What if the drafted rookies are a bust?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mactin, Jun 24, 2014.

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    Hi. I'm 8-8. We've met.
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    There’ll be weeping and gnashing of teeth!
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    If the rookies are a bust, it will have long-term but no short-term effect on us.
    It is not as if our season depends on them. We have, on a scale from 1 to 10, a offensive that is a 7.
    Our defense will be a 3 if we are lucky, a 2 if expectations prove correct.

    so do not fret, mein mon ami. The rookies won't matter -- meh, maybe lawrence on defense a bit -- but overall, they are not a facter for this year.
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    What is this talk. It's June, all of our rookies are going to be immediate contributors.
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    This is pretty much how I look at it. After round 3 or so, If a player doesn't play, i'm not that surprised. Now if all of the guys after that point miss, then the draft was pretty bad, but on an individual basis, i'm not going to call a 5th rounder a bust if they don't make it. Late in the draft, its a coin toss at best.
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    What if paint never dries? Is it still wet? o_O
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    At this point I am most interested in Claiborne, this being his make or break year.
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    Then the team drafts higher next year.
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    A bust, as in failing expectations whether that means not starting or getting cut. Every team has busts, so it's not really a shocker, you just hope you can limit it.

    "He sucks! He's not a hall of famer!" Even then, I think they'd still catch a lot of flak, just look at how some fans talked about D.Ware. Witten also catches flak from time to time.
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    My hopes and opinions:

    Martin is a beast for the next twelve years.
    Lawrence comes in and finds a niche and while not Ware, is the first in a movement by this team ti build a defensive liner that can have rotation and put on supreme pressure.
    Hitchens secures a spot as a quality back-up at the very least and perhaps takes a starters job by the end of the year.
    Street brings his maturity to the game, learning several positions and contributing in the slot. (I am not buying Beasley for more than short yardage. He has no deep ability, Street does.
    Gardner, perhaps part of a rotation to keep people fresh, but this is a long shot.
    Smith can he make the team?
    Dixon how man SS does this team have now? Is there a FS anywhere in sight Jerry?
    Bishop I suppose there is always hope
    Mitchell Lets see it in pads

    So essentially the first four picks is where I rest my hopes. After that, its roll the dice, baby.
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    man, record time to start declaring busts. it's like hunting for the negative is the coolest thing these days.

    if they bust, some fans will continue to snap jones jock. other fans will keep hoping for the best. new fans will come on board cause they're the cowboys and old fans tired of it will reclaim their sundays and take up a new hobby.

    take your pick.
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    That's pretty much where I'm at.

    Martin and Lawrence will be good players. I don't expect anything other than a backup/special teamer from Anthony Stiffens. I don't believe Street will separate well enough on the pro level to be more than a 3 or 4. A couple of those 7th rounders could stick and fill a role. I don't know if any have future starting ability.
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    [quotif ="Mactin, post: 5582464, member: 36945"]I know the season is a long time away but think about it, what happen if all those picks where for nothing?

    I know some of the rookies will stand out this season and deliver what we want out of them but happens if it there a bust or they don't live up to our expectations?[/quote]

    What if they are not busts? I like that question much better.
  14. Wood

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    what happens is Dallas would be drafting their future QB in top 5 of 2015 draft.
  15. cowboyschmps3

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    By first pre season game/first drive any little mistake they're going too be busts all over the game thread lol
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    But you know how we cowboys fan get down.
  17. EGG

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    Just like the tiny fraction that have proven right the past umpteen seasons, lol?

    I fully expect some of the new guys to help the cause given the renewed focus on the lines the past few seasons,,, too little too late? We'll see.
  18. Idgit

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    No. Not like that at all. What you're describing is a group of people complaining about--literally--everything, and then acting like they have special powers of perception when some of it comes to pass. That isn't difficult, or impressive.
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    well, I didn't read most of the threads or posts here, but the ones I did visit were focused on OL/DL and that seemed to be where most of the controversy occurred. Romo complainers ran second and everything else was a very distant third.

    Wasn't there a hub bub last year regarding about the Cowboys lack of addressing aging DL starters and lack of depth... ? :cool:
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    If any of the rookies stand out in 2014 and deliver what we want out of them I doubt those who do will end up being a bust. If this draft class does go bust all you have to do to find out what the ramifications will be is go back to the last draft class that did go bust the 09 class and see where the Cowboys were then and where they are now. The last winning team and playoff team the Cowboys had was in 09. In April of 09 the Cowboys drafted 12 players and within 4 years not a single player from that draft class remained on the team. The 09 draft was arguably the worst draft in team history and since that season the Cowboys are 2 games under 500 and have been stuck in the midst of mediocrity ever since despite a head coaching change and several coordinator changes.

    The Cowboys lost their 3 most productive defensive players during the offseason so if the 2014 draft class that includes 7 defensive players goes bust it's going to be a colossal setback and the team is going to have a tough time just remaining at 500 the next few seasons. The last 3 playoff teams the Cowboys had in 06, 07 and 09 were a result of solid drafts under Parcells from 02 to 05 that produced Newman, Ware, Ratliff, Gurode and Witten. Those players along with Romo who was signed as an undrafted FA in 03 became the corp group that helped lead the Cowboys to 5 straight winning seasons from 05 to 09.

    The Cowboys drafts started going sour again in 06 and by 09 they needed a good draft but Jerry botched it by repeatedly trading down trying to acquire as many picks as possible leaving the team without a selection until the 3rd round. That draft ended up a complete disaster and the Cowboys haven't had a winning season or a playoff appearance since. It takes at least a 2-3 year time investment to see if any players in a draft class will develop into solid NFL players. If they struggle and don't live up to expectations it costs you games and the time you spent trying to develop those players.

    It results in having to invest more draft picks trying to fill those same positions. The Cowboys have virtually nothing defensively which is why they went heavy on defense so if none of the defensive draftees pan out the Cowboys defensive futility will continue with no end in sight. The 3 players the Cowboys really need to pan out are Lawrence, Hitchens and Mitchell. With the loss of Ware Lawrence has to make an immediate impact providing at least a decent edge rush in 2014. I don't see him as Ware's long-term replacement but he needs to give the team back some of the pass rush they lost during the offseason.

    Lee can't be depended on anymore so the Cowboys have to hope Hitchens can develop into a solid, durable LB who can replace him. With Brandon Carr due a lot of money at the end of the 2014 season he won't be back in 2015 so the Cowboys have to hope Terrence Mitchell can take his place. The Cowboys will likely be looking to replace both starting corners if Claiborne continues to be hampered by injuries and doesn't start playing up to expectations. With the front 7 needing to be rebuilt the Cowboys can ill afford having the entire 2014 draft class go bust.
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