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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Posted on November 17, 2010 at 1:36 PM

    Jason Garrett's future may depend partly on the NFL's immediate future. The collective bargaining agreement ends in March. The players union and the owners are nowhere near a compromise, and everything is pointing to a lockout.

    The high probability of a lockout only helps Garrett's chances of staying on as head coach. Why would Jerry Jones want to hire a guy like Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher for a huge annual salary, only to have no players for him to coach? If the two sides happen to come to an agreement by late July or August (in time for training camp), then the new head coach will have had no time to implement his new system in mini-camp; they'll be starting from scratch. That's not an ideal situation at all. To me, that indicated a long leash for Garrett, with the hopes that he does well enough that Jones can justify bringing him back; with the additional upside for Jones being that he continues to pay the current coaching staff's salary and has continuity in the program when the lockout ends.

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    The lockout is definitely in Garrett's favor. It's a bad year to be making a coaching change, needed or not. Also, a check on coaches who become available after 2011 might be instructive.
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    Jerry going to the extreme of firing his entire coaching staff once season over only works if Garrett doesn't do well enough to warrant being hired as HC.
    Don't believe Jerry will do so if Garrett can turn this team around & end up with a 5-3 or better record.

    If the Cowboys continue to play hard, smart & aggressively, got no problems with Garrett returning as new HC. However, do remain concern about how much authority/influence Garrett will have/be given by Jerry. Since Jerry brought Garrett on board as a future HC & Jerry has known/worked with Garrett since 93, that he would be willing delegate little more authority and/or that Garrett will work hard (if necessary) to swing Stephen on his side in this situation.

    Would feel lot better if Garrett has shown some ability to identify college talent which could help the Cowboys. Understand Bennett is one of the players he wanted; Bennett who supposedly has a lot of potential hasn't shown much--although he did make a very good key catch & run during Giant win which I believe got us a first down late in the game.
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    I don't think there is any doubt Jerry wants to keep Garrett around. A lockout makes it almost a certainty.
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    I don't think any of this is either true or logical.

    What Garrett did last week helps his case but not the CBA or any lockout.

    Just so we are clear, Garrett's contracts ends after the season as does most of the staff.

    That means there is NO full staff in place. And Garrett is then a free agent.

    Jerry isn't going to hitch a wagon to Garrett for a few years at big bucks with head coach title unless the team has won and the fans are in favor. The lockout means Dallas will need more than ever to sale tickets an gear upon the return to football. Jerry will have big bills to pay and he'll need an infusion of excitement. Garrett is delivering that right now but it won't last 8 weeks much less into next season unless the team wins.

    Troy Aikman admired Garrett but is quick to point out Garrett was probably forced to take the job under these circumstances and they stink. He has a small window and lots of odds stacked against him.

    But, if this team plays as did last week none of that matters and Garrett is here a long time.
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    well IMO

    I don't see Cowher or Gruden coach here any way

    plus I thing the CBA gets done

    like all of the Shanny lovers - yea hes done a fine job in DC hasn't he

    what they get by 59 - 27 - yea what a coach

    first can't get Hanyesworth in camp - the last pic I say of him was him taking a nap in the Eagles game

    then he benches McNabb for Rex Grossman - comon man

    then the team signs Mcnabb to 11/15/2010: Signed a six-year, $89.2 million contract

    with a cut clause so McNab will be looking for a new team come next year

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