So of course I'd want our FO to at least consider flipping Romo's salary cap hit for a top 3 CB.

    Admittedly, it won't happen because we are in the Stephen Jones era so this entire thread is moot anyway.
  18. blindzebra

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    He is old, expensive and a man/press corner. We just dumped two man/press corners because they were not a scheme fit. Marinelli was stuck with corners from that idiot Rob Ryan.

    So by all means lets overpay for a player in decline, who doesn't fit our zone scheme, who has only seen success because he grabs and gets away with it...not happening if he wears the star...in arguably the best corner draft in the last decade.
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  19. hornitosmonster

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    He is overrated
  20. Texas_Pete

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    Well well well:


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