News: What Are Realistic Expectations For Jaylon Smith in 2017?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CCBoy, Jul 17, 2017 at 12:29 AM.

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    What Are Realistic Expectations For Jaylon Smith in 2017?

    ...Helman: Far be it from me to determine what Jaylon Smith is capable of this year. That guy has one of the best work ethics and by far the best attitude I have ever seen. But I’m the type that needs to see to believe, which is why I’m keeping my expectations modest. Smith is still recovering from a devastating injury. He’s not all the way back, and even if he was, he hasn’t played real football in 18 months. I imagine the Cowboys are going to ease him slowly into training camp, just like they did during OTAs, and see what he can do. I don’t expect his workload to get bigger until he proves he can handle it, and I don’t even know what to expect from a real game. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he’s healthy enough to carve out a role for himself. But right now, in mid-July, I expect Anthony Hitchens to be the Cowboys’ starting middle linebacker, and to get the bulk of that work.

    Phillips: Fans hear Jason Garrett’s ‘day by day’ assessment of players all the time, but for Smith, it’s really the best way to describe his road back to the field. He’s been grinding for a year and a half, day by day, to play again. The grind continues. There’s no guarantee he’ll be an every-down linebacker this year. He and the Cowboys truly must see how he progresses each day, each week. With the foot brace, can he outplay Anthony Hitchens, who quietly has become one of the defense’s most consistent players at middle linebacker? That’s a fair question. No matter what, you have to admire Jaylon’s attitude and his progress with the athletic training staff...
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    Camp can't start soon enough.
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    My expectations are he's a big question mark that's never played a single down in the NFL.
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    My expectations are that we hit on a generational fire ball that just needed optimum level medical care, and Jaylon will redefine this entire defense.
    But that just the optimist side of me speaking out. :grin:
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    That he's able to walk short distances with his children one day. Followed by several days of rest.
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    We should re visit this post when Jaylon turns 50,,, I bet this post rings true on that day.
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    I'll probably have to revisit feom the grave by then. Lol
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    No expectations, if we get anything worth talking about out of him, I'll be thrilled.
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    Until he can show that he is capable of performing at an acceptable NFL level, there are no Realistic expectations.
    People just have to realize that he will never be 100% of what he once was, they have to hope that he can be about 85-95%. Anything less then he will be just another LB easily replaceable.
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    can he get on the field is the only question right now. we have had Camp warriors, work out warriors, Pre season warriors, PS warriors, Gods, Kings, Titans, Masters, Legends, probably a mogul. Lets just see if he can get on the field. Than we ll ask if he can make a play , than a few plays, than if he can make a season. After this season, than we ll know. Nothing else to do but grow his legend til the football gods themselves have to be removed from Olympus.
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    I don't think he will live up to the expectations that a lot of fans around here have for him he may start camp on pup
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    We need to see some preseason games or something before we can have expectations.
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    I expect he will make the team. Beyond that, not much.
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    80 tackles 3 sacks 2 INT 3 FF 10 TFL 1 TD
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    My expectations are...he might be as good or better than Sean Lee when he is healthy...however like Sean Lee early on, staying healthy is the problem. You can be the best player ever but if you are not healthy enough to play it does not help the team.
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    Expectations? I think he makes the team. :muttley: Maybe.
  17. big dog cowboy

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    You don't give Smith enough credit. Yes he was that good and certainly won't "be just another LB easily replaceable" at 90-95% of what he was.
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    This is the best answer
    At this point he is an unknown
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