Weird draft rumor (non Cowboy)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Jan 5, 2005.

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    Unless the fish are picking up some draft choices as well as Rivers, this story seems bizarre to me. Even for the Chargers, the word is that they want one of the big WRs and no one has mentioned either of them going as high as number 2.


    Rivers to Miami?

    Phillip Rivers to Miami?...a rumor circulating around has the Dolphins interested in the former Wolfpack signal-caller...the Bait?...the Dolphins first round pick - number two overall....stay tuned.

    Look for the San Diego Chargers to slap a franchise tag on QB Drew Brees after the NFL season is over.
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    Weird rumor - but I see the logic.
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    To trade Rivers would cost the Bolts a fortune. No way, no how. Somewhere around 12M and then to franchise Brees also ? another 8M. Thats a ton of money to only have a 40+ backup in Flutie and a QB who may be having just one good year.

    More likely the rumor should be Brees to Miami. They could franchise Brees and trade him for zero dollars. That is the move if they choose to lose him. Otherwise they can keep him for another year and then worry about what to do with the 2 QBs.

    EDIT: Not to mention they have 2 first round picks and could easily trade up to snag a WR if that was the case.
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    Don't the chargers pick around 10-15 already?

    Plus they have two picks in the first round...surely they could trade up with one first rounder and a second round pick.

    Also something else to consider...the Phins need a maybe they pick up someone in FA but with no second round pick (remember they gave up the second rounder to philly for a QB) ....just sounds a little far fetched to me with the idea that the phins could get draft a QB or RB with that pick....and the chargers are known for trading down...but even if they don't trade down they are in a decent spot or could move up a little.

    Plus the money they would lose on the cap because of things would have to be taken into consideration.

    I guess it all hinges on SABAN....what does he feel the team really needs...IMO I think they may actually trade down for extra PICKS to try and make up for that lost 2nd rounder....they could actually try to do that in order to come up with both a QB and RB in the first two rounds.

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