We will beat the brakes off the Giants

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mansta54, Nov 17, 2013.

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    I have no idea what is going to happen in this game. Anyone who professes to know is just blowing smoke. We could win (although I doubt it will be a blow-out). Or we could get absolutely trucked. I'm just happy Miles will be back on the field and Beasley will get demoted for it.
  2. TonyRomo17

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    giants 38
    cowboys 21
  3. CaptainMorgan

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    Our defense is just what Manning needs to get his confidence back.

    We suck coming off the bye week.

    Garrett is still the HC here.

    35-21 Giants
  4. dragon_mikal

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    Cowboys - 35
    Giants - 24

    Eli Manning gift wraps a few turnovers and the Giants continue their decline into NFL obscurity.
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    I hope so. Honestly, if everyone discusses off-season issues in November, there won't be much left to talk about by January.

    I can understand people wanting the season to effectively be "over with" early given how this team has let its fans down in recent years, but I want this sucker to drag out till the bitter end lol.

    This season is like a movie where you know the main characters are going to get splattered eventually, but I still want the movie to last as long as possible.
  6. Venger

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    Definitely recent but it isn't even just the bye - go look back at extended preparation games, including Thanksgiving - it seems that the last few years we are just terrible. Terrible...

    Of course, since we are perpetually .500, perhaps it is just expected results creating an illusory trend.
  7. KJJ

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    So what are you saying the Cowboys are good? This is just another kiss of death thread. The Cowboys are coming off a butt whippin like we haven't seen in 3 years and they just lost the leader of their piss-poor defense that's been setting franchise futility records and at least one NFL record. The Cowboys are currently 0-3 after bye weeks since 2010 and they'll be on the road facing a Giants team that's won 4 straight and put up almost 500 yards of offense on the Cowboys opening day.

    It took 6 takeaways and 2 defensive scores to escape with a 5 point win vs the Giants in front of a packed house at home in Sept. So yeah Sunday in NY should be a cakewalk against them this time around with them back in contention riding a winning streak while the Cowboys are limping into NY. :rolleyes:
  8. Frozen700

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    Oh God......

    Here we go....

    Let me order some pizza real quick
  9. Wayne02

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    Amazing isn't it, some of these guys actually think that the Cowboys are just going to walk through this Giants team. I can understand having faith that the Cowboys will come away with the W, but all of this tough guy, pounding chest, bravado talk is just ridiculous, especially when talking about a depleted defense who just basically quit in their last game after surrendering 40 1st downs in a single game.
  10. KJJ

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    Most of them don't really believe what they boast it's just silly FAN talk.
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  11. dupree89

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    Giants 34
    Cowboys 20
  12. Plankton

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    Playing devil's advocate, if the Cowboys lose the leader of what is a soft, historically bad defense, what difference does it make? How much worse can this defense be than it was against New Orleans?

    All kidding aside here, missing Lee is huge, but the defense sucked with him in there.
  13. 5Stars

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    I like your enthusiasm, Mansta, and I am not normally negative about the Cowboys. But, I have no faith that this current team is going to go into any game and whip up on anyone! I can only hope that the Cowboys can stay competitive and not get embarrassed. I think the Cowboys have seen their last rodeo for this year.
  14. KJJ

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    The Cowboys defense has sucked with Lee but appeared to quit once he went out vs NO which led to the worst beat down we've seen since Wades last game in 2010 vs the Packers. As bad as the defense has been it's hard to say it can get any worse but without Lee for at least 2 games who knows.
  15. Oh_Canada

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    Man-Cowboys have one horrible game and Giants beat a few stiffs and not it's they're going to whip the Boys.

    Cowboys did get six turnovers last time....know why? The Giants turn the ball over.

    Giants oline blows. So does the linebackers and secondary.

    Now Andre Brown scares everyone.

    Hatch, Bruce Carter and Everette Brown will make big contributions on defense.

    Cowboys will win this game.
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  16. bysbox1

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    The only reason for that point differential is because we beat the brakes off the RAMS who has been looking for an identity and the Redskins with a limpy RGIII. The point differential don't tell the whole story. We only scored 17 points on the Eagles who was playing their 3rd string QB, so that's hardly a drubbing. We almost lost to the Vikings, and we let the Giants get back in the game even with 6 turnovers. If Eli had less of a shaky game they may have still beaten us even with all of the turnovers. Our best game (which was a loss) was to the Broncos and we played up to them. We played up to the Lions only to still lose. The only game that we did not play up for was the Saints, a team whose coaching staff knows us all too well. It seemed like we just gave up on that game.

    We do play up and down to a teams strengths and weaknesses. We don't beat bad teams consistently, we let them hang around and sometimes get beat because of it.
  17. TheCount

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    Um, neither are we.

    A lot of people are having some rather immediate nostalgia about the first game and forgetting that we almost lost it despite the 6 turnovers. It wasn't a cake walk by any stretch.
  18. Idgit

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    I'm having a hard time deciding what happens in this one, too. And, I agree, it feels like either a tight Cowboys road win or a Giants home blowout.

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