What exactly do people want?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. SWG9

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    You know what would make me happy?

    Jerry Jones holding a press conference where he makes it clear that he's behind Garrett 100% and fully committed to him for the long term.

    Jones and Garrett putting every player on notice, from Romo on down, that the last few seasons of mediocrity have been unacceptable and that it falls on them to get better.

    An honest and brutal evaluation of every player on the roster and a significant roster shake up headed into 2013.

    Competition at almost every position.

    In short, a total end to the country club atmosphere that's destroyed this franchise.

    But hey, I guess when Jerry said it was going to be "uncomfortable", he meant uncomfortable for the coaches, not the players. You know, God forbid we put any pressure on the same core that's underachieved for three different coaches so far (and soon to be four if things don't drastically get better)
  2. WV Cowboy

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    That's right, I am the Lone Ranger here, .. and have been for a long time.

    (see avatar)
  3. Vinnie2u

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    I would like Dallas to get really good at one thing. I don't care if its offense or defense and build from there. Build some type of identity.
  4. Gemini Dolly

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    Garrett to get stripped off play calling. The defense didnt need to send Rob packing, IMO.
  5. RS12

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    I want to have hope that this team can compete for championships. Havent had that in a long time.
  6. cowboyeric8

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    Anyone who doesn't show up for meetings deserves to be fired IMO.
  7. Rynie

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    Just like you whine and moan about other posters. These are my favorite types of posts because Y'all never see the irony in it.
  8. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Wow Rob Ryan didn't show up to meetings????
  9. Alexander

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    Very insightful.

    Besides our imbecile Owner/GM, that is the biggest problem this franchise has.
  10. Soth

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    It's not personal. Not everyone wants Garrett gone. It's not about Garrett, it is about the failures of this team in the last 15+ years. No playoffs in the last 3 years. Someone posted the Jacksonville playoff record in the last 15 years and it is better than ours.

    I think a lot of people have lost their patience with Jerry. I used to support him and I liked the fact that he really wanted to win. Now? I can't wait for him to step-down or retire. We all second guess every decision this team makes because they continue to fail year after year. We all love this team and it is difficult to watch them become such a mediocre franchise.

    I have absolutely no confidence in Jerry and any decision he makes. In my opinion, he has lost touch with reality and is unable to understand the mistake s he makes.
  11. TwoDeep3

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    1. The defense to get healthy
    2. Fix the offensive line
    3. Add quality receiver and push Austin to the slot
    4. Add defensive linemen
    5. Take play calling away from Garrett and force him to be a head coach

    Now we have

    1. Brought in a new DC
    2. Changed schemes which may predicate some retooling
    3. Limited the ability to fix the offensive line by needing defenders
    4. That trickles down throughout all the rest except
    5. They will bring in an OC

    What I wanted is now limited because of what Jones did.
  12. jobberone

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    To go back to the SB a few more times before I die.
  13. gimmesix

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    No, he doesn't, but that's where your Jerry hatred takes you.

    There's no indication that Jones wanted anything more than for Garrett to succeed as a head coach and gave him the opportunity to do it his way. Keeping him as head coach says that Jones still believes in Garrett as a head coach, but he's stepping in as a GM to take away what he saw wasn't working ... Garrett's play-calling, if that's what Jones is doing.

    If Garrett isn't willingly giving that up, then as a GM, Jerry should say,"Jason, you are the head coach I want for this team, but I'm going to have to replace you as play-caller because we're simply not getting it done."

    Garrett has every right to say, I'm not comfortable with that, and Jones can move on. But Garrett also has the right to say Jones might be right and look for the best fit to work under him as head coach.

    As a GM, Jones has the right to do this if he thinks it's best for the team. That is part of his job.
  14. Vanilla2

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    It's a case of who the particular poster hates more.

    You've got the conastant anti Jerry moaning vs all the anti Garrett groaning a d it just leads an unpleasant web forum experience.

    And I'm not saying everyone has to like everything, but the copy and paste responses have gotten tedious to sift through.
  15. ScipioCowboy

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    A better run organization.

    I can't identify the specific reason for the stubborn malaise that won't leave Valley Ranch, but the evidence is undeniable: One playoff win in 16 years.

    I know only that Jerry is the one constant and that, if recent reports are true, it doesn't help matter when you strong arm your coach to surrender certain duties.
  16. slomoxn

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    I don't have any wants because it won't matter, but if I could make it matter... For Jerry to go away, hire a GM and let the and the coach run the team. I know, I know, for those who think Jerry is ok as GM my only argument to that is 17 years. I don't care who he drafts or picks up via fa, this guy is not a 5year plan GM he is a year to year OH S%#+ I screwed up so ill fix it next year GM. That s why he has no plan because it us formed at the end if each season.
  17. Risen Star

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    Nice story. I found it in the fiction section.

    No GM in the league has any right to tell the coach how to coach his team. Do they communicate? Sure. Are suggestions made? Absolutely. But you don't force changes on your head coach unless you want a debacle with a powerless coach. You just fire him. Get another.

    I am absolutely amazed we have fans here who think the answer to our problems today is more Jerry Jones. He needs to be more hands on. What in God's name do you need to see to understand that lunatic is the problem, not the answer?
  18. Dodger12

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    Jason Garrett is the head coach. Period. I've soured on Garrett, primarily as a play caller and game day manager. But he's still the HC. If Jerry doesn't like what he sees, then fire JG but don't force coaching decisions on him.

    :signmast: This. It couldn't have been written any clearer and I completely agree.......
  19. john van brocklin

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    Sounds reasonable !!!
  20. cowboyeric8

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    Or posters who have an unhealthy agenda.

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