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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Good luck to me too! Lol
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    Where'd this come from?

    Sounds kind of odd that the alternative is basically a big turdy punch bowl considering how it played out.

    Dallas said they got the #2 guy on their entire draft board.

    I read elsewhere that Jerry said Crawford was the highest rated player they had available to start the 1st round or something like that.

    The two outcomes are such polar opposites.
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    highest player rated in the 3rd round.

    the way the quote was worded i'm not sure if he meant that he was the top rated player with a third round grade, or if he was just the top rated player when they picked
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    They way I interpreted it was Crawford was the top rated player in all the third round.
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    James Francis.
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    The 3rd round, not the 1st round.
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    ok, i saw the quote earlier and it doesn't come across as clear in print so I watched the press conference and you are right, top rated player in the whole third round
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    I'm glad you started this thread because I was just about to start one of this. I'm going to take it into a different direction because I'm really "i"ssed off at the Ticket for their pathetic draft coverage, intellectual dishonesty, and right down ignorance. They've been hammering the Cowboys for 2 straight days, bringing up every single failure they've had and repeating them over and over just to make themselves look smart.

    I'm going to take their best case scenario and compare it to reality.

    Cowboys remain at #14, take David DeCastro ( who most of us wanted ) and Vinny Curry ( also highly thought of ) with #45. Nobody would have complained about that draft. Yes, I know the Cowboys would have taken Brockers and not DeCastro, and perhaps would have taken Peter Konz at #45, which would still make it a very acceptable scenario to most of us, but either way, let's play the " what if " game.

    Let's look at the big picture and take into consideration how the draft unfolded. Reminder: The Cowboys weren't going to pick again until #81. So as it would have stand under either of those scenarios after the 1st and 2nd round, the Cowboys roster would have consisted of the following corners:

    5 corners: Mario Butler, Brandon Carr, Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick, Teddy Williams, C.J. Wilson. 4 of them have actual game experience, 3 of them are considered starters and 1 of the 3 is coming off a shoulder surgery and will not be ready until training camp.

    So who's left that the Cowboys could have drafted at #81 at CB or still can get in the 4th round or later ?

    Here's a list of 2 they passed on and the next remaining 15 highest ranked below them:

    Dwight Bentley ( to the Lions at #83 )
    Jayron Hosley ( to the Giants at #94 )
    Brandon Boykin ( recovering from a knee injury )
    Trevin Wade
    Ron Brooks
    Alfonzo Dennard
    Omar Bolden
    Leonard Johnson
    DeQuan Menzie
    Chris Greenwood
    Chase Minnifield
    Asa Jackson
    Keith Tandy
    Jeremy Lane
    Shaun Prater
    Ryan Steed
    Coty Sensabaugh

    Scenario 1:

    Cowboys would have taken Brockers ( highly talented player ) and stick him in a rotation with at least 3 other guys ( Hatcher, Spears, Lissemore ), assuming Coleman is let go. Then they would have, in a best case scenario, started Konz at center.

    Scenario 2:

    Cowboys woud thave taken DeCastro ( highly talented player ) start him immediately at either guard position. Then taken Curry and stick him in a rotation with at least 3 other guys ( Hatcher, Spears, and Lissemore ), assuming Coleman is let go.

    Under both scenarios, the Cowboys would select 4, perhaps 5, corners for the final roster, with 3 spots already taken ( Carr, Jenkins, and Scandrick ). That would mean 1 to 2 spots remaining for Mario Butler, Teddy Wiliams, C.J. Wilson, and which ever CB from that list ( or somebody else ) the Cowboys decide to draft.

    That would mean the Cowboys going into the 2012 season, playing in a division that

    1) has Eli Manning, Michael Vick, and Robert Griffin III at the QB position.

    2) face a list of non-division QBs that consist of: Jay Cutler, Cam Newton, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, Ben Roethlisberger, and Drew Breese.

    with Carr, Jenkins and Scandrick as the top 3 corners, then another 2 to 3 corners who only the football gods know how and what are they going to contribute, praying those top 3 stay healthy.

    All of that for the sake of drafting Vinny Curry or Peter Konz.
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    First, Ditka gave away 1st and 3rds in the following year as well.

    Second, if Williams turned out to be as good as Deion ... say Barry Sanders level. It would be worth it.

    If our scouts rated Claiborne as the best since Deion (and they are right) then that is worth years of first rounders. Can you honestly tell me you wouldn't give up Carpenter, Spencer, Jones, and Jenkins for a guy that good?
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    I have no clue.

    Yeah, it's been a long *** week.

    I've slept a total of about 30 hours since Sunday and have only seen about 1 hour total of the draft.

    Had some plans last night, left the house when Luck was taken and go a friends house just after the 5th pick when the announced the Dallas trade.
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    No, because Crawford isn't great against the run. Oh wait, but Brockers isn't great against the pass. :huh:
  13. ThreeandOut

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    Considering our issues in defending the pass, we have to count our blessings that this was not our draft.
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    Had we not made the trade, then almost surely our pick at #14 would have been either Mark Barron, or likely David DeCastro. The article out from St Louis said that had St Louis not made the trade, they would have drafted Brockers at #6.
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    Wow I would have not been happy about this draft whatsoever. Honestly I would have thought we wouldn't have won the division with this horrendous draft
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    No it wouldn't. Marino, Kelly, and an ocean of other players are in the Hall of Fame and "Barry Sanders" good. They don't have championships. The next Deion wouldn't guarantee us a championship, either.

    I'm glad we got Claiborne. But to even consider giving uop an entire draft to select him is beyond stupid. The ONLY position you even make that consideration for is a QB and you would have to KNOW that he was the next Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. There are no "knows" in the draft, my friend. There's a reason teams don't trade their entire draft for a player: because it's stupid.
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    Dallas has done a great job thus far IMO. I would have been livid if we passed on Decastro for Brockers and the second rounder would have disappointed me as well.
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    He said that of all the players the team had given a 3rd round grade on, Crawford was at the top of that list. Not that he was merely the top rated player left on their board at the start of the third round.

    That's good for two different reasons. 1) we got some value....2) that means all of our 1st and 2nd round projections were off the board. Which means our scouting was pretty solid for that to happen by 81.
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    actually that was a good trade ( iknow, i know i was very upset initially)

    however, since we are doing what if:

    trade down from 14 to 22 for extra second and

    1) David DeCastro
    2a) Peter Konz
    2b) Crawford
    3) Jayron Hosley

    suddenly does not look so bad

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