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Week 1 - Elimination Game

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Sportsbabe, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. Vman

    Vman New Member

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    C'mon, throw me in there for the Falcons.
  2. zagnut

    zagnut New Member

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    Wow. The initial lineup is cut in half after just one week.
  3. Capt.Gut

    Capt.Gut Member

    484 Messages
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    tyke1doe is the commisioner. It's up to him to decide.
  4. Capt.Gut

    Capt.Gut Member

    484 Messages
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    And last years winner (AtlCb) is out in the first week.
  5. Qwickdraw

    Qwickdraw Benched

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    When do the Week 2 predictions begin?
    (for us survivors)
  6. Capt.Gut

    Capt.Gut Member

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    There will be a new thread for week 2 after all games are decided (Tuesday)
  7. SA_Gunslinger

    SA_Gunslinger Official CZ Ea-girls hater

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    well, i'm sure glad i played!

  8. Hostile

    Hostile Jason Garrett's Loudest Supporter Zone Supporter

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    I got nothing to gripe about. My backup guaranteed win was Carolina over Nawlins.
  9. Signals

    Signals Suspicious looking stranger

    4,616 Messages
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    I can sympathize with you Hos. I pick SD over the Cowboys. It's a bummer being cut in the first week. :rolleyes:
  10. TheSkaven

    TheSkaven Last Man Standing

    4,111 Messages
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    Next week is easy as pie, Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys. Unfortunately I know y'all are going to pick em too.
  11. dargonking999

    dargonking999 DKRandom

    11,817 Messages
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    i cant i picked them this week. :D

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