What is your biggest positive/negative looking forward to 2013-14?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sureletsrace, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. sureletsrace

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    I'd like every poster on the board to post in this thread. I doubt that will happen, but I think it would be nice to hear the homers worry a little and the haters rejoice a little.

    I consider myself a complete "homer". I am fanatical about the Cowboys and am eternally optimistic in regards to my favorite sports team. However, that does not mean I am blind and do not see problems. Here are my two.

    Positive: Of course I'm listing the positive first. I'm a homer, remember? ;)

    I am really excited to see this defense. Since going from a somewhat casual fan to an absolute diehard, all I've seen the Cowboys play in is the 3-4. I've been envious of other teams' defenses, namely Chicago. Their defense is perennially good. I can't wait to really dig in and study this defense more and I'm really excited to see what Monte Kiffin does with this group of players. I want to see how far he will deviate from the traditional Tampa 2 defense.

    Negative: The health of this team terrifies me. I'm really irritated that our players hamstrings are seemingly made of Wal-Mart brand rubber bands. It seems like every time I turn around, there's another player on the injured list. Miles Austin is perhaps my biggest annoyance on this team. He's an absolute game-changer when he's healthy. But he's hardly ever on the field. That's why it's so frustrating. Another worry of mine is obviously the offensive line, for reasons we all already know, however I'm not as worried about it as some.

    Give me your two. I think it'll be nice to see homers and haters all posting in the same thread without it turning into some sort of war. Hopefully it won't.

    Try it. You might have a little fun and maybe you have something in common with that other poster that you think is dumber than a bag of hammers.
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  2. Eskimo

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    Positive: This is truly an elite set of skill players right now at QB, WR, TE and RB. It stacks up well against anyone in the league.

    Negative: I am most worried about the defensive play early in the year in the new scheme, especially with the new Safeties.
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  3. Clove

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    Positives - it's a new year, anything can happen. We do have some young parts that could turn the corner, on paper, once again, it looks like we have a good team. No clue about the defense, but since it's new, I guess it's a positive.
    Negatives - Same coach, same QB who freezes in big games, basically the same offensive line for people to complain about. Still no pressure players outside of Ware, and kind of Spencer. Old defensive coordinator who hasn't won lately, but Jones is good at promoting or hiring people with no skins on the wall.
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  4. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Positives: Football from my favorite sports team to watch.

    Negatives: None.
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  5. jobberone

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    Positives: No reason not to see the same or better offensive yards this year. I think the OL will be significantly better with return to health of some players, experience gained last year, more competition and addition of Frederick. That should improve the running game and I think scoring will go up commensurate with yardage gained. Add in some skill players and hopefully return to health of Miles and maybe you have an explosive offense. If the defense does well with the return of some players then maybe we have a contender.

    Negatives: Depth in areas still thin. Worried about the DBs. New defense will have some hiccups. Turnovers must get out of the red....significantly. That's not exactly an easy task for a team that hasn't done well there for awhile.

    Turnovers and performance in the red zone are the two biggest keys.
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  6. Questfor6

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    Positives: Romo has more weapons on Offense then he's ever had, got to be able to utilize them. At the start of the 2013 season we'll easily have one of the top 5 groups of WR/TE in the league. Randle is a perfect back for to mirror what Murray does. I went back and was reading some of Randles positives and negatives in his draft scouting report and was pleased to see almost every publication praised him for his blitz pickup recognition, which could prove huge if Murray goes down again.

    Negative(s): Still have the same 2 guards that we had last year on this roster, Horrible. Lack of Depth on the Defensive Line, Okoye and Freeney are still available and at this point could come cheap on one year deals.
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  7. Idgit

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    Positives: We've got great QB play and effective skill players, and depth, at every skill position in the passing game. And we've added starter(s) and have supporting players returning healthy for a second year in the same system at our weakest position group on the OL.

    Negatives: This is our first year in another new defensive scheme that's geared toward taking the football away. I'm dubious how effective we'll be in duplicating what worked so well for the Bears in an NFCE that's increasingly moving towards the read/option.
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  8. waving monkey

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    Red is the head coach of our Cowboys and Romo is still the QB.The oline has a real chance
    to improve and in the later part of the season I could see red zone rushing yardage and TD's.
    I might say the guards are a concern but I'm thinking the safeties will be fine.
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  9. KJJ

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    The only positive I came away with from last season was the development of Dez. If there's one thing I'm excited about heading into the 2013 season is watching him (health permitting) take that next step into becoming one of the elite receivers in the league. I'm not going to concern myself with the negatives I'm just hoping we can correct some of them so we feel better about the team at the end of this season than we have at the end of the last few seasons.
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  10. ehcrossing

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    Positives: So many weapons on the offense if they stay healthy and the rookies contribute.

    Negatives: This is a yearly concern for a few years ,the o line and safety position . #9 is getting old he just can't continue to get hit like he has since becoming starter. He has had major injuries.(broken ribs and collarbone) One day he will not be able to feel the heat and escape as he does so often and is gonna get crushed like never before.
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  11. Ren

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    We have really good skill position players, if we can have a decent blocking line this year there will be some fireworks

    Negative: Lines and safety no point adding anything to this the subject has been beaten to death the last 5 months
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  12. Jerryrage

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    The new defense scheme. It's gap responsibility and control, no second guessing and no confusion. This is your job at this spot, that's it. Looking forward to it.
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  13. BIGDen

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    Positives: A great set of skill position players.
    Negatives: A questionable OL that I do think has a chance to be decent.

    If we stay relatively healthy (last year was ridiculous), create more turnovers (there's a good chance we will with a new D and better health), and improve our red zone scoring (Frederick and Escobar could help here), we will contend IMO.
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  14. Mactin

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    Positive: New year, Romo focusing more on the team, young players (IE Bryant) growing this season in both skill and mind. New defense coach and change in the offense on and off the field. Very good special teams in Dan Bailey and Harris, the schedule works possible for them to make it in the playoffs and more...

    Negative: Feeling that Romo might screw up late in the season. Worried about coaching going on in the defense,competition in the division might be too much of a challenge for them, still worried in the offense line. Health problems could happen at any time.

    I think all for now.
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  15. CoCo

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    Positives: All the homers we have here.

    Negatives: All the haters we have here.

    Hey, I do feel better. ;)

    But seriously... Some of what I'm excited about is very unproven. That is, the upside we have with our young talent. Frederick, Escobar, Williams, Wilcox, Webb, Holloman, Magee, Hamilton, Claiborne, Crawford, Wilbur, Johnson, Hanna, Harris, Leary, Costa, Kowalski, Parnell, & Bernadeau. I am really looking forward to discovering which of these guys can become solid parts of this team, worth getting excited about. On top of all that is the young PROVEN talents we already have in Carr, Lee, Carter, Murray, Dez, Tyron.

    On the downside, I'll say the concern about defending the read option. That was too helpless a feeling last year at times. Also concerned about our stopping the run in general in the 4-3.
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  16. GroundUp

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    Positive: I'm excited about the defense. The change to the 4-3 and seeing if/how Monte adjusts the rolls of the corners to suit the strengths of Mo and Carr. The return of many injured starters and hopefully they can all play the full 16, I really think that's what crippled this defense last year. I'm also very hopeful that the Saftey Position actually shakes out pretty well, I'm encouraged by what I'm hearing about JJ Wilcox. BW Web I believe will have a good deal of influence in limited action, he's physical, anticipates well and jumps routes; he may get burned a time or two, but I anticipate he'll snag 3-4 ints this year. I believe Mo has taken a huge leap forward and the Minicamp live videos of him battling Dez is very encouraging (I don't believe those two PI calls were legit, it appeared, as was mentioned in the video, that they were called in order to keep the drive alive).

    Negative: I wont harp too long on either of my two negatives because they have been very well documented. I still have concern about the FO and the structure of command within the organization. I love Jerry the owner and do believe he will do anything within his power to steer this organization in the right direction, however I'm afraid he doesn't realize that the one thing really crippling this franchise is his refusal to step down as GM and hire a football guy, that being said I do believe the coaching changes along with the talent on this team can overcome given the right circumstances.

    Negative #2: The Offensive Guards, I hope Leary can take a spot, aside from that I have no faith in Berny and Livings.
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  17. jobberone

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    And the worse at it.......yep....Ware. Who woulda thunk it!
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  18. yentl911

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    Pro - our CB's. This was a glaring weakness just two seasons ago and now I feel is a real strength and we have some real potential with some young players.

    Con - the right side of our OL. Free is not the answer and Parnell is raw. RG is also a weakness that I hope gets plugged by Leary. Berny was terrible last year but is limited athletically regardless of health. Terrible pick up IMO.
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  19. noshame

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    Romo is finally in a system where he won't be asked to do what he's not comfortable doing. Hopefully this will keep his confidence at a high level into the playoffs.
    Defense has the potential to be a top 5.

    Neg. What happens if the OC makes a critical 3rd down call and the HC overrules him? It fails? The potential for those 2 not jelling may be our biggest danger.
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  20. zrinkill

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    half our team not injured.

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