WF: Cowboys Targeting Multiple Linebackers (Tip Sheet)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. newlander

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    .................NO more drafting gimps that can't produce right away. This team is in desperate need of help NOW...not in 2013. Really GOOD teams like the Giants, Pack,Saints and Niners can afford to do that: we simply can't.
  2. cobra

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    Vinny actually reminds me of Osi Umenyiora.

    While Vinny is not suited for Spencer's SOLB, I would love to have him as situational pass rusher when we go with a 4 front opposite Ware.

    And yes, I think you can justify spending a premium pick on a situational player.
  3. dmq

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    We are really in a pickle on defense. Lack of depth everywhere.
  4. SDogo

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    That's actually a very good comparison
  5. cobra

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    I disagree. I think we have good depth. The problem is we need improved starters to push people back into depth roles. Coleman, Hatcher, Lissmore, and Brent should be considered great depth players--they shouldn't be considered starters. Butler, Lemon, and Carter (for maybe 1 more year) are depth players, but we might need 2 starters (if we let Spencer walk). At safety, we could use an improvement at starter, but Elam, Sensabaugh, Church and McCray are quality players that would be good depth. And at CB, we need at least 2 quality CBs, but we have some guys who can fill your 4-6th CB spots.

    In my opinion, we need the following:
    1 Starting DE or NT (with Rat bumping to DE)
    1 Starting ILB (to not put it all on Carter)
    1 Starting CB
    1 Quality CB for slot/dime packages
    1 Starting Safety

    That's hard to find 5 starting quality players in one off-season. (Which is another reason I don't like having Spencer walk and then need 6)

    If we get those starting 5 guys, bumping people down the charts will mean we have good depth.
  6. M'Kevon

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    So, if given the choice between Lee and Carpenter, you would choose . . . ?
  7. realtick

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    I'm not knocking anyone elses opinion, but I guess I'm seeing a different Vin Curry than others are seeing. I see a guy who is no less athletic than Anthony Spencer and is not any more stiffer/tight in the hips than say, Aldon Smith.

    For me, what seperates Curry apart in my mind is his pure tenacity and motor. I know those words sound a bit cliche' but it's a very visible trait in my eyes.
  8. jnday

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    The traits that list are the reasons thaI like Curry . There should always be a place on the team for this type of player .
  9. realtick

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    Especially considering a guy like Anthony Spencer admitted to his own inconsistent motor before.

    One more thing on Curry I'm sure you've noticed, but he plays with some nastiness to his game which I think this defense needs.
  10. fortdick

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    So, Kuechley could be a possibility?
  11. BAT

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    Most 6th or 7th round picks don't perform right away. And that's where Paige-Moss is projected.

    And Sean Lee was worth the wait. Here's hoping Carter is as well.

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