What's so frustrating is that we always seem to be on the cusp

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Woods, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Woods

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    of being able to break through the wall, but come up short.

    (I'm going to rant a bit, so please bear with me.)

    We fix our Secondary, and our Defense appears to be a quality defense this season. On the other hand, Romo's TD/Int ratio goes in reverse this year vs last year.

    We can't seem to do the little things right. For example, not getting our punts blocked. 2 years in a row that's happened. Or is it 3?

    But then you see sparks of magic. A tease. Like a huge running game vs the Ravens, the first game vs the Giants . . . .

    I realize that JJ will never sell his team. He may modify his "GM stance", learn more as he goes along, but he will never relinquish power. I get that.

    So, if that's the situation, along with Garrett as our HC, and Romo as our QB, what's our best option to break this rut?

    I think we need to realize that Romo needs a running game and he needs a better OL. Our WRs aren't GB's receivers. Our WRs confuse routes, etc. Unfortunately, at this stage they can't be trusted to play an entire game consistently. And I do appreciate Romo, but imo he's one notch below A Rodgers. And there's nothing wrong with that. We just need to realize that we can't win consistently, imo, if the burden is going to fall on Romo and our wideouts game after game. There have many, many "good" QBs who have won Divisional Championship games and Super Bowls.

    OK, Garrett did go out and get Livings, Bern, and Vickers to help the running game. He got Callahan too. But frankly said, we need at least 1 more quality OL, likely 2. We need a solid 2nd RB to fill in for Murray. And we need a better 3rd wide receiver.

    The key has to be the OL, however. I can't see how we can break this rut without taking the pressure off Romo.

    I realize the front office did try to improve the OL the past 2 seasons with drafting T Smith, the Callahan hire, etc. but they need to do more.

    IF our defense can continue to progress, and IF guys like Crawford, Claiborne, etc continue to grow, an improved OL can be the difference between 8-8 vs 11-5. But I can't see how this team takes the next step without further addressing the OL.
  2. tomsanders921

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    I feel you. Any given sunday this team could look like superbowl champs one half and struggle to beat teams like the browns the next half.

    This team is notorious for getting the fan's hopes up, only to crush them at the end of the game.
  3. Bleu Star

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    Lmao. Thanks for using my favorite word when referring to the Boys. "Cusp" fits them perfectly. They're on the cusp of yet another season of overwhelming mediocrity.
  4. dexternjack

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    Not going to derail this topic on other problems. I hear you, we have the talent to beat anyone but every game something goes terribly wrong which makes the game that much harder.

    If we can just win two phases of the game, we can right this ship. As it stands now, we are playing with only two phases and both have to win for the Cowboys to get a win. Special teams are horrid and I won't count on them to ever win their phase.

    This team follows Murphy's Law, what can go wrong will go wrong.
  5. Woods

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    I really tried to put yesterday's game behind me. But that loss was worse than the Raven's loss for me. Probably because it put us under .500 and gave the Giants the clear lead in the NFC East race.

    I just think if we could run the ball more effectively and form a pocket in passing downs it would cut down on turnovers, give Romo some confidence/support, show that we are a physical team, help the play in December, etc.

    It's so obvious to many on this Board. And I think it's obvious to Garrett. The process is just taking so long, and by the time it's complete, we may need to start replacing guys like Ware, etc. and go back to square 1.
  6. Yakuza Rich

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    I don't see this team on the cusp.

    I think Jimmy said it best after the game (and he's said this repeatedly)...the NFL isn't about making a lot of great plays. It's about avoiding bad plays.

    We've never really grasped that and we show flashes because we make plays, but we continue to make too many bad plays. So we think we are on the cusp, but if you focused on the high amount of bad plays you would understand that we are well short of that.

    We still run with the same personnel philosophies. McCray's INT was the first INT in 78 games from a safety not named Gerald Sensabaugh. And Sensy essentially caused the INT...and it was more of a fumble than a pick. Yet every year we try to 'get by' with the safety position.

    We had years where we were determined to go cheap with the placekicker and stubbornly stuck with Buehler. Now we have a kicker, but it took us years to figure it out and cost us big games.

    We are a long way from being on the cusp.

  7. Sarge

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    I don't think many people understand just how bad our OL is. We have the defense to go all the way. Romo isn't my favorite player in the world, but you can't take a slingshot to a gun fight.
  8. 17yearsandcounting

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    This team is constantly on the cusp of the wheels falling off and unprecedented, unmitigated disaster happening. We are on the cusp, just not the one you think we are on.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    I agree, YR! If htis team was on the cusp then why is it always playing from behind? And when it works hard to get bck into the game and catches up, then why does it take the other team just a few minutes later to take back the fricken lead? When the identity you become known for among other teams is "Let Dallas have a long drive because they're sure to make a costly mistake" you're not on the cusp - mowhere near it.
  10. Trajan

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    Maybe someday Garrett, Jerry, & Team will understand this.
  11. Mr_Bill

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    I'm throwing the flag on this one. I read numerous posts authored by you which argued that they should be patient with Buehler, because he had such a strong leg, and, according to you, strong-legged kickers often get more accurate as they gain experience. I read zero posts before he was cut in which you advocated his release.

    It is not cool to criticize people for following your advice.
  12. risco

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    Remind me of the 80s. We were so close yet so far. We are trending the 80s now.
  13. Yakuza Rich

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    Sure, I wanted to keep him. But that was back when the kickoffs were moved back to the 30 yard line. My belief was that he was at least a weapon on kickoffs and to try him out on field goals. If he wasn't making field goals (the guy was missing PATs for crying out loud), get a veteran kicker to do the field goals until he got better in practice.

    Instead, he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and we kept having him do field goals and destroyed his confidence.

  14. jnday

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    I think you are giving Jerry and Garrett too much credit for trying to address the line. The free agent signings were not moves to improve the line. These free agents were nothing more than hole-fillers. Tyron is the only bright spot that came as a result of any of these moves. This team doesn't treat the line as a priority. It is as simple as that. There have been good linemen that were still on the boards during the last few drafts. Jerry decided to go another direction. They don't have to use a first round pick to get some of these guys, but a second or third rounder is worth it if you ask me. I am tired of free agent cast-offs. I want a good young line drafted that will be a strength for this team. I have read the post about the current lines improvement. They gave up four sacks and a season high eight QB hits against the Giants and the rushing yards was terrible. There is no excuse for this.
  15. Mr_Bill

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    A short history lesson:

    Buehler was drafted in 2009. He handled the kickoffs that year, but attempted zero field goals or extra points. Nick Folk (18 for 28, 64.3%) and Shaun Suisham (2 for 3, 66.7%) handled all of the placekicking. In 2010, Buehler took over both jobs (24 for 32. 75.0%). In 2011, Buehler was again relegated to just kickoff duty. Dan Bailey took over the placekicking duties (32 for 37, 86.5%). After that, Buehler was released on March 3, 2012.

    Sources: Pro-Football-Reference and Wikipedia.

    So, once again, the Cowboys did exactly as you suggested in your latest post. After only one season of placekicking duties they brought in Dan Bailey.

    However, I do not recall you ever suggesting prior to or during the 2010 season that they bench Buehler for any veteran. Perhaps you can refresh my memory on that.
  16. Mr_Bill

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    This is not relevant to our discussion, but Buehler only played in 4 games in 2011. He was placed on injured reserve on November 10 due to a torn abductor muscle. I cannot find where he was ever picked up by any other team.
  17. jayhouston12

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    What are we on the cusp of? We are an average team with alot of hype

    seriously.....Dallas is an average team and nothing more and we are in the process of rebuilding.......new secondary coach, new o-line coach, a revamped secondary and some new o-lineman

    this team is average just like last years team...average......
  18. LeonDixson

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    I agree with you about the mistakes/bad plays. They cost us dearly. It seems as if we don't have players who can maintain focus for 4 quarters.

    I'd like to make an observation about our kicker though. While I think Bailey is very, very good, I can't remember a single "walk-off" FG he has kicked. I can think of three specifically that he missed. I could be wrong, but I don't remember him kicking a game winner in the final minute or so.

    That being said, I'm not blaming the kicker. We have a defense that doesn't produce turnovers, and an entire team that makes too many mistakes and bad plays.

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