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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ghst187, Sep 13, 2005.

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    I know its a bit late but i was on the road, though I did manage to catch the game, I wasn't able to post.

    1) Drew Bledsoe was our best off-season signing. Sure he has his faults, he holds the ball and takes too many sacks, but finally we have a NFL-caliber QB back there that can read the defense and make the throws on a consistent basis. Over 200 yards, 3 TDs, and ZERO INTs!!! I'll take that everyday but mostly on Sunday (and a few Mondays). We certainly haven't had anyone back there worth noting since Aikman. It's pretty obvious that Bledsoe still has plenty of gas left. He looked sharp and I'm sure the O will only get better. It was really exciting to me for JJ to jump up after following LA for a big gain and hugging him and Bledsoe high fiving and hugging all the OL after all the TD throws. Looks like chemistry which will equate to synergy...

    2) Anthony Henry may be the best DB offseason, FA signing of any team, at least if he keeps up with those kind of performances. This guy was worth every penny so far. He looked like the best DB on the field. People will be throwing at Newman all year I expect.

    3) Davis, he needs some more experience. He's still not there yet.

    4) JJ got over 100 yards and a TD against a good defense that was bent on stopping the run. THAT's IMPRESSIVE to me. They knew he was the dude and he still got stats.

    5) WE ARE OBVIOUSLY AND ENORMOUSLY MORE TALENTED THAN WE HAVE BEEN SINCE THE 90's. It was pretty apparent all the way around the field IMO. This team, top to bottom, has a LOT of really good players and really good players on the bench. We haven't had that in a long time.

    6) Our OL was good enough. Polite was responsible for one or two sacks because he totally didn't pick up the extra blitzer. Petitti has just a little trouble with a speedy, edge rusher but did outstanding for a rookie. I think we're going to like him for a long time.

    7) Patrick Crayton....#3. Hard to imagine it really being a "battle" in camp with QM for the 3 spot. In fact, Crayton looked an awful lot like our best WR. Guy is a stallion, and to think two years ago he was playing QB (amongst other positions) in a pathetic place called Alva, Oklahoma and hoping he might get drafted. Not only had he made the adjustment to the NFL in only one year, but he learned a new position for the NFL and it looks like he's going to excel at it. This guy is a star.

    8) Anyone that says Key is washed up or too old should be kicked in the stomach. He has plenty of tricks to beat people with and with two or three other formidable receiving threats on the field (depending on the formation), he should be in one-on-one coverage most of the time...which means we can throw him the da** ball all day long.

    9) We beat a darn good team...on the road. SD impressed me. Their defense is pretty good. That Lieber guy may force Merriman to play another position. He's a freak. Drew Brees is NOT a one-year wonder. Guy is good. I thought we played a heckuva game on D and he hung in there and gave his team a chance to win, all without much production from the game's top runner, LT.
    I do fear it would've been harder had they had Gates. Very happy about him being out.

    10) Our special teams' pathetic performance in the preseason has carried over to the regular season. Granted, Sproles is a great little kick returner but we were giving up big returns in the preaseason too. It's got to stop or else it will cost us a few games.

    11) Sean Payton called a good game. I wish he would've thrown a few more times on first and second down, but he (and of course BP) managed the game well enough to give our guys the chance to win it. That's about all you can ask for.

    12) Glenn may prove to be a very valuable addition. Ok, he already has by sealing win #1.

    13) That was the games best RB and a good running team and we shut LT down very well. Shutting down the run keeps the other team from controlling the clock and subsequentially, the game. The key was that, with our DL depth, WE DIDN'T GET WORN DOWN IN THE 4TH QUARTER. Laroi had a second half qb sack! The last decade or so, come 4th quarter, teams run all over us and push us down the field because we're worn out, this equated to a ton of losses for us. I don't think that's going to happen this year. Teams won't run on us and we won't get tired in the 4th. Those two improvements will equate to several more wins, I think the SD win is one of those.

    14) We still have to get more pressure on the QB! Ware was as expected. He had a ton of hurries, was constantly double-teamed and oftentimes the RB also helped as the line of last resort. Ware fought through two and three guys all day to get the bulk of the pressure we got on Brees.
    We brought the house quite a few times and sometimes Brees still had time to throw. That was frustrating. Even Roy wasn't getting to the QB. We have to get pressure from the front 4. Granted we got more than we have in the past, but it has to be even more.

    15) We have to continue to get better at reading and reacting to the screen pass. We did a pretty good job vs SD but there was more than one occasion where LT was one ankle tackle from taking it to the house. Teams have always screen-passed us to death and Philly uses it almost exclusively, or in replacement for a real running game so we better get better at defending it.

    16) overall a HUGE win and I think we're finally seeing the makings of something special as a team. Both sides of the ball should get a lot better as the season goes on. Continuing the streak of domination over the foreskins could really start some momentum and confidence.
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    How the hell do you know Alva Oklahoma is PATHETIC? You freakin people amaze me.Statements like that are pathetic dude,stick to critiqueing football not places you've never been! :mad: :mad:
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    actually dude, they were a big rival of ours in HS that's why i disliked it so much. So yes I have actually been there about 100 times. And yes, the town my HS was in was at least as pathetic.
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    Defense looked good, but Ware looked shakey at times in coverage. For example, the second touchdown by McCardell, Ware left him wide open....
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    Lol..great comback !
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    How many recieving yards did Julius get..... he had 93 rushing.....
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    No doubt I got JACKED UP!!! :D
  8. ndanger

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    Just trying to defend my turf,sorry. How was I to know you were that guy from Nantucket...........................Oklahoma? :D
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    Wow man. That's pretty intense.
  10. ghst187

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    actually had a lot of post-HS, quality friends from Alva. Some good folk.
    and i called Alva pathetic in my own half-hearted, figured only i would get it sorta way.
    of course I really do dislike Perry, Ok. :D
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    Dat was also tripping over Davis trying to cover McCardell on one TD...
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    Perry is sorta lame.I gotta tell ya' I have had some big fun in Alva many times.Those girls there might be corn fed but they sure know how to party!I get pretty sensitive with people talkin' trash about Oklahoma as being some kind of backwater uneducated state.While I will admit it 's not flashy like Miami,Hollywood and a host of other places. There are definately some of the best folks on the planet here in Ok. Sorry for being so defensive, hope you can relate.
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    I was brought up in western oklahoma and yes Alva is pathetic.
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    I think we need to settle on a "D" front and not move around too too much.

    I don't mind subbing guys in, but not too much - it's just hard to get a rythm when you're in for 1 down, and then poof, you're out.

    I will continue to say that our ILB is not right- I just don't like what's going on there.

    I think Dat is okay, but better suited for rotation, but defenitely the nickel - so I think it's time to get Fujita worked into this rotation as soon as possible.
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    I can live with people that have lived here dissin on my state.Quite frankly if a person enjoys the fast life or a place with many things to do it sux.No pro team of any kind,unless you consider rodeo a sport forgettaboutit.Great schoolastic wrestling and football which I coached for 8 years.But life in the fast lane is virtually non existant.I made an *** of myself by a$$uming the gentleman was trashing my state and had probably never even been to Alva.It was my bad.I live in Comanche Oklahoma.There are about 1500 hundred humans here,probably a thousand times that many cattle ,2200 dogs,and numerous other small to medium farm animals and critters.Mesquitos big enough to be monitered by the F.A.A. and fishin' holes about every section line in any direction.The bright side is it is a great place to raise my kids and just as important it is about 130 miles to Texas stadium!!!!!!!! :D PEACE ! :starspin
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    You took it like a man though... Props for that. :)
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    Totally agree. Bledsoe did all taht we can ask of him. Make the plays he has to make, and a few that are more difficult. We need consistancy at QB. I feel we finally have a QB at the helm who can make the nessecary deep and short throws. Regardless if SD doesn't have the best secondary, the defense is still good, and the fact we put up 28 on them is encouraging. We get another good test against Warshington.

    He was really physical, and you could see it in the pre season. I don't think it was him at all in Clevland, they got no pressure there. The guy is a stud. Short memory as well, because he came right back after giving upt he 4th and 14 and made a great play on McCardell (he still can play damn well too).

    I think he was short of 100

    Polite flat out missed the DB on that one blitz. He didn't look good in pass protection at all.

    Weather it was the attention payed to Jones and Witten. The presence of Keyshawn and Glenn...this is a 7th round converted QB from a D1-AA school, he's good.

    Still among the best sideline catchers in the leauge. Big target, great in the red zone, and we saw it.

    definatley will be a focus of practice this week, and if it isn't, we're in trouble. Agree, Sproles is great return guy, shifty, and REALLY fast. But 2 retruns taht cost us points, and if he had broken them, ALOT of momentum. Stoked aobut the win, but theres definately room to improve.

    Considering he is better than our RCB STARTERS from last year, and he isn't even starting for us this year already is a good thing. We have a good defensive backfield. can't complain.
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    That's the way we do things here in Okla.. if you got it comin' suck it up and take it like a man.Funny how that leads to fewer you had it comings! :rolleyes:

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