What do you see in this video?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Mar 15, 2011.

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    I'll leave with this, and then I will shut up.

    Is J.J. Watt going to be the cornerstone of your front 4 or front 7?

    Cameron Jordan?

    DeMarcus Ware is already here.

    Anthony Spencer is a better player than both of those players, imso.

    Is Prince Amukmara Champ Bailey or Terence Newman, because he better be one of them if you are even considering drafting him at 9 and end up passing on a blue chip OT like Tyron Smith. Even if he was Bailey or Newman (I don't think he is even close to being on their tier), how many Super Bowls has Bailey or Asomugha or Revis won? ZERO

    Revis has been to 2 AFC Championship Games, but he has one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, which includes two first round picks and D"Brickashaw Ferguson.

    Dallas' offensive line is in horrendous shape, and the steep decline in the run blocking across the board on that offensive line, including Free (when compared to Adams) is alarming. Never mind that the worst RT in the NFL is Mark Colombo, a player who should have been replaced in the 2009 draft.

    The average age of Dallas' offensive line will be 33 next season. If this line stays intact or if Sam Young plays RT next year and Kosier stays, it will get ugly in Dallas next year.

    Tyron Smith is a cornerstone player on the offensive line, and you don't get in a position to draft guys like this very often. The Cowboys better not blow it.

    I can find J.J. Watt and Gabe Carimi talent in the second round. They may be a bit raw, but I'll get better bang for my buck in the long run.
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    Look at this one and look at the 40 yard TD on the screen and the 72 yard rushing TD and tell me who had the key blocks.

    On the 72 yard rushing TD, Smith uses his power to drive and seal the defender (double team) and open up a real good running lane. Then he turns around and locks onto a linebacker and clears the other side of the lane out for the running back. Smith came off his double team and turned around and blocked the linebacker in the lane. Result...72 yard TD
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    I see a right tackle. I get a little knot in my stomach when I watch this video. Normally the best tackle on the field protects the QB's blindside. Why isn't Smith playing on the left side? I'm not sure about this guy to be honest.
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    I said that I would shut up. LOL

    He's on the right side because it's USC and not Wisconsin or Colorado.

    Smith is easily more athletic than any offensive linemen on Dallas' line.
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    So what your saying is that USC doesn't care about protecting the QB's blindside......I'm just saying. I really don't know much about this guy. I don't remember watching USC play last season.

    I'm not a scout, just a fan. But I keep getting Tony Mandrich flashbacks when people talk about Smith.
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    I keep hearing this, Smith is so athletic, he is a physical freak. Look at the best OTs in the NFL. Jake Long isn't a Physical freak or a great athletic freak.
    I just don't see the skills to be a great OT in the NFL right now in Smith. If he was a great OT he would be on the left side. USC put him on the left siude for two weeks and moved him back to the right side because he was so bad at pass protection. He can get his head on a DE and he can stay in front of a pac 10 DE.
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    Maybe you're right, but how could you possibly know this? I understand and can even appreciate that you love Tyron, but I've never seen the point in putting another guy down to prop up your guy.

    That's a bit of an understatement. According to Pro Football Focus, Free was the BEST run blocking tackle in the entire league last year, which boggled my mind. So obviously to compare any other skill set to your best one might not be as excellent, I'd like to know how they ranked his pass blocking but the pro football focus site has become unusable, and frankly pointless, since they went to their new system.
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    I for drafting Smith if Dareus, Peterson, or Fairly are not there. It is like Mayock said that this is turning into a passing league and you need tackles who can pass protect. Smith, I believe is the best in the draft. There is another point to look at is that Free is not signed and if there is no CBA before the draft this might change how a team drafts. Free might have the leverage after the draft if a CBA is signed afterwards. He could go elsewhere if he is a FA. Then who are the cowboys going to put at LT-Young, Columbo, Bigg. I think Romo would have nightmares and defenses will be licking their chops. There is no sure thing in the draft. Remember, D-Ware was not a sure thing. There were concerns about the level of competition he was playing. Just my 2 cents.
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    Jerry won't let Free go anywhere, even if he has to franchise him.
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    I don't care about his "potential", on the field this guy is getting his QB killed. After watching this I'm now interested in the DE he was facing, because he dominated the matchup.

    This guy has bust written all over him.

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