What do you think about Michael Sam's reality show

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Parcells4Life, May 15, 2014.

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  1. Parcells4Life

    Parcells4Life Well-Known Member

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    If I was fisher I'd cut him on the spot. His agent nor him ever told the NFL before the draft or as soon as he was drafted about this show. Sam is trying to be a celebrity. He told all his teammates at Mizzou last year and no story was made. Guess he needed more notoriety.

    Sad to see someone dirty the cause that actually affects others by being greedy.
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  2. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

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    **Be careful with your posts in this thread.**
  3. sacase

    sacase Well-Known Member

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    I don't know what they can say. I mean, they can tell him that they can't come to any of his camps, which is the right thing to do for any player. But we will see how this plays out. I was already thinking that the Rams had pre-planned this. So if they allow the reality show into training camp, then they were fully on board and plan to exploit a new demographic. If I was coach I would tell any player, not just Sam, to leave the reality show in the parking lot.
  4. dexternjack

    dexternjack World Traveler

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    As far as I can tell, it is a documentary about him(not a reality show with cameras following him 24/7) that will not take much of his free time. The rumor is that it will be 4-5 parts with snippets here and there.

    I think it is a bad idea because it will not endure him to his new teammates, being a rookie and all. This could really divide that locker room if they are not careful.
  5. jnday

    jnday Well-Known Member

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    I think the locker room is already divided. This is more evidence that Sam was not being honest when he said that he wanted to be thought of as just another football player. He wants attention.
  6. DallasCowboysRule!

    DallasCowboysRule! Well-Known Member

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    Michael Sam is going to have to make a decision regarding what he wants his future to be, whether he wants to be a football player first or a celebrity first. I get that he is the first openly gay player in this league, and that is a big deal, but he is also a 7th round compensatory pick, something that is barely worthy of notice on most other rosters. It's going to be very hard for him to make the team and all this extra media attention isn't going to help. You have to know that if it comes down to a tie between him and a another player the media circus will end up making him lose the spot. He may think that this documentary is helping his cause but I think that the best thing he can do for his cause is to make the team and the circus he is bringing with him into St. Louis is lowering his chances of that. If I were him, I'd play it low and stick to football from here on out.
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  7. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

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    Be honest, if you were Jeff Fisher you wouldn't have drafted him in the first place.

    What do I think about his show? It'll probably suck just like TO's, Eric Decker's and Ochocinco's shows probably sucked.
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  8. WPBCowboysFan

    WPBCowboysFan Well-Known Member

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  9. BoysFan4ever

    BoysFan4ever Well-Known Member

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    I had not heard of a reality show but he still has to make that team. If I were him that would be my focus & not being a media darling.
  10. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

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    Great post
  11. BoysFan4ever

    BoysFan4ever Well-Known Member

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    I'm surprised that HARD KNOCKS show isn't all over the Rams.
  12. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member

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    No doubt....especially if it's a reality show.

    Just play football, Michael.

    In an interview yesterday, Maziel's agent said they are overwhelmed with offers for that type of stuff and that Manziel refuses to do it. Good for him. Of course, it'll already be lime-light overkill with him anyway.
  13. MartinRamone

    MartinRamone Well-Known Member

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    That football is not his priority.
  14. BAZ

    BAZ Drunken Mick

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    The other way of looking at it is this makes him harder to cut for the wrong reasons.

    Not following college football I was surprised he fell so low being the SEC defensive player of the year, but after the draft a lot of people were saying he was limited as a player, had a bad pro day and would struggle with his size/speed in the NFL. I didn't hear these things before the draft so what I can only surmise is these same people were afraid of saying these things before the seven rounds played out. Which is pretty crappy that such things need to be held back in this day and age.

    If he gets cut, I hope him and Richie Incognito buddy up and join the Montreal Alouettes, and they film that as the most unlikely buddy realty TV show ever made.
  15. Blackspider214

    Blackspider214 Well-Known Member

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    Attention seeking is all it is. He knows he will not last in this league. Was a one trick pony at Missouri. Just wants his 15 minutes.
  16. WV Cowboy

    WV Cowboy Waitin' on the 6th

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    LOL, .. pretty sure Incognito won't be buddying up with Sams any time soon.
  17. WV Cowboy

    WV Cowboy Waitin' on the 6th

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    He is a 7th round compensatory pick, there is only one reason anyone is even talking about him.

    His 15 can't be over soon enough.
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  18. EST_1986

    EST_1986 Well-Known Member

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    Eh. I'd have to know if it was a documentary or a reality show. Either eat his NFL chances aren't great so you can't knock a guy for exploring opportunities.
  19. burmafrd

    burmafrd Benched

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    He needs to make a choice; push his cause or be a pro football player. He is not going to be able to do both.
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    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I've never heard of a 5 part Documentary on a player who has really only had 1 good season. I get the 1st openly gay player angle but if this is really about football, this is not the way to make the team IMO. According to reports, he had this in the works for 2 months. I don't know how you can honestly believe that Sam's focus is on football only but then again, as he has publicly stated, he thought he should have been drafted a lot earlier so maybe he didn't realize that he would be competing to make the team as a Special Teams player, as opposed to a highly drafted, guaranteed roster spot player.
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