What brought the Packers back onto the field?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by nathanlt, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. nathanlt

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    If the refs had made a horrible call to take the game away from a team that I was the owner or head coach of, and my team had already entered the locker room, I would not bring them back onto the field to "finish the game"

    I would protest by leaving the the stadium, and not concede the loss by going back out there to admit defeat and accept their bad ruling.

    There must have been something more than sportsmanship to bring them out of the locker room, like financial penalties, threat of a lost roster spot, or something written in NFL contracts to prohibit a protest like that.

    Does anyone have knowledge of what brought the Packers back onto the field?
  2. speedkilz88

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    HC answers to his owner and players answer to their HC.
  3. AdamJT13

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    The NFL Constitution and Bylaws say that no player, coach, manager or owner can remove his team from the field unless the referee says he can. If the ref says the game is still going on, the team has to be on the field.
  4. nathanlt

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    Are you familiar with the penalty associated with violating this bylaw?
  5. Hoofbite

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    I didn't see a referee out there last night.

    Saw a few guys who were celebrating halloween early but that's about it.
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    ....the Seahawks got shafted by the "pro" refs in the Super Bowl a few years ago vrs. the Stealers..............not as big as fuss put up then as this fobar........

    The mediots are all in a uproar over this episode of subpar work.......why do they only scrutinize it in pro football? Why not demand it in all facets of life?
  8. nathanlt

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    See, maybe I just don't have enough professionalism, but I think the most effective way to express rejection of a referees blatantly wrong and game deciding call is to use my freedom of speech, expression, whatever to refuse to continue without making the situation right.

    The best thing about all of that, is that the game is not over until the referees admit they made the wrong call. Until then, the game is suspended until things are made perfectly clear as to what the referees are able to do. I'd much rather have the game suspended for a few days than conceded as lost.
  9. dadymat

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    you cant run back a blocked extra point...
  10. lane

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    only in college i guess.

    just looked it up.

    you are right.
  11. nathanlt

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    After a little searching I found the answer on nfl.com

    Removing Team from Field

    No player, coach, or other person affiliated with a club may remove that club’s team from the field during the playing of any game, including preseason, except at the direction of the referee. Any club violating this rule will be subject to disciplinary action by the Commissioner, including possible game forfeiture and sole liability for financial losses suffered by the opposing club and any other affected member clubs of the League. [See Section 9.1 (E) of the NFL Constitution and Bylaws.]

    This means that unspecified penalties would be levied by the commissioner. I would take that over getting a win taken away from my team. The referees are CLEARLY in the wrong, and I would protest until I get the W.
  12. Kangaroo

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    Then you are a clown sometimes you have to suck it up and do your job if you like it or not that is life. Instead of being a whining crying little temper tantrum throwing brat stand up and act like a man and do your job.

    You do not have to like it but sometimes you have to do it anyways.
  13. gimmesix

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    If I'm paid millions of dollars to play the game and the rules say I have to return to the field, I'm returning to the field.

    Unlike fans, the players know this is a business first and you've got to treat it like a business no matter your personal feelings.
  14. nathanlt

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    See, there's no whining in my approach. Demanding a review is not whining. The refs had been flubbing all kinds of procedures all night, getting a second review is not out of the question. If I were in this position, my job as a head coach is to get the W.
  15. cajuncocoa

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    Good point.
  16. Kangaroo

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    Your job is to go back on the field win or lose and finish the game. There are channels to have changes made in the review process and everything else. Pick your battles and your location of your battles. Refusing to go on the field means automatic loss with no hope of recovery and the punishment coming down would overshadow what ever stance you are trying to make.

    Refusing to go on the field is not going to change the process and you automatically forfeit the game anyways.

    You do not have to like it but you have to finish the job.
  17. Mr_Bill

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    That just would not work. The referees are never going to change their call, no matter what you do. Eventually, they will say, "OK! Since you refuse to return to the field, you have forfeited the game. The game is over. You lose," and you incur serious penalties from the NFL, probably including (but not limited to) heavy fines and suspension for your head coach.

    Would that make you feel better?

    Each player, coach, and owner is bound by contract to abide by the rules and regulations of the league. This is the way it is in every professional sport. That is why freedom of speech does not apply. It is why (no matter how it galls all of us) that players and coaches are fined when they criticize the officiating.

    Yes, you actually are free to speak your mind and protest as you please, but you only do so at great risk to your future in the sport.
  18. Carl23

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    Then again...if the refs thought the game was over and dismissed the teams (only to call them back), would the players not be in the right by saying that the refs allowed them to leave?

    I don't believe the bylaws cover a situtation whereby the referees call the players back after erroneously dismissing them (ala the Packers game and almost the Redskins game).
  19. jimnabby

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    Demanding a review of a non-reviewable call, and refusing to continue playing until you get one, is pretty much the definition of whining.
  20. CanadianCowboysFan

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    having the game ripped from you and complaining abou tit hardly makes you a whining crying little brat.

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