What I learned from watching Seattle and what we're doing wrong

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ConstantReboot, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Uh oh, now Jerry's gonna want a coach that won both a National Championship and a Super Bowl............oh wait, never mind.
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    Look at Seattle's attitude. There were guys calling out other guys on their team saying how they were disappointed in them when players got caught with drugs, talking about how it affected the team. Look at how they beat up on the Broncos. Every defensive play by them looked like it could have resulted in a fight. On the other hand, Sean Lee gets blown up by Golden Tate and Demarcus Ware clearly sees it but acts like he doesn't. Our team gets beat up and punked and our players don't even rush to step in. Culture comes from the coach. Seattle has also been a very active team via draft, trades, etc. The only way you can 'out-talent' other teams in the cap era is if you have a great GM who knows how to draft and find guys for cheap... and then you need a great coach to get the most out of that talent... now look at us. What two areas do we have guys that do not have any kind of proven record of success? Is it any surprise why we continually get the results we get?
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    Why would Dungy be considered a joke or a punchline? He built the team that Gruden eventually won the superbowl with
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    The first thing you need in order to be successful is a plan. You need a clear and definitive identity of what you want your offense and defense to be.

    Jerry has no clue. Drafting tight ends and not using them tells you all you need to know.
    Changing offensive play callers, changing schemes, changing coordinators every year, means, he has no clue what he's doing.

    I think we all know what Seattle is. I think we all know what type of team Denver is, or New England, or San Fran. But when you look at the Cowboys,
    what type of team are we? What are we known for at the moment schematically speaking?

    You can't just throw a coaching staff together and expect it to jell. There needs to be a clear boss, who should be Garrett. He's not.
    You can't just throw any type of player out there to play in your scheme.

    Seattle is not an offensive team that's interested in monster stats. They aren't feeding into the new aged high-powered sling it all over the field, type offenses. You don't
    win with great QBs, you win with great QB play. Means, doesn't matter if the QB is great, he just has to play mistake free and efficient offensive football. Aikman was the king of this.
    You don't have to play the hero roll to win a Super Bowl. Team play means, you do your part in moving the ball efficiently, the special teams has to do their part, and the defense has
    to cause mistakes for the offense.

    This philosophy is the grounds for not just a super bowl victory, but a dynasty.
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