What positives can we take away from this team going forward?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rocyaice, Nov 25, 2012.

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    If the Cowboys end up 8-8 or worse and home for the playoffs for a 3rd straight year there will be no positives from this season. FANS/happy fans will try and spin some positives no matter how bad the season ends in an attempt to make themselves and others feel better about the season and the future of the team.
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    Romo's contract is up after next year.. Hopefully by that time we draft the next QB in waiting.. I don't think signing Romo for another 3 to 5 years when he's already losing half a step and will be almost 35 is a good idea. The only way it would be a good idea is if we had an o-line where Romo never got touched.
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    It's unstoppable which means JG will never use it again.
  4. CowboyMcCoy

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    Solid defense, new guys and old guys are playing well--secondary, great linebackers and defensive line.

    Rob Ryan.

    Nice, budding WRs..Dez, Romo, Witten, etc.

    DeMarco Murray....

    It's a wonder how we have a 5-6 record. We have a lot of good things going for us, but the coach is hindering us.
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    Slow starts, bad offensive line and bad in the redzone is the story of this seasons lack of success.

    You have to take something from a season where you don't make the playoffs. Otherwise, how do you know what to build on and what not to?

    How is Romo losing half a step? He's been as mobile this season as he's been....PROBABLY EVER. You think its smart throwing a rookie out there with this offensive line? And not only that, but what rookie qb you see in the draft that you think is a franchise quarterback? Because I don't see him.
  6. Cowboy_Shawn

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    The only positive I can think of is that Garrett will probably be shown the door at the end of the year.

    At least I hope.
  7. Cowboy_Shawn

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    I do have one other positive.

    Dez Bryant. He appears to have finally turned the corner and is playing with a lot more consistency.

    He's made some mistakes this year, but the good has easily outweighed the bad.
  8. TheSport78

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    Bailey is $$$$$$
  9. Heisenberg

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    I'd say that if our LBs stay healthy, this year has proven that we have a couple of the best in Lee and Carter.

    I think Dez might be turning the corner finally. I'm still not 100% sure he has, but it's a huge improvement from early in the year.

    We play hard.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Dez - I want to believe that he is SLOWLY getting it and that some of those KEY DROPS will ultimately turn into catches in the future.
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    He's losing half a step in skill.. I think we've seen the best of Tony Romo and it's only gonna get slowly worse the older he gets and the more hits he takes. I don't have a definite answer in the draft but don't you want the future guy to step right in after Romo? When Aikman retired, we had no plan at QB.. it wasn't until we drafted Quincy which bombed that we had a plan. With the right guy, we could have a QB for the next 15 years. Furthermore, Romo wasn't looked at as a franchise guy when he came out of college. Neither was Tom Brady.
  12. JackWagon

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    Bingo .... we have a winner.
  13. visionary

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    i have already conceded the next season since barring a total collapse we will still have RHG here and he has no idea how to coach a football team

    yesterday, the niners went into as hostile environment with a second year HC and a QB starting his second game against possibly the best offense in the NFL and beat them by 10 points

    care to know how our second year HC would do?
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    unstoppable? Come on.. Slow down.. Its a hell of alot easier to run a hurry up offense down by 30 points and the defense is in prevent mode, the intesnsity isnt the same.. So its far from unstoppable. DO NOT be fooled by us coming back scoring points down by 30 pts... The defense has a different mindset when they have a huge lead... Im not saying our hurry up base offense wouldnt be succesful, but its so far from unstoppable.
  15. JackWagon

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    Offensively ... I like Murray, Romo, Smith, and Witten.

    Defense ... Ware, Lee, Carr, Claiborne, and surprisingly Carter.

    But i dont think this is progressing quickly enough for the fans nor jerry. Be prepared for another coaching change.
  16. Gaede

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    There's no victory in erasing a 25+ point deficit time and time again and still losing. All that 'this team doesn't give up' crap is garbage.

    All these 'comebacks' demonstrate is that we're incompetent, can't play a full 60 minute game, and try hard only once the game is completely lost.
  17. Doomsay

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    Jerry seems to be getting exposed more this season than any in recent memory. It might not be enough to effect immediate change, but it will become harder and harder for him to keep the hope and belief alive among the fan base as he stacks failures upon failures.

    I think that theebs indicated that the Jerry and Stephen emperor box footage has been absent from the jumbo-tron for the last two home games.

    Jimmy Johnson's A Football Life segment along with the Dan Patrick interview finally discredited any of Jerry's (and his supporters) assertions that he had anything to do with the football elements of the Cowboy's 90's Super Bowl runs, or that his subsequent coaches were granted anywhere near the authority and influence that Jimmy was.

    Jerry is getting more and more exposed on a national level for being the ultimate problem in Dallas...via general interviews, blind support of his OL, his widely publicized predictions and finally, the often clownish on-the-field failures of a poorly managed team.

    Jerry is now almost a full generation away from the glory day performances that he has ridden so successfully throughout his "my-way" tenure. We actually have zone members that never experienced the thrill of the early 90's teams.

    While still very financially viable, the bloom or excitement of Jerry's mega stadium seems to have subsided somewhat, helped along by his eagerness to boast about selling tickets to Bears' fans earlier this year, along with prior drunken revelations about hiring Bill just to get the stadium approval. At a minimum, other than sundry lingerie additions, the stadium and it's elevated ticket prices have ceased to be a new distraction that Jerry can wow his local fan base with.

    For the first time, the issue of Romo's departure / decline has moved to the forefront. Tony has been a UDFA blessing to Jerry for the better part of a decade and regardless of anybody's opinion of him, Tony has clearly been the best QB this team has fielded since Aikman in his prime. I believe that the fact that Jerry has been unable to win more than one playoff game with Tony, is starting to dawn on people as they anticipate Tony's departure and contemplate his replacement.

    Finally, Jerry's hand picked, inner-circle, Head Coaching project looks to be another repeat failure of the "anybody can coach the Cowboys" philosophy. That statement came from the mid 90's era, but Jerry seems to be following that practice by continuing to hire unqualified coaches, vested with limited authority, a decade and a half later.
  18. KJJ

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    You can't come away with anything positive from another playoff less season in which your record is worse than the year before. When you start coming away with positives from a losing season all you'll ever be is a loser. Most every fan here who's a realist knows the biggest problem with the team is the coaching.

    Every great team including all the great teams the Cowboys had started by hiring a solid head coach. Jerry has already mastered the plan for what not to do that's why the Cowboys have only won 1 playoff game in 15 years and are on the verge of missing the playoffs for a 3rd straight season.

    He'll no doubt come away with some positives from this season to keep fans optimistic for next year so they'll keep filling up his stadium. He'll be smacking his lips trying to convince everyone his boy Jason is doing a great job and that the future looks bright. :rolleyes:

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