We should trade both our 1st rounders to Atlanta.

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    I was looking at the point value system for draft picks and it has to be wrong. Because say we wanted to trade both our 1st round picks to Atlanta falcons. They would have to give us both their 2nd rounders, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th and it would still be in their favor by 12 points.
    We could trade Ayodele and a 5th to the Raiders for their 4th. We could also trade a 6th to the Titans for Adam "Pacman" Jones.
    This would allow us to cut or trade Henry and save us some cap room.

    Cowboys: 1400
    Falcons: 1388

    I know this would never happen but it would be pretty sweet if it did. Could you imagine our draft?

    2a. James Hardy WR Indiana
    2b. Chris Johnson RB, East Carolina
    2c. Carl Nicks OT, Nebraska
    3a. Jordy Nelson WR, Kansas State
    3b. Chris Ellis DE, Virginia Tech
    4a. Chevis Jackson CB, LSU
    4b. Justin King CB, Penn State
    4c. Kendall Langford DE, Hampton
    5a. Dexter Jackson WR, Appalachin State
    5b. Traded to Raiders with Ayodele for a 4th

    6a. Traded to Titans for Adam "Pacman" Jones
    6b. Dominique Barber FS, Minnesota
    7a. Spencer Larsen ILB, Arizona
    7b. Cornelius Brown SS, Missouri

    If we could get Atlanta to go for it we could fill all our needs without paying top dollar for a 1st rounder.
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    We could then cut a few players and sign a FA or two. We could start by freeing up some cap space by cutting.
    1. Terry Glenn
    2. Patrick Crayton
    3. Miles Austin
    4. Sam Hurd

    We could pick up Javon Walker in FA. This wouldn't be such a huge change to our offence. Walker would be a step up from Terry Glenn who hadn't played a single game last regular season. And Hardy or Nelson would make a very good #3 option. I think that both Hardy and Nelson could be great WR's one day esspecialy playing behind and learning from the likes of Owens and Walker. Eventualy Walker's knee will give out and Owens is inching his way to retirement so it would be nice to have a back up plann. Our WR core would look something like this.
    1. Terrell Owens
    2. Javon Walker
    3a. James Hardy
    3b. Jordy Nelson

    With Jones gone Barber becomes our only RB so the addition of Chris Johnson would be nice. He has amazing speed and would compliment Barber very well.

    There have been alot of looming questions about our secondary. So we bring in a good CB like Adam "Pacman" Jones and draft a some young talented CB's like Justin King out of Penn State and Chevis Jackson of LSU. We can pick up Marion Barber's little brother Dominique at the FS possition. Another sleeper that catches my attention is Cornelius Brown at SS. He could compete with/Share time with Roy Williams.

    Our pass rush seems to be okay when everyone is healthy but we could use some depth and Ellis isn't getting any younger. Chris Ellis and Kendall Langford would be nice additions to the Defeseive line. Spencer Larsen looks to be another sleeper that could have a decent impact in the NFL and would be a great addition to this team considering Zach Thomas' age.

    I actualy really like the Offeseive line but I feel we may have paid a bit to much for an aging ofeseive lineman. I feel that Carl Nicks would be nice incase Flozell's age gets the best of him. I feel that Carl could compete for a starting spot right out of the draft on any NFL team.
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    I guess no one likes this idea? lol...

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