What's your all-time Cowboy team?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by bbgun, Jul 11, 2005.

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    Here's my first attempt:

    QB - Staubach (sorry, Troy)
    RB - E. Smith
    FB - Moose
    WR - Irvin
    WR - D. Pearson
    WR - Kelvin Martin
    TE - Novacek

    T - Wright
    G - Allen
    C - Stepnoski (over Rafferty)
    G - Herb Scott (over Nate)
    T - Erik Williams (over Tui)

    DE - Harvey Martin
    DT - Randy White
    DT - Bob Lilly
    DE - Charles Haley

    LB - Lee Roy Jordan
    LB - Ken Norton
    LB - Chuck Howley

    CB - Deion (sorry, Everson)
    CB - Renfro
    FS - Roy (over Waters)
    SS - Woodson

    K - Septien
    P - Danny White (over Jett)
    KR/PR - Kmart

    THUMPER Papa

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    Here is MY 53-man All-Time Cowboys roster:

    QB: Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman
    RB: Emmitt Smith, Tony Dorsett, Herschel Walker, Don Perkins
    FB: Walt Garrison, Moose Johnston
    TE: Jay Novacek, Billy Joe DuPree, Jason Witten
    WR: Bob Hayes, Michael Irvin, Drew Pearson, Tony Hill, Butch Johnson
    C: Mark Stepnoski, Tom Rafferty
    OG: Larry Allen, Nate Newton, John Niland, Herb Scott
    OT: Rayfield Wright, Erik Williams, Pat Donovan, Ralph Neely

    CB: Mel Renfro, Everson Walls, Michael Downs, Kevin Smith, Dennis Thurman
    S: Charlie Waters, Cliff Harris, Cornell Green, Darren Woodson, Roy Williams
    MLB: Lee Roy Jordan, Bob Breunig
    OLB:Chuck Howley, Dave Edwards, Jerry Tubbs, D.D. Lewis
    DE: George Andrie, Ed Jones, Harvey Martin, Charles Haley
    DT: Bob Lilly, Randy White, Jethro Pugh, LaRoi Glover, Larry Cole

    K: Rafael Septien
    P/QB: Danny White

    I'm sure others will have a different slant on this and will not agree with some of my selections but I've seen them all play and I picked guys that would fit MY style of offense & defense, not necessarily what Jimmy or someone else ran/runs. I have updated it to include some of the more recent players like Roy, Witten, & Glover.
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    I was bringing this article to the board and when I saw this post I thought what a perfect place for it. All these guys started with was a desire to play for the Cowboys. They weren't big school big name draft picks. But they got a chance to play and made the most of it. It is players like this thta can truely make a contender a champion.

    Stars of surprise

    July 11, 2005

    They are often considered the roster long shots -- the undrafted free agents.

    They are overlooked on NFL Draft weekend, but given a shot during training camp to make the most of a slight chance.

    The Cowboys have a rich history of developing undrafted free agents into memorable stars. Legendary coach Tom Landry had a keen eye for converting these players into prominent parts of America's Team. With some players, he uncovered talent by having them switch positions or sports.

    Free agent wide receiver Drew Pearson, a former quarterback, produced the one of the most famous catches in NFL history with the Hail Mary grab against the Minnesota Vikings in 1975. All-Pro safety Cliff Harris went from tiny Ouachita (Ark.) Baptist to the Ring of Honor. And cornerback Everson Walls became the team's No. 2 all-time interceptions leader.

    It's been a while since a Cowboys free agent has had such an impact. The Cowboys report to training camp on July 28. Three players with Texas roots -- running back Tyson Thompson of Irving, wide receiver Reggie Harrell of Arlington and wide receiver Jamaica Rector of Celeste -- will be among the 13 or more undrafted free agents trying to earn a roster spot.

    Here's a look at the top five undrafted free agents in Cowboys history:

    Drew Pearson

    Cowboys career: 1973-83

    Position: Wide receiver

    Claim to fame: Hail Mary catch against the Vikings in the 1975 playoffs.

    Starring role: Former University of Tulsa QB made a quick transition to wide receiver, building legacy as Mr. Clutch. He is second in franchise history in receptions, played in 22 playoff games with 67 catches for 1,105 yards and eight TDs. Named to 1970s All-Decade team, three Pro Bowls and was a three-time All-Pro selection. He finished with 489 catches for 7,822 yards and 48 TDs.

    Cliff Harris

    Cowboys career: 1970-79

    Position: Free safety

    Claim to fame: Punishing hitter nicknamed Captain Crash.

    Starring role: Harris, only undrafted free agent in the Ring of Honor, was arguably the Cowboys' greatest find on defense, coming out of Ouachita (Ark.) Baptist. He was a six-time Pro Bowler who played on five Super Bowl teams. He was an intimidating presence, teaming with strong safety Charlie Waters. Harris finished with 29 interceptions and was a member of the 1970s All-Decade team and a 2004 finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Cornell Green

    Cowboys career: 1962-74

    Position: Cornerback, safety

    Claim to fame: Hoops star turned All-Pro cornerback.

    Starring role: Green, a 6-foot-4 Utah State forward, was a special find. The two-time All-American was selected in the fifth round of the NBA Draft by Chicago in 1962. But the Cowboys lured him to football, and he became the club's first All-Pro cornerback in 1966 and was a five-time Pro Bowl pick at corner and safety. He was the best of several former basketball players to sign with Dallas. Green's 34 career interceptions rank fifth in club history.

    Everson Walls

    Cowboys career: 1981-89

    Position: Cornerback

    Claim to fame: Club-record 11 interceptions during rookie season in 1981.

    Starring role: Walls made an immediate impact in Dallas. He had 11 interceptions as a rookie and finished with 44 in his career, second in Cowboys history to Hall of Famer Mel Renfro. Walls, a four-time Pro Bowler (including his rookie season) and three-time All-Pro, was the 1982 NFL Defensive Back of the Year. The Grambling and Richardson Berkner product led the Cowboys in interceptions a record five seasons.

    Bill Bates

    Cowboys career: 1983-97

    Position: Safety, special teams.

    Claim to fame: Special teams menace.

    Starring role: Bates was a fan favorite and the heart of the Cowboys special teams and member of three Super Bowl teams. He drew attention to his specialty and became the first to earn a spot in the Pro Bowl for special teams in 1984. He was named back-to-back Special Teams Player of the Year in 1983-84. Played in 217 games (second most in team history) and had more than 700 tackles and 14 interceptions.

    The next five

    LB Dave Edwards 1963-75 Regular starter for 11 years.
    S Michael Downs 1981-88 Rice product tied for fifth with 34 career interceptions.
    T Mark Tuinei 1983-97 Converted DL helped form dominating 1990s line
    K Toni Fritsch 1971-73; 1975 Ex-Austrian soccer star was 12-of-14 FGs in 7 playoff games
    RB Dan Reeves 1965-72 Former QB; 757 yds. rushing, 557 receiving and 16 TDs in '66

    Think these guys could find a spot in your favorite Dallas team? (%

    THUMPER Papa

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    A lot of them did. I just moved Bates off to make room for Roy Williams.
  5. lane

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    1977 dallas cowboys heads
    1992 dallas cowboys tails

    flip a coin.... it's heads! :)
  6. joseephuss

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    What kind of system are you running? You have two safeties(Downs and Thurman) at corner back.
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    QB: Roger Staubach
    TB: Emmitt Smith
    FB: Moose Johnston
    TE: Jay Novaceck
    OT: Erik Williams
    OG: Larry Allen
    C: Mark Stepnoski
    OG: Nate Newton
    OT: Rayfield Wright
    WR: Michael Irvin
    WR: Bob Hayes

    DE: Ed Jones
    DT: Randy White
    DT: Bob Lilly
    DE: Harvey Martin
    OLB: Chuck Howley
    MLB: Lee Roy Jordan
    OLB: Ken Norton
    CB: Mel Renfro
    CB: Deion Sanders
    S: Cliff Harris
    S: Darrin Woodson

    THUMPER Papa

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    Both have played CB and Safety as did Mel Renfro, Cornell Green, and Charlie Waters. I like bigger DBs who are versatile and are good tacklers. You probably noticed Deion didn't make my team for that very reason (and the fact that he wasn't a TEAM player).

    I also like the more versatile FBs like Garrison & Perkins rather than guys who excelled at only one aspect like Moose. I still have Moose on the team but he would be a situational player rather than a starter for me.
  9. Chuck 54

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    I don't recall Renfro ever playing safety, not even at the end of his career, but the other guys all did.
  10. QT

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    Based on the players that I've seen played:

    QB: Aikman
    RB: E Smith
    FB: D. Johnston
    TE: Novacek
    OT: Tuinea
    OT: E. Williams
    OG: L. Allen
    OG: N. Newton
    C: Stepnoski
    WR: Irvin
    WR: Keyshawn
    FL: T Glenn

    DE: Ed Jones
    DE: Charles Haley
    DT: Laroi Glover
    DT: Leon Lett
    OLB: Ken Norton
    MLB: Eugene Lockhart
    OLB: Darrin Smith
    CB: Deion
    CB: Terrance Newman
    FS: Brock Marion
    SS: Darren Woodson

    P- Saxon K-Septian

    What a team...

    THUMPER Papa

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    Renfro played Safety as a rookie.
  12. Juke99

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    and some running back later on.
  13. blindzebra

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    Why does Hollywood Henderson get no love...I'm not talking about our HH...?

    Henderson was an incredible player, and had he not had the drug issue would have been in that LT, Butkus, Singletary class.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Maybe because... well for the things you mentioned.

    Henderson could have been LT before there was an LT. He had incredible speed (how many LBs return kicks?), and an intensity that was unmatched at the time. IMO he was as good an OLB as Jack Lambert but he couldn't stay away from the drugs and it proved to be his undoing.
  15. Payton34Smith22

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    C- M.Stepnoski


    OLB-K.Norton Jr


    K-C. Boniol
    P-J. Jett
  16. Jon88

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    QB Ryan Leaf
    RB Troy Hambrick
    FB Robert Thomas
    WR Billy Davis
    WR Anthony Miller
    TE Erick Bjornson
    T Torrin Tucker
    G George Hegamin
    C Clay Shiver
    G Matt Lehr
    T Solomon Page

    DE Shante Carver
    DT Chad Eatman
    DT Hurvin McCormack
    DE Marcellus Wiley
    LB Al Singleton
    LB Marcus Steele
    LB Orantes Grant
    CB Tyrone Williams
    CB Charlie Williams
    S Tony Dixon
    S Lynn Scott

    Who wants a piece of that lineup? I didn't think so.
  17. Manster68

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    This is my attempt:
    QB - Aikman (sorry, Roger, but had Troy QB'd in the 70's, the Cowboys would have won more than just two Super Bowls. Troy's accuracy, throwing to Drew & Preston Pearson, Hill, Johnson, Richards, DuPree, Newhouse, Dorsett, Laidlaw, and Dennison would have notorized Dallas' offense to the same plateau with Fout's Chargers. Couple that with the Doomsday Defense and historians would not be endorsing the Steelers as the greatest of all time. Roger would not have made the 90's Cowboys better.)
    RB - E. Smith (you know, this is actually a pretty tough choice)
    FB - Moose
    WR - Irvin
    WR - D. Pearson
    WR - Bob Hayes
    TE - Novacek

    T - Wright
    G - Allen (best offensive lineman I've ever seen)
    C - Stepnoski (tough choice - Rafferty is pretty awesome too)
    G - John Niland (maybe the best Guard in Pro Football from 66 to 73)
    T - Erik Williams (before the accident - best OT I've ever seen)

    DE - Harvey Martin (best pure pass rusher in Cowboys history)
    DT - Randy White
    DT - Bob Lilly
    DE - Ed "Too Tall" Jones (Charles Haley wasn't as versitle or reliable. Too Tall played the run so well and blocked off 1/3 of the playing field against the pass)

    LB - Lee Roy Jordan
    LB - Ken Norton
    LB - Chuck Howley (I so badly want to insert Hollywood Henderson here, but he literally blew his chances)

    CB - Deion (best cover corner in NFL history)
    CB - Renfro
    FS - Charlie Waters
    SS - Woodson (once Roy Williams gets a chance to play his natural SS position, he could surpass both Harris and Woodson in no time)

    K - Septien
    P - Danny White
    KR - Kevin Williams or Alexander Wright
    PR - Kelvin Martin
    Cover - Bill Bates
    Deep Snapper - Dale Hellestrae (maybe the best of all time)
  18. Ratmatt

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    Renfro played safety first,then moved to cornerback.He did it the opposite of most people.
  19. kmp77

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    If that team were to play this upcoming season, they'd go 0-17.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I did some checking and Renfro mostly played FS for the first 6 years of his career, 64-69 and didn't move over to CB permanently until 1970. He also played RB a little bit in 1966. He and Bob Hayes split the return duties for several years and both were excellent at it although Renfro was better at returning kickoffs while Hayes was the better punt returner.

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