Whats Up With All The Injuries?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sonnyboy, Nov 22, 2006.

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    I shouldn't haven't started this thread without a list to back up the claim. Maybe someone can do that. With that said, I can't remember a year with so many season ending injuries. These last three weeks have been especially brutal.
    Relatively speaking, we have really dodged the bullet so far. Ellis and Thompson going down doesn't help but it could be a lot worse.
    In fact I'd be hard pressed to come up with to many other starting players I'd rather lose before Ellis.
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    This happens every year, and every year we think it's the worst ever.

    It's just the NFL. This year is no different. Most of the terrible injuries just occurred, or occurred back in camp. It's just fresh in mind, that's all.
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    I really think thompson going down effected our game quite a bit this year. You could almost count on starting on the 30-40 yard line when he was back there returning for us. But at the same time it has given some of the other guys a chance to show what they got. Thus far no one has come close to thompsons return numbers. Shame he doesn't seem to be able to break one for a TD.
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    When I saw the headline in SI: Ferguson out for the season.
    Turned out it was another Ferguson, not ours.
  5. dogunwo

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    We have really been fortunate so far this season. Knock on wood.
  6. ravidubey

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    Ellis' injury was pretty bad.

    But we stress conditioning, have drafted well, and focus on depth.

    - We lost Ellis, but have Singleton, Carpenter, and Hatcher as quality depth.

    - We benched Bledsoe in favor of Romo, but should Romo falter or get hurt we still have Bledsoe who is capable over a short period.

    - We lost Flozell last year and have prepared ourselves for the worst by signing Fabini and developing Columbo.

    - Terence Newman missed some plays, no problem as Glenn and Reeves are ready.

    - Terry Glenn is banged up and missed a game, Sam Hurd and Patrick Crayton stepped up big time.

    - Tyson Thomspon led the conference in kickoffs and is out for the year, but Miles Austin has filled in nicely.

    - Julius Jones is tired, but Marion Barber has stepped up his carries and we have kept moving forward.

    - Philly demands too much of their QB and has no meaningful insurance despite McNabb not finishing two of the last five seasons (now three). Meanwhile we've got Romo and Bledsoe; too bad for them.

    - Seattle lost Hasselbeck and Alexander and Wallace has helped but there's no answer for losing Alexander. Too bad for them.

    - New York drafted for depth, and has replaced Michael Strahan with capable backups in Tuck and Kiwi. But they weren't prepared to replace Luke Petitgut like we were for Flozell. Too bad for them

    Injuries are part of the game, and conditioning and depth are the only defense against them. Kudos to the Cowboys personnel, training staff, and coaches.

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