What is jerry doing?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bigtommyb, Apr 26, 2009.

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    This is really crazy, he is drafting, jason williams and some ot from ball state? Our need was at saftey? Rashard johnson is not good enough? I'm sorry but i'm really disappointed this far. Why trade out of the second , because you knew you wanted to target , these guys? The more important thing is Giants and Philly are getting better. Giants just got Ramses BARDEN, WHO CAN GO UP FOR THE BALL, PLAX REPLACEMENT. Nicks, Stinton. I don't know anything but i know i'm pissed. We are thin in the secondary?
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    My problem is 12 day 2 picks won't make the team. Unless we start trading up for some players, we will have wasted picks (several I predict), which is dumb. I'm not that high on Rashad Johnson or some of the other guys we passed on, but there has to be someone we like.
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    Safety is a need, no doubt about it. However, they did sign Sensabaugh and he should be fine there. They picked Williams because we have no one at LB that can cover TEs or RBs. They'll get a safety somewhere in this draft, maybe Rashad in the 4th, who knows? They also needed a young guard to develop behind Kosier/Davis/Holland. Makes sense to me. Not sure how the Giants improved by losing the proven Burress and replacing him with rookies but whatever you think.
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    I'm gonna keep saying Chip Vaughn till he's picked. IMO, we never had a shot at a legit FS, Delmas was gone and Rashad Johnson lacks the neccesary speed. Wait till next year and draft someone, but get a SS here.
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    i like the jason williams pick and the stephen mcgee pick,, but i dont like the OT and the other linebacker/defensive end, to me you could have gotten whole lot better players,

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