What a novel idea.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 50cent, Dec 11, 2005.

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    We become more aggressive as a coaching staff and the players follow the lead. I can can go on record that mikegreen brought this up last week. He wanted to know what sense it made going max protection and still giving up 4-5 sacks a game. Might as well be aggresive in the play call, if were going to give up sacks anyway. Don't stop now, and before I forget, I think we just witnessed the changing of the guard at RB. At least for this season, until JJ gets healthy.
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    All we have to do is play one of the worst pass defenses every week.
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    Dang, beat me to the punch.
  4. 50cent

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    Well Philly's d wasnt bad and it worked for against them. The idea is to just fling it all over the field but to stop being so predictable. Like BP said, were going to run with them. Not every week, but oh my god did we put alot on the minds of Carloina, Washington, and St. Louis. By the way, I hate to say it but our best receiving weapons are Witten and the Rb out of the bcakfield. Can't stop it.
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    What I wanna know is where are the members that said we COULDN'T open it up? That it was in our best interest to play conservative, because opening it up would have too much risk. We would turn the ball over too much. How many turnovers today? How many the last two weeks with the conservative approach?

    I'm glad we won, BY OPENING UP THE OFFENSE. The Cheifs may have a bad secondary, but they can bring pressure up front.


    Bledsoe didn't get killed. :bow:

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