What a Game!

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by WilmingtonHeel, Dec 25, 2005.

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    Got there 2 hours early before I turned on Independence Blvd you see cars lined up. Very festive atmosphere awesome tailgating Cowboys fans everywhere. I sat in row 3 seat 89 with a couple buddies of mine. Made a bet with one of them ( Panther fan) whoever wins have to treat for dinner I was cool with that. Another buddy of mine that went to UNC is an associate of Julius Peppers they talked a little before the game. Keith Davis was hyping up a couple of Dallas sections, Keyshawn is a big dud for a receiver. Newman is so smooth during warmups. LA arms and Demarcus's length ( arms) and his speed was the talk of the game in our section. BP has put in weight since the beginning of the season. A couple of fans before the game talked a little noise to us but I'm 6'4 290 black man so I'm not the one to mess with. Anyway it was hard to see if the kick was block at first but we took advatage of the situation. Game balls

    Julius Jones- Looked faster than I've seen in awhile
    Terence Newman- Another game a receiver didn't get in the endzone
    Key and Terry- good job ran good routes
    Drew Bledsoe- Very compose
    Demarcus Ware- That's what I'm talking about
    Jacques Reeves- Is getting better and better
    Andre Gurode, Larry Allen and Al Johnson- Very good game from all of them

    PS eating at Red Lobster is always a treat especially free
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    Must have been a blast, especially to win the bet.
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    okay HoggardHeel
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    Thanks for the game day comments. Sounds like you had a blast. Merry Christmas.
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    Hey Wilmington, wasn't that a great game? I thought there were a lot of Cowboy fans there. I thought Julius Jones looked super quick, like a blue flash on some of those plays. On the review of that running into the kicker penalty, I just knew the call was going to go the Panthers way. I sat down and everyone on my section was standing. But then, the call stood and I knew Dallas was then going to win. There were several disgruntled Panther fans sitting behind me. I thought Tucker really rebounded with a good game, especially with run blocking. But Pettiti had another rough outing.

    It took 45 minutes for us to get out of the parking lot. Did you see the foulup on the halftime "make a wish" presentation?
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    i sat in section 112 row 1A seat 9....awesome christmas gift and them winning just made it even better...

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