Weak Draft? I think NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JeffInDC, Jan 15, 2005.

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    I've seen various people state that this is supposedly a very weak draft. Also, numerous "experts" have said this as well. Huh? How can this be considered a weak draft when:

    1) This is arguably the deepest RB class EVER
    2) If you are looking for CB's, this is the draft to get one
    3) WR, while not as deep as last years, still has about 5-7 guys that could be drafted in Round 1 (although 4 is more likely)
    4) This is an excellent class for LB's (3-5 1st Rounders)
    5) There are probably 4-6 1st Round DE's

    I could go on. The weakest position this year seems to only be DT. That is only due to the lack of underclassmen (which is very shocking when examing how many have come out early the last couple of years).
  2. Champsheart

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    Personally I think you are looking at it wrong. I do not think this draft is horrible, but not very good either.

    1. RB is pretty solid, but I see no Bo Jacksons, LT's etc. But it is fairly deep.

    2. CB is really good IMO.

    3. WR is decent at the top with Clayton, Williams, and Edwards, but none of them would have been taken first in the last couple drafts.

    4. LB's is decent, but many that will go in the first, would have been 2nd rounders in the past few drafts.

    5. DE's see #4.

    6. DT - almost non existent

    7. O-Lineman - Nobody really stands out. A couple decent guys though.

    8. TE - very weak although Miller is a good one.

    9. Safties - very weak IMO.

    10. QB - the weakest I have seen in a while.
  3. zagnut

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    The weakness, IMO, refers to quality, not quantity. There are going to be 32 first round picks regardless. Somebody has to be drafted in the first round. Yeah, 4 to 6 DEs might go in the first round. Are they first round quality? Are they guys who will come in and start and contribute within the first 4 weeks of the season?

    I see a lot of guys being built up as first rounders who were question marks heading into the season. I see more draft-eligible sophmores billed as top prospects. Those kind of players make me nervous. Do any of the sophmores remind anyone of Larry Fitzgerald?

    After pick 18 or so, I don't see many players who should go in the first round. I think were going to see a bunch of teams with wildly different board rankings.
  4. ghst187

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    well you could go on but you be even more wrong.
    this is one of the worst drafts in recent memory....
    RBs, Benson is the only guy worth a high first round pick and he certainly fails to electrify, after that you got Cadillac and Ronnie Brown possibly going very late in the first...then....Morency, Barber...all distant 2nd rounders. This year's class is much worse than last year's RB class IMO.

    CB is probably the strongest position in this draft with Rolle, Jackson, Webster, and Rogers could all justifiably go in round 1.

    There are two WRs in this draft....Braylon and Mike Williams...M Clayton could go late in the first and you got a few second and third round guys.

    There may be 4-6 DEs go in the first this year but all fail to impress. Probably the most impressive is Pollack and he certainly isn't an 8-12 sack guy in the NFL.
    There are no QBs in this draft. Rogers will go high, I wouldn't want him. Alex Smith is the most intriguing....sad.
    No first round caliber DTs at all. Hawthorn may go late in the first to someone who will overpay for him.
    There is one first round LB, DJ and the rest are second rounders.
    There are 3-4 legit first round OTs, probably the second deepest position in the draft IMO.
    The fact is that this was going to be an average draft IFFFFFFF all the guys that could've declared would've. As it stands, almost all of them decided to stay in school.

    As far as the Cowboys go...where we are drafting and what we need....the list of guys I would consider drafting with our two firsts is very short. If none are available, i'd trade down (and I really hate trading down).
    pick 1a: DJ, MW, Braylon, Rolle
    pick 1b: Jamaal Brown, Carlos Rogers, Marlin Jackson, Mark Clayton, David Pollack
  5. NickZepp

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    As a Cowboy fan I want an OLineman early. There's 2 good ones. One should be there for the first pick we have. And a DE or DLineman that can rush the QB. Then get the DB and WR needs filled.
  6. Eskimo

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    This is a weak QB, OL, DT, and 4-3 DE draft.

    But if you're looking for CB and 3-4 OLBs there are a few worth taking a look at:


    Carlso Rogers
    Pacman Jones
    Justin Miller
    Corey Webster
    Antrel Rolle
    Marlin Jackson
    Brandon Browner
    FSU kid

    I think there are quite a few 3-4 OLB types:

    Dan Cody
    Justin Tuck
    Shawn Merriman
    Daryl Blackstock

    Given that we will probably be moving in the direction of 3-4 and have big needs at CB, this is not a bad draft for us.

    How about:

    Mike Williams
    Shawn Merriman/Tuck
    Best available CB

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