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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by vta, Apr 12, 2011.

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    What does this even mean?

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    LeBron James' diabolical plan for getting even with his former Cleveland fans is underway.
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    Last fall, DelDOT sent letters to at least eight residents in the Radnor Green and Ashbourne Hills subdivisions saying their street-side basketball hoops violated the state’s Clear Zone law, which prohibits hoops, trees, shrubs and other objects from being within seven feet of the pavement's edge in subdivisions.

    Mr. McCafferty states in the video that his basketball post has been there for a number of years (60 maybe?). Did he receive a letter from the DelDot to relocate his post beyond seven feet of the pavement's curb? That's my question.
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    There was a thread about this a week or two ago.

    The problem I had with it was the woman basically telling the guy to be quiet and go back in the house after she flat out lied to him.

    You would think he had been married to her for 10+ years :laugh2:
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    Yeah pretty nasty and ludicrous overall. I guess money hungry principalities are going to start enforcing 'blue laws' to generate revenue.
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    While I can understand the forced removal of these poles that are in violation of an obscure law stating they can't be within 7 feet of the pavement......I can not, for the life of me, see how they are able to just remove them from their property altogether after telling them that they may keep them on their property. That woman blatantly lied to that guy.....and what they did was essentially steal his property. Furthermore, she has no right to tell him what to do on his own property. He was posing no risk to anyone and as far as I can tell, wasn't being a nuisance to anyone but the ***** trying to steal his basketball hoop.

    I'd be pissed too.....although I probably would have just moved the damn thing before it got to that point in the first place.
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