Weird things are beginning to happen daily in this world.....

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    Dead Teenager Kept in Home 36 Years

    HANOI (Reuters) - The family of a 17-year-old Vietnamese boy who died 36 years ago kept his body in their home after a fortune teller told relatives they had buried the teenager alive by mistake.

    The boy's family thought he had died in 1968 of illness, but a herbal medicine man said told the father his son was still alive after the burial, the Ho Chi Minh City Police newspaper said on Tuesday.

    Stricken with remorse, the father dug up the body and displayed it in a glass-covered coffin, keeping it in the family home in southern An Giang until he recently confessed the macabre secret to a police news reporter.

    The newspaper ran a photo of the dead boy's brother posing with his arms folded next to the coffin of his sibling. The body of the boy had not decomposed, the report said. :eek:

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