Week 2 Primer... the Miami Dolphins

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    [​IMG] Cowboys [​IMG]


    [​IMG] Dolphins [​IMG]


    1:05 PM Pacific
    2:05 PM Mountain
    3:05 PM Central
    4:05 PM Eastern


    Dolphins lead series, 7-3

    2-4 @ Dallas
    1-2 @ Miami


    11/22/73...Lost @ Dallas, 7-14

    11/5/78...Lost @ Miami, 16-23

    10/25/81...Won @ Dallas, 28-27

    12/17/84...Lost @ Miami, 21-28

    11/22/87...Lost @ Dallas, 14-20

    11/19/89...Lost @ Miami, 14-17

    11/25/93...Lost @ Dallas, 14-16

    10/27/96...Won @ Miami, 29-10

    11/25/99...Won @ Dallas, 20-0

    11/27/03...Lost @ Dallas, 21-40

    Cowboys points scored...184
    Dolphins points scored...195

    Cowboys lead Post Season series, 1-0

    Super Bowl VI (New Orleans, LA)
    1/16/72...Dallas Won, 24-3

    Vegas line for the game...Dallas -3.5

    The Cowboys are 3-1-1 on September 16. They have been the home team 4 times and are 2-1-1 at home, they are 1-0 on the road.

    The Miami Dolphins joined the AFL in 1966, and were then integrated into the NFL following the 1970 merger. The were founded by Joe Robbie and actor Danny Thomas. They were the very first professional sports team in the state of Florida. Joe Robbie took over as sole owner almost immediately and he is whom their 2nd stadium was named after. They originally played in the Orange Bowl. Joe Robbie Stadium is now known simply as Dolphins Stadium. Wayne Huzienga purchased the team in 1990.

    The Dolphins are one a few teams to have a winning record against the Cowboys and it would take a long time to pull even with them. If the Cowboys win this year it would be 12 more years before they could even the series at 7 games apiece if they win them all. On the positive side of the ledger is the fact that Dallas has a Super Bowl win over the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI, 24-3. That score remains the fewest points ever allowed in a Super Bowl. ​

    The Dolphins are 2-3 in Super Bowls. Their last appearance in a Super Bowl was in Super Bowl XIX. Their last win was in Super Bowl VIII.​

    The Dolphins have have 7 Head Coaches in the History, the most successful being Don Shula, who holds the all time NFL record for wins by a Head Coach with 347 wins, 276 as Dolphins Head Coach. Don Shula is one of 9 Dolphins enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.​

    The Dolphins all time regular season record is 368-253-4, and they are 20-19 in the post season.​

    Dolphins Depth Chart

    QB...Green, Lemon, Beck
    RB...Brown, L. Booker, Cobbs, Chatman
    WR...M. Booker, Ginn, Camarillo
    WR...Chambers, Hagan
    TE...Martin, Peele
    LT...Carey, Shelton
    C...Satele, Mruczkowski
    RT...Alabi, Lekkerkerker​

    LDE...Roth, Page
    DT...Traylor, Soliai, Fifita
    DT...Holliday, R. Wright
    RDE...Taylor, Gbaja-Biamila
    SOLB...Porter, Spragan, A. Wright
    MLB...Thomas, Smith, McCune
    WOLB...Crowder, Pope, Miles
    CB...W. Allen, Lehan
    SS...Bell, Tillman, Bryan
    FS...Hill, Worrel
    CB...Goodman, Daniels, J. Allen​

    KR...Ginn, Brown, L. Booker​
  2. Crown Royal

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    Basically I see a team with a better defense than the Giants, but with a much lesser offense as well. Good - I look forward to the matchup.
  3. Haley94

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    Don't the Dolphins run a 3-4 now; or is it a hybrid?
  4. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    If Dallas' D can't stop this offense, we are in serious trouble.
  5. Cowboy from New York

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    Yeah, I'm grateful that we get the fish now, when it appears that they don't have their offense in good shape right now. Particularly their running game. Maybe another game to get by without TNEW and to figure out how to play without Ferg.
  6. yrades

    yrades Member

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    It's funny living down here in Dolphin territory and listening to both sides. The Dolphin fans think we have the leagues worst defense and think they will be able to move the ball on us. The also think they have one of the leagues best defenses which will neutralize our high powered offense.

    From my observations, this is a very lethargic team. They have talent, but have been totally mismanaged from the front office down to Nick "Satan" as they call him here. Fan Base is almost non existent. Most feel Cam Cameron is here to keep the seat warm for Bill Cowher.
  7. Cowboy from New York

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    Hey Yrades, does Ginn return kickoffs for them? That would be a cause for concern as our coverage unit looked poor and ripe to give up a td return. That is a big concern I have.
  8. yrades

    yrades Member

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    Should not be a concern. Ginn was demoted from returning kick-offs. He's not quite ready for the speed of the NFL.

    BTW, Cam Cameron has to the the only first year coach to be resoundly boo'ed by the fans before even playing a single game, for the selection of Ginn.
  9. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    I saw them run a lot of 4-3 yesterday
  10. Haley94

    Haley94 Active Member

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    Thanks. I wasn't sure with Dom Capers there.
  11. ThreeSportStar80

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    Hmmm... that will be a tough matchup but I'm sure Garrett knows how to expose that Miami defense.
  12. thekavorka

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    Let's hope that Chris Chambers doesn't have a career day against our secondary.
  13. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg That gum you like.

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    Ugh. That 03 game. I remember Ricky Williams steamrolling over people and Fiedler looking like a Hall of Famer. What a disappointing turkey day.
  14. Smith22

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    Bell is out for the season I believe (starting safety in the depth chart).

    THUMPER Papa

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    Ginn was less than impressive against the Redskins on both return units, averaging only 5 yards per return on punts. He did better as a kick return man but not great, 23.3 yards per return (lower than the NFL average) with a long of 34 yards. Compare that with Tyson Thompson who averaged 30.6 yards per return and had 5 of 20+ yards.

    Ginn also was not used as a WR at all that I saw. I know a lot of people were hoping we would select him with our first pick but I was very glad we passed on him and even more happy about that now! He may still turn out to be a good return man but so far he hasn't impressed anyone.
  16. superpunk

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    Ginn seemed to suffer from the same thing all hyped young rookie returners do - trying to do too much. Instead of picking a seam and going, he danced, like he could when playing the scrubs from Akron. He was used as a WR, but they only threw at him once I believe, and it was uncatchable.

    Also, they did run almost exclusively 4-3 sets on sunday. And if Campbell had any accuracy, and Moss could catch, the Skins would have trounced them.
  17. Hostile

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    I was waiting for confirmation before I updated it. I will be doing that, adding the gribblenation map, and the injury report for the game in the next day or so. Today if at all possible.
  18. rlgiv

    rlgiv New Member

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    If our secondary can't play alot better than they did against the Giants it doesn't matter if we can stop the run or not.
  19. jazzcat22

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    I lived in South Florida for 14 years. Dolphin Fans, or as I called them DULLFANS have alwyas been fair weather as well as dilusional. I moved away 9 years ago, but doubt if they changed. But most people I knew, if the Dolphins were winnig, they are a Dolphins fan. If they are losing, then it was....well, i'm from Pittsburgh, i'm a Steelers fan, but I would ike to see the Dolphins do well, now that I'm living down here....or it was, i'm from NY, i'm a Jets fan.....or where ever they were from....
  20. CrazyCowboy

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    I thought we could stop the Giants ........:mad:

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