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  1. Maikeru-sama

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    Anybody watch this show? I have watched about 2 episode but I am still unsure if it is something I will watch long term.
  2. ethiostar

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    I have only watched one or two episodes myself. It looks interesting.

    On a side note, i have a big crush on Mary-Louise Parker.

  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    Yes it is a pretty entertaining show.

    The last season they moved away from the area that the previous seasons were in.

    But I still like it.
  4. Jon88

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    I've never seen it. I'm more into reality-based shows like The First 48, World's Dumbest, Tosh.0., Billy the Exterminator, Judge Alex, and Judge Judy (although she's not as good as she used to be. I'm starting to like Judge Alex more).
  5. dback

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    I have just finished watching seasons 1 to 4 and I must say I like the show. Great characters and kudos to whoever chose Kevin Nealon to be in it. Mary-Louise Parker (Nancy) is super hot but can be annoying at times. Overall though the first three seasons are quite entertaining and offer a unique take on the drug dealer persona.

    I was not as big of fan of season four, the show was all over the place and wasn't really believable at times. I know that some parts of the show are supposed to be kind of silly, but come on.

    Weeds is definitely not for the person offended easily by recreational drug use or "liberal" political viewpoints.

    I am starting season five tonight and am looking forward to it.
  6. Dawgs0916

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    Completely agree with this assesment. Louise Parker is hot but she got really annoying to me when she'd spread em open for pretty much anything that walked. Super weak.

    And it got pretty ridiculous and unbelievable in later season, but still a very entertaining show and I still watch it for sure.
  7. reddyuta

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    i dont watch a lot of television but i have seen all the episodes of Weeds,lets just say that last season was a big dissapointment.

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