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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Billy Bullocks, Aug 23, 2005.

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    Ok, I like what our 1st team did offensively and defensively.

    -Rivera, please be ready and be a force on opening day. We still couldnt really run to the right side.
    -Pettiti looked pretty good for his 2nd game at a new position.
    -Crayton was excellent again.
    -Bledsoe pats the ball every throw
    -Anthony Thomas is really good too. I doubt he gets cut. He made some good tough runs.
    -Morgan dropped 2 that I saw, 1 in Seattle territory that led to a 4th down and a FG instead of 3 more shots at the end zone.
    - Henson has alot of zip on his throws, he needs to get more confident on his reads. When he threw the pick, he exhibited good pocket presence, he steppe dup and avoided the rush, and then made the ill advised throw.

    -Ware is the real deal.
    -Glover was good at NT..
    -James was playing really well.
    -Madden pointed it out, but he didnt have to, K. Thornton was playing really well.
    -Loved the hit Davis put on Stevens. We got 2 hitters at Safety this year, just hope Davis can pick up coverage.
    -Anthony Henry was mauling WR's. Very physical. Newman is playing better with him. Missed that one tackle around our 10, but he slowed Engram up enogh for everyone else to come in.

    My VCR cut out on me so I have up until mid 3rd quarter. I missed Craytons big catch.

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