What is Kyle Orton's contract situation?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KB1122, Nov 28, 2012.

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    As long as there are threads discussing releasing various players, what is the contract situation of Kyle Orton, and what would be the salary cap effect of releasing him and signing a cheaper backup?

    Having the top (and expensive) backup quarterback is ridiculous for a team with the holes that we have. I can understand a real contender having a skilled, high-price backup. I don't know why the Cowboys have one. Well, I do. It's because our management is still living in 1992 and think we need Steve Beurlein.

    Nonetheless, this is a piece of fat that we ought to consider trimming.
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    Exactly, lets get some 80 QB rating CFL journeyman QB in here and groom him to be our coach in 15 years.
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    Orton isn't going anywhere. They know Romo probably won't sign a new contract here if he doesn't demand a trade this off season.
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    I like Orton as a backup, he just hasn't come into play this year. Which is good, considering Romo got hurt two straight years. The season's not over yet though, the blockers might give Romo the same gift 3 years in a row.
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    Lord have mercy!

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    Or.. we can start him now and start winning again.. just sayin...:D

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