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    Nearly all the NFL scouts being off the road in December while they get their fall reports finished and submitted, however there are still many draft rumors floating around. I continue to speak to NFL people to get their thoughts on different prospects all around the country and below is a look at four players that a number of scouts have told me about over the last few weeks.

    Armonty Bryant Defensive End East Central Oklahoma Senior
    6041 266 4.60 (Estimated)

    After beginning his college career at Abilene Christian and then ending up at junior college, Bryant has made a name for himself by dominating at East Central Oklahoma the last three seasons. Scouts have told us they love his combination of good height, very long arms (35 ½), athleticism and natural pass rush skills. However, he is going to have to overcome major questions about his character after being arrested for allegedly selling drugs on campus. Scouts told us that Bryant’s playing at a small school combined and off field questions will keep him from being a high draft pick, but that some team is going to gamble on him during the third day of the Draft because very athletic pass rushers are extremely difficult to find. Obviously, how Bryant handles the interview process this spring as teams delve into the concerns about his off-field behavior will likely determine at what point he hears his name called on draft day.

    D.J. Fluker Offensive Tackle Alabama Junior
    6060 E 335 E 5.40 E

    Almost all the talk about the junior offensive tackles that may enter the Draft early centers around Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews and Michigan’s Taylor Lewan. The reason Fluker’s name does not come up with that group is that scouts are really split as to what type of pro he can become. Blessed with great natural size and strength, Fluker can physically dominate his man and eliminate him from the play when he stays over feet after getting his hands on man. Scouts we have spoken to have varying opinions of Fluker’s level of athleticism. Some have told us they view him as an under-rated athlete for such a big man and that he can slide his feet well enough to protect the corner and play either tackle position. On the other side are scouts, along with me, who feel that he is at best an adequate athlete who is a right tackle only prospect and will always have trouble protecting the corner against explosive edge rushers and adjusting to quick change of direction pass rush moves. Because of this debate Fluker could be drafted anywhere from the second to the fourth round if he comes out early this year, which is why I believe he would be smart to stay in school and try to improve his draft stock next season.

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    Bryant has Bengals written all over him.
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    I say that Fluker either has to play OG or lose weight to play RT.

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