What does Mrs Spitzer say to Gov Spitzner

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by FloridaRob, Mar 12, 2008.

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    The guy is getting killed in the press and probably deserves most of it but that probably is nothing compared to what his wife is saying to him. So what kind of things can she be saying to him now that he has re-signed the governorship. Keeping it G-rated of course....

    I think the following has been said in recent days...

    "was is worth it?"
    "you think she cost you $4300, you wait till I am finished with you"
    "$43 hundred dollars????? you could have any bimbo in NY and you pay $43 hundred dollars-
    -'a real man could have got a girl for free-but you have to pay 43 hundred dollars' you're not a real man...
    'don't even think you are ever going to touch me again
    'you want to touch me again, $43 hundred and 1 dollar...'
    'did you take off your wedding ring"
    'what do you think that girls daddy thinks about you going with somebody the age of your own daughter..."
    You disgusting pig.

    ....I am sure there are others....
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    I heard on the radio, he'd spent upwards of $80,000.00 and was a 'generous tipper'.

    His wife has to be calling him a stupid *******, behind closed doors.

    Why these people constantly put themselves in such positions of vulnerability is beyond me. Do they really think they can count on the virtues of someone who bangs for money?
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    He didn't get busted because of the girl. He got busted because he was making all kinds of money transactions below $10,000 and the bank became suspicious and reported it to the IRS.

    The IRS thought that there might be some sort of corruption going on as in he was being payed off.

    They then got warrants to tap his and others phones and that's how they found out about the Emperor's Club.

    Makes for some interesting reading. :D

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    A: "HALF! I want HALF, Eddie!"

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    First off let me say what he did was wrong and he got what was coming to him.

    But in this hypocritical world. Yeah just about everybody is in some way, shape or form.

    Is it really a big deal?

    There is prob more to this story than we will ever know. Didnt he take down some big shots on wallstreet? Thats how he made his name? He probably had extra eyeballs on him. Waiting for him to show that one hair on his arse.
  7. vta

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    True, but putting himself in this kind of situation is beyond dumb, especially if he had any higher political aspirations. Had it not come out now, it would have later when he was trying for higher office, when the girl decided to comment on 'Client 9".

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