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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Thick 'N Hearty, Sep 20, 2005.

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    I didn't get to see most of the game due to another engagement. But, I guess I did see the most meaningful part. I clicked on the TV when Cortez just nailed the 41-yard FG to put the Boys up 13-0.

    What I saw from then on what pathetic on both sides of the ball.

    Why with less than half a quarter left would you not play some sort of prevent defense? Anyone with some knowledge of football knows that has to score 2 TDs with not a lot of time on the board is going to have to throw the ball. Not only did they do it once, the Skins made our defense look ridiculous twice.

    On top of that, they let an old, broken down QB scramble for 25 yards when they needed 27 for a first down?

    Then what I saw on offense was worse than what I saw on defense. WRs dropping balls that hit them in the hands. OL making stupid mental mistakes that stalled a drive. OL not opening holes for JJ.

    BP has talked about mental toughness being the thing that would hurt this team. He hasn't questioned the team's talent, but he has questioned whether or not they would have the mental attributes to contend. Last night validated his concern.

    I'm glad we have 14 games and another shot at the Skins to make amends.

    Congrats to the Redskin-nation, though, for hanging in there. But, I feel this is one we gave to them.

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    Same old song, ain't it? Nothing new to see.

    Same old crap for the past 8 years. Nothing changes ... not even the uniforms.

    Here's the busdriver! Here's the DFU O! Here's to a passion for running out the clock! Here's to conservative playcalling! Here here!!! Cheers!!!

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    Defense--I swear I saw Kavita Pittman in there rushing the QB, also would all true Cowboy fans take a moment and text message Roy that often late in games when the other team is trailing by say 13 or so points that they might occasionally throw deep. I can't believe that a supposedly great safety like him can be beat twice like that by the say guy on same/similar routes. Also I apologize to all the Zimmer haters, you were right, he so blows as a coordinator.....
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    Just so you know Barry, one of Roy's criticisms is that he isn't good at covering deep. That's why the Boys were so hot about finding a FS in free agency who could cover. Another area where the boys have fallen short. My understanding is that the defense, up until 5 minutes to go in the game, dominated. I just don't understand why they didn't go to a dime package to put more DBs on the field. I guess BP doesn't trust whoever is behind Aaron Glenn. Can he trust Glenn now?
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    It was Glenn's responsibility to redirect Moss so by the time Roy picks him up he isn't running a full sprint. Roy is fubar at that point because if he touches Moss it's a penalty. Few safeties could run with Moss stride for stride. AG saved the day last week but this week he was outmatched and we needed Zimmer to forget the schemes and just put Newman on Moss. TNew was playing great inside just throwing guys off their routes, but the greater need was for him to cover the only guy who could damage Dallas.

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