What QBs would you take over Drew Bledsoe.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wolverine, Dec 11, 2005.

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    Ok I guess it woulda been easier if I asked what QBs would you take Bledsoe over. Then you woulda only had to give at most 8 names. But *** why not think about it more. Here is my list of QBs I would take over Bledsoe.

    FOR SURE I would take over Bledsoe

    Tom Brady
    Donovan McNabb - even with minor injuries I would take McNabb.
    Peyton Manning
    Eli Manning
    Michael Vick
    Dante Culpepper
    Matt Hasselbeck
    Jake Plummer
    Carson Palmer
    Steve McNair
    Brett Favre
    Trent Green
    Drew Brees
    Aaaron Brooks
    Jake Delhome
    Mark Brunell
    Ben Roethlisberger

    Others I would think about taking over Bledsoe and I think I would

    David Carr - how can anyone look good with the Texans. He would have a little better OL over here and his WRs and TEs would be alot better.

    Mark Bulger - his QB rating is almost 10 points higher then Bledsoes.

    Brad Johnson - in the games he has played. 4-1 TD/INT and almost 10 points higher a QB rating then Bledsoe.

    I would also like to see if Green Bay would be dumb nuff to make a trade for us to get Aaron Rogers and they get Bledsoe and our 2nd rounder.
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    LMAO! Wow that was lame.
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    I would have to agee with Wolverine on this one. Garrard, Schaub, Rivers also.....

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