When does Canty start?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nors, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Nors

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    Spears has broke into Starting Role.....

    Canty is our future bookend 3-4 DE stud. I'm thinking by December Canty is our starter.
  2. Mansta54

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    Good question but does it really matter at this point and time? Our Dline rotates so much that starting isn't really a big deal...
  3. AbeBeta

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    Umm, have you seen how Ellis is playing?

    Oh, this is a Nors post. So you clearly haven't been watching the games.
  4. Nors

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    Yes - I want to rest Ellis for pass rushing late in season....At his age and size its to his benefit to see less reps overall but more reps on passing downs.

    He's playing great. I've seen every game. Canty is coming on and much stouter in run game and will work better with Ware taking on Tackles and overall pass rush capability.

    Its a matter of time - Book it Danno
  5. Future

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  6. dwmyers

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    I think Canty ought to replace Scot Shanle, since Shanle, by comparison, is an undersized pipsqueak and hardly suitable to play linebacker in a Real Man's 3-4.

    How about free safety! He's a LOT BIGGER than Willie Pile! ;)
  7. Future

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    LMAO haha, that would be funny to see him at safety

    THUMPER Papa

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    Not til next year at the earliest. He is still very raw and needs a lot more seasoning before he is ready to start. Once he gets there though he should be a very good player for us.
  9. Avery

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    Any idea on how many snaps he gets a game? I see Canty out there a lot.

    Canty will eventually start but unless Ellis regresses greatly at this point, I don't think that time is now.
  10. MichaelWinicki

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    Hey Nors when is Canty starting at TE?
  11. TheHustler

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    Next year at best. Maybe 2 years down the line. Don't forget who leads the team in sacks.
  12. Hollywood Henderson

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    Its a good question.
    Canty is guy who had played 3-4 before, so I think he is progressing to the level that he soon will be (Starting)
    He has the power, size and so far good movement.

    I think we see a starting Dline of Spears Fergy & Canty...Sooner rather then later...
    It does matter who starts because we need a powerful "start" and then add in Ellis & Glover on passing downs mostly so they can be effective at what they do best as well...

    Parcells has shown these guys they can actually be more effective by reducing their snaps. (Same with Dat)

    I think we turn loose Burnett soon on D as well...We need to use him & Ware as Weapons, along with Roy doing stunts, keeping offenses off balance & creating BIG scoring plays for the D!

    Henry's health is perhaps the biggest issue facing this team now!
  13. blindzebra

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    Well if you know anything about Parcells Canty is ALREADY STARTING in Parcells' eyes.

    Starting is NOT the 11 guys on the field first, it's the 15 or so guys that rotate in and contribute.

    How long before we get the when will Ferguson start?:rolleyes:
  14. jlust22

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    Well someone is going to have to take Ratliff's DT spot on the nickel defense now that he is injured. They have three guys to choose from in Canty, Spears and Ferguson. Canty was playing that spot earlier in the season when Spears was hurt and Ratliff was still inactive. If I had to venture a guess, I would think they would play Canty there since he probably has the best pass rushing skills of the three. Being a starter in the nickel will certainly increase the amount of snaps Canty is playing, which based on his production, is probably a good thing.
  15. dallasblue05

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    U beat me to it. I think we have one of the best all around D-Lines in football. Any guy we put in there does a solid job of both stuffing the run and getting to the QB!! I dont care who the "Starter" is as long as they all get the joob done....kind of like how Barber wasnt the "starter" for the last game but he got most of the carries! Thats the beauty of running the 3-4 defense when you have a lot of good d-linemen.....you can rotate w/o having to worry about a drop-off in performance!
  16. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Whast the rush?

    We have him for 12 years (hopefully) , hes fine in the rotation and Ellis is certainly not done.
  17. Charles

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    Wow :hammer:
  18. Nors

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    February 5th



    Thats our front 7 - our evolution is happening in front of your eyes. The 3-4 caterpillar now has wings......
  19. dallasblue05

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    Nors I love the enthusiasm but I hardly think we are SB material right now.....we need to mature more and build a little more team chemistry before we are that caliber of a team, I think we are close but consistency is the key!! I love the butterfly analogy though, it shows you really do have a sensitive side!! its sweet, lol.....
  20. Nors

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    Dline has been rotating mostly series - and packages.

    Next evolution is to up Spears, Canty, Fergi first and second and bring Glover and Ellis in on passing situations - save them so they don't wear out.

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