We're the team to beat!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Kaika, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Kaika

    Kaika Have a Good Day Pilgrims

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    ESPN Salsberry says we're the team to beat in the East.
    Boy, sure great to hear that again.
  2. Rogerthat12

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    Kool sig bro..I just hope it translates to reality :):starspin:starspin:starspin:starspin:starspin:starspin
  3. canters

    canters Well-Known Member

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    Wow,,just signing TO makes us the team to beat!!??

    How 'bout our other issues? Bledsoe can't get the ball to TO if he is on his back. We still need another pass rusher, a FS, and another LB.

    I will agree that we have had at least as good a FA session as anybody in the East.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    No we're not. Washington Swept us and hte Giants also took casre of us late last season. Let's be realistic. On paper, we have a much better chance now to take the division. Now let's see if our new roster can do in games what they look like on paer. If aso, only then would I argue we're the team to beat.

  5. Dave_in-NC

    Dave_in-NC Well-Known Member

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    The TO hype. Cluless.
  6. Kaika

    Kaika Have a Good Day Pilgrims

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    And the other acquisitions mean nothing??
    Never met more pessimistic fans.

    This place can be pretty depressing at times.
    As a matter of fact, I wonder if you went over to the Iggles Forum and the Skins Forum if their the same way.(negative)

    I doubt it.

  7. roy31

    roy31 Active Member

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    Salisbury is a tool , I hope he is right but he is usually clueless.
  8. riggo

    riggo Benched

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    i dont know how you can put the boys first cuz of TO- unless he's gonna play D. the giants and skins have made a few signings too.

    should have known salisbury would say something dumb.
  9. Kaika

    Kaika Have a Good Day Pilgrims

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    Your guys optimism is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a depressing place this is lately.
  10. superpunk

    superpunk Benched

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    Not really pessimism, but I think realistically, Seattle is the team to beat. But we sure as hell are coming up strong!:)
  11. jman

    jman Well-Known Member

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    LOL...Geeze, if someone say's were doomed because of TO, he's a hack. But if someone say's were going to be great with TO, man....that guy knows what he's talking about...LOL

    Love all this one day a hero the next a zero depending on what mediots say about the Cowboys...LOL
  12. jman

    jman Well-Known Member

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    Yep...I say forget the season and go ahead and award the Cowboys the Super Bowl trophy...LOL
  13. KingTuna

    KingTuna New Member

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    Don't forget about KICKER!

    IF we sign a legit pass rusher at OLB- FS and K then I will say yes, we might indeed be the team to beat.

    I think the team is done at O-line. They believe Kosier is the answer for us at LG and I am a big fan of Fabini at RT. Will be surprised to see any other O-lineman signed.

    We also need another WR. I am thinking it will be Chad Jackson or Moss in the draft.
  14. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    Great Avatar.

    Before I can say that I want to see a Kicker, Free Safety, and SOLB added to the mix. 3 holes left = still some anxiety for me.
  15. EGG

    EGG Well-Known Member

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    They don't pay mediots to accurately report the news anymore, their job is to stroke you or rattle your cage. So Salisbury is quite literally a tool...

    that said, I think he's right,,, the NFC East was evenly matched last season and will be again this season,,,, but even with all the teams getting better, the Cowboys took a big step forward by picking up Owens.
  16. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

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    At this point in free agency and with the draft upcoming I'd rate Dallas right below NYG at the top of the division.

    Dallas isn't finished in free agency and will field a draft class.

    Philly loses TO for nothing in return and Wash has nothing left in cap space and a minimal draft class headed its way.

    Right now there's more free agents than there is money to spend so I like sitting around with a few bucks.

    Dallas could potentially add a starting OLB and a top 5 kicker by early next week which would push them into the lead on paper.
  17. Kaika

    Kaika Have a Good Day Pilgrims

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    I agree, But if ANYONE noticed, the main point of my post was That it was nice to hear again.
  18. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    Don't forget K
    If BP plays it close to the vest to win in 4th quarter, TO's 10 TD's a game won't matter if we have a scab K.
  19. panchucko

    panchucko It's Back

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    Sweet, when is the parade, I want to make sure I can get some time off work.
  20. JackMagist

    JackMagist The Great Communicator

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    And even with getting Kozy and Fabini (who is no spring chicken) I'm still not happy with our OL situation. Rivera still has a bad back, LA is still getting old, Johnson still can't hold his ground and Flo is a still deaf in his ear pointed toward the QB and is a question mark coming off of injury. Our backups are Tucker (need I say more), Peterman who can only play one position and apparently not very well, Columbo (an injury washout), Gurode who has not grown any smarter over the off season and Pettiti who is still young but at least has upside.

    No I will not buy the "team to beat" hype until some of these questions are answered. Because regardless of who we have handling the ball they will get nowhere unless the lone holds up their end.

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