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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jterrell, Nov 6, 2013.

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    This reads like it was generated by a cliche's-about-losing text generator. I agree with the part about them losing, but not with description of how they lost. It was two pretty-good teams playing hard, and then a mental error in the running game, and an easily-exploited passing defense that got us beat. It happens.
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    Fixed it for you.
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    Fixed it for you. :)
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    I don't think that Jason doesn't come prepared, or does not have his team prepared on game day. And the slow starts shouldn't fall on Jason's shoulders. The players need to start executing from the very beginning. Don't screw up your assignment. Stop with the dropped balls, missed blocks, missed tackles, et cetera!
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    So if it's going right, that means that it's not working? Could you spin it any better? Thanks.
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    I´m with you, to each his own, at the end of the day most of us are real Cowboys fans and want the team to win although we might have different opinions.

    Here´s a link to a good article written today on SI by Don Banks, It’s called what a difference a coach makes, it´s not a bash on Garrett but a compliment to coaches like Reid, Rex, Fox, Payton etc who have earned the right to be called good or great HC because of how their teams have performed, there´s no if´s and but´s about it, it´s about W and L and Garrett has been mediocre, that´s not up to discussion.
    I think that´s the real problem for us fans who don´t like Garrett, we see coaches all over the NFL turning around franchises in a year while we have been mediocre for the past 17 years and the last 3 + years with Garrett, it´s frustrating to say the least.


    As it reaches its mid-point, the 2013 NFL season has vividly illustrated an obvious truth: Talent might win, but more than ever it’s the craft of coaching that really matters in this league, and the art of putting that talent in the position to thrive. This year especially we’ve seen anew how dramatically a coach can impact a team’s fate, for better or worse.
    Of course, coaching matters greatly every year in the NFL, and has at least since the days of George Halas doing battle with Curly Lambeau. That’s why they get the W’s or the L’s listed after their name. No news flash there. But I can’t recall a recent season when we’ve had clearer examples of the striking difference a coach can make......
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    Some good valid points.
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    Thanks for posting. It's a nice read, and I don't disagree with it. There are some great coaches in this league, and Andy Reid and Sean Payton are two of them. I'd just say that, if it really is all about wins and losses, Garret's got the same record right now as Rex. The other teams mentioned (DEN, KC, NO) all have either better coaches than we do, better QBs, or better combinations of HC/QB/Pass defense than we do.

    I can completely understand the argument that we should have picked up Andy Reid in the offseason. Or Payton Manning, for that matter, two years ago. I don't agree, but I'd completely understand it. And I'd personally trade both Romo and Garret for Brees or Payton.

    That's not the same thing as saying the problem with this team now is coaching, when you can look right at the evidence re: how easy it is to score passing touchdowns and pick up yardage against our pass defense.
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    We are on the third year and nothing has changed, heck, he has been running the offense for seven years, there has to be a time where the head coach takes responsability for the sloppy play. You can't have it both ways and say he has improved the roster and the attitude but still trots out the same mediocre product on the field. We have no identity, none whatsoever, he is still saying he wants a balanced offense, whom does he think he is kidding. Just say we are a passing team and be done with it. And then design an offense to take advantage of that.

    Last week we ran a playaction on third and long out of the shotgun, why would that play even exist? He also missed two challenges on spots and called a timeout at the end of the game to leave a glimmer of hope to the opponent. That is after he messed up terribly at the end of the Detroit game. Why is he even on the sidelines?When was the last time you said, don't worry, Jasons' got this. For me the next time will be the first time.

    It's terribly frustrating seeing the team I love wasting the careers of Romo, Ware amd Witten, I hope this "process" doesn't end up defining their incredible careers. They deserve better.
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    There is no doubt there are great coaches and poor coaches. You can't divorce talent from coaching. They will always go hand in hand.

    Some here nearly deify Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy coached great teams here. Maybe the greatest I've ever seen. He left here and went to a team with a first class offense. He suddenly became fallible with his drafts and couldn't make the same magic in Miami even with a great QB and a fairly good defense which he was supposed to fix being the great defensive coach. Suddenly the great coach wasn't so great. So either he wasn't as great as some think or he was still the same guy but didn't have the same circumstances i.e. the same overall talent.

    I believe great coaches are great leaders and get the most out of a player while putting them in a position to succeed more often than fail. They can take talent and meld it together to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. And they in turn can be made great by a great team.

    The team is the coach and the players and even the organization. If you take one part away then the team struggles or fails. You can't take away Garrett''s tools and expect him to build anything. I don't have any real idea what Garrett can do but I won't judge him until he is able to put a reasonably well built team on the field. And I do have doubts. Having said that you can't wait forever. Nor can you prematurely remove the scaffolds and expect great results. The only teams that 'turn' things around in short order already have most of what they need on hand. That's not to take away from those coaches handiwork. They still have to put the rest of the puzzle together.

    Starting over would be foolish right now. Point the finger at the chief architect if you must point fingers.
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    For years I have been coming to this site and watching people like you call names of those who ask questions. You toss out the words whine and cry and use a selective group of stats or current standings and make broad brush commentary about the team while denigrating fans because they don't see the team your way.

    Year after year you post something similar to this and find a group of people who praise you for your "insight."

    And yet when the season is over, the ground litterer with unused confetti because the team stunk on ice and ended up again 8-n-8, you are no where to be found.

    Your praises of the team are silent then because your flowery prose ended up being nothing more than the years before. A blustering wind-baggish diatribe based on hopes and prayers and stats that are slivers of the truth meant to support a position that you are right and others wrong.

    This team has been built incorrectly by a man who has no inkling of how to build a winning football team. The culture of this franchise is the accessibility of Jerry Jones who as an owner is like a pimply faced kid with Madden, and his ego demanding he get credit for something he missed out on during Jimmy's tenure.

    The lines needed to be built, with plenty of back-ups to rotate on the defensive side. Cap management has forced the wild-catter to play a hand and draw from a deck that only one card will allow him to win.

    And he never gets that card.

    He planted his flag in a defensive line of 30-year olds who now are sidelined because of injury or left the team to play for another franchise because Jerry lost his temper.

    The head coach is in his seventh year running the offense and what should be a seemless organization between QB and Head Coach is a fire drill at a grade school without the teacher telling the kids where to go.

    You and others like you trot out the same platitudes that fall short and when the season's end arrives, you leave, only to come back next year and lecture us that ask questions you don't want to hear.

    Your side is protected by the leadership of this board because crapping on fans who aren't buying into the Three Card Monte Jerry is dealing off of a card table on the sidewalk is the going norm here because in reality, the people who whine the most are the 8-n-8ers that think being mediocre is okay.

    Sorry Terrell, but I have seen your act and it closes out of town for me. There are reasons why this team is headed for another disappointing year, but you will not see any serious discussions of this because of people like you who have fits for anything but rose-colored glasses.

    Until this franchise fixes the cap, and finds a man who understands talent acquisition, and hires a competent head coach, the middle of the road, luke warm, tepid team we see run out there every year will be what is offered up.

    But there is hope.

    One day after Romo retires the team will fall back to the Days of Campo and perhaps we can again draft a team that can be consistently middle of the road.
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    TwoDeep is an excellent poster, and has been consistently so, for nine years.
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    its your opinion
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    thanks captain obvious.
    the man, the myth, the legend twodeep has returned.
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    2deep3 it refreshing to hear some positive slant, as the other side of the aisle dominates the posting too much. I rejoin them because they many times fall into the tired lament about JJones no shat , tell me something different and by the way I see better acquisition the last couple of years.Above poster is correct your a insightful poster and I always like it when I see a 2deep3 offering.
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    bull,show me how
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    Giants fans 1978.
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    Cutler will be back long before our game on Monday night. Rodgers will likely be back, or making his debut when we play the Pack.
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    Better acquisition means little when you fill your basket with the 30 somethings on one of the two most important aspects of the team.

    I love the pick of T Will. I think Escobar was a luxury and the pick was better served being an offensive or defensive lineman.

    Beasley is a complete find. I thought he would be a wasted pick.

    To have Austin at a gillion a year sitting on his butt is another aspect of incompetence.

    The problem with this team is static as far as I'm concerned. No pass rush means no pass defense.

    No protection and no rushing holes means no balanced offensive attack.

    Cornerbacks are nice, but they can only cover for so long before they get toasted.

    So pass rush is what makes a defense.

    I hear the argument about the draft picks on the DL. Ware - injured and out - Rat - now a Chi Bear - Spencer - done for the season - Hatcher - cannot feel his arm, this is more than a stinger.

    So Huey, Louie, and Dewy are our defensive line.

    I am proud of Lee and Carr is a player. Scandrick is a good one as well, and I thought he was crap.

    But unless you formulate a plan that can stop the erosion of the pass rush year in and year out, all you have left is rose colored glasses or excuses.

    To me those are the same.
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    With Geno as his QB, I could bet that 90% of the peolpe in this board (NFL fans by the way) could not name 3 other starters for the Jets, that's a heck of a coaching job Rex is putting toghether in NY, not to mention his two chamionship games with Mark Sanches as his QB.
    Anyway, it's all positve, let's go out and take it to N.O.

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