What were Aikman, Buck and Pereria talking about on the Dez TD?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by links18, Nov 11, 2012.

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    If the ball rolled, how did he maintain possession? The ground made the ball roll. This isn't a case of just keeping your hands on the football. He has to control the ball. He briefly lost control of it.
  2. SultanOfSix

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    Not it's not. There are degrees of movement and not everything is black and white. The fact is, the only reason they doubted the catch was because they saw the ball move due to the laces. Dez's whole body moved into the ball. Had the laces been on the other side and they never saw them, there is no way they could have ruled the ball "rolling".
  3. DanteEXT

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    I believe now it was a catch (didn't yesterday). The ball is in the same place when he rolls over as it was when he caught it. If it rolled, the ball would have changed position. I am confident the "roll" is just his from his entire body rolling.
  4. Hook'em#11

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    They are all blind.

    It was a catch... TD for Dez.. Nice job.:)
  5. dueyhemlock

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    I'm just glad we finally had one go our way.

    There was a lot of questionable calls in this game, but one of the non-calls really pissed me off.

    It was earlier in the game (I think) before Vick got his melon squashed. It was a swing pass to McCoy. Their WR does a crossing route from left to right and hits/engages/starts blocking Carter right in the middle of the field. Vick throws the pass way after the blocking of Carter started. McCoy is wide open in the left flat and procedes to run for a gazillion miles / big first down.

    This should have been an easy call because it was so blatant and out in the open, direct center of our Defense.
  6. CATCH17

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    The impact of his arm, that was under the ball, hitting the ground is what caused the ball to roll.

    The only reason the ball touched the ground is because he turned his body towards the ground. The ball never popped out and touched the ground.
  7. blindzebra

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    None of the it rolled supporters has yet to explain how the laces magically moved BACK to the exact place they started.

    What looks like the ball moved is that as Dez' body lands on his arm and the ball the ball gets compressed. If you look very closely at the still Theogt keeps showing you can see a hint of the laces showing.

    Dez had the ball the entire time in his right arm. It never popped out, it never rolled.

    Seriously all you need to do is look at the last replay from the opposite endzone.
  8. zeroburrito

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    it's just an illusion created by his body rolling over and compressing the ball.

    look at the laces, they are in the same position(right above his forearm) before and after the "roll".


    11:41 then 11:43.
  9. TwoDeep3

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    It wasn't a catch. It rolled over his arm and if you rewatch it you will see Dez use his other hand to pull it back. It touched the ground and moved.

    However Theo, the first touchdown by the Eagles was legit.
  10. zeroburrito

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    he rolled the laces back to where they were when he first caught it? the frame where the laces disappear they are actually buried in the grass.


    11:41 he catches the ball. laces above forearm.

    11:43 the laces are STILL above his forearm after his body turns over the ball.

    this is proof that the ball never rolled. i don't see how people are missing this.

    unless you think the ball did a perfect 360 spin in less than a millisecond.
  11. Bluestang

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    It's quite amusing what you guys argue over in the face of a W.
  12. Everlastingxxx

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    I might want to reverse my opinion on this. When you watch the laces and look from the opposite endzone shot, it doesn’t appear the ball moves much from his arm.
  13. aikemirv

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    Burried in the turf!!!!!!

    Guys, there is no possible way that Dez can maintain control of the ball completely with his forearm on the back side of the ball and no part of his hand on the ball. IT is Impossible for that to happen. It hit the turf and moved and neither of his hands were holding the ball as it was pinned to his chest, against the ground, and the back of his forearm while moving a bit!

    Those who say it never hit the turf are flat out blind!!! It did.

    Those who say his forearm was under it the entire time are blind as well.

    If you want to argue physics, well, you can, but the laws of physics, using his body position, forearm position, and hand position say he did not have control when it was touching the ground!!
  14. zeroburrito

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    look at the laces, bro. they never moved.

    ball don't lie.

    by the way, the ball can hit the turf if he has possession of the ball. laces don't move with a firm grip = possession.
  15. TwoDeep3

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    It is clearly rolling over his arm. So many are trying to make the case the laces are the tell-tale sign.

    They start out at the top. The laces roll over as it rolls over his arm.

    They bury themselves into the grass and when Dez uses his other hand he rolls the ball back slightly.

    But the real telling part is when they roll underneath just before he rolls it back over his arm.

    This is not Aikman hating.

    This was an incomplete pass.
  16. Clove

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    I've watched it a million times, and I could care less if it's a catch or not because we would likely score anyways, but I can't clearly say it's a catch or not. And if I were in court, and someone tried to prove it was a catch, they'd have a hard time proving it with me representing the other side.

    I can't see everything in that picture, I have no clue where his forearm is because it disappears on the roll, so until I can see that, then it's inconclusive. And if it's inconclusive, then whatever the call on the field was, goes.
  17. zeroburrito

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    so he uses his other hand to somehow roll the ball back to the perfect position in that short amount of time? when does he practice this move?

    what a BEAST.

    if you look closely, by the time he has his other hand on the ball to attempt to re-spin the laces are already shown above his forearm =)

    superhuman re-spin debunked.
  18. aikemirv

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    Please tell me what he had possesion with? What part of his body? His hands were not on the ball. AT best he had it trapped against the ground with the back of his forearm and his chest - but I saw the ball move!
  19. Risen Star

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    Without the laces present it would have been less obvious the ball rolled. I agree. But they were present, it did roll on contact with the turf and it's not a catch.
  20. TwoDeep3

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    If what you say was true, then yes, what a beast.

    But the ball rolled over his arm and he lost control for a moment. And in that moment is all it takes to consider it an incomplete pass.

    They did not. It's football, so go figure.

    The saving grace would have been the penalty, IF they allowed them to recall their first decision.

    As a head coach, knowing EVERY scoring play would be reviewed, I think I might have held off on making a decision on the penalty until.

    Because regardless of the ref speaking with Aikman, they could have ignored that as they sort of did the clock running in the Denver game.

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