When is .500 ball not so bad?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Chuck 54

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    ....when you're the Redskins....when Norv Turner is your only winning coach since 1999....when you're 104-136 through 7 different regimes.

    Snyder Carousel
    Coaching records under Dan Snyder since he purchased the team in 1999.

    Norv Turner199917-12
    Terry Robiskie*20001-2
    M. Schottenheimer20018-8
    Steve Spurrier200212-20
    Joe Gibbs200430-34
    Jim Zorn200812-20
    Mike Shanahan201024-40

    And no...for those who always have a negative one-track-mind agenda, I'm not actually cheering Jerry Jones or Jason Garrett.
  2. RXP

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    Frankly, we don't have much to crow about. It's not like we're having 12 win seasons every year.

    I hate the Redskins. But our recent history isn't much better than theirs.
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  3. 5Stars

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    I wanted to say this, but I also wanted to be nice. The Cowboys have no room to talk.
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  4. BoysFan4ever

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    The Cowboys have nothing to brag about record wise. They're stuck on average.
  5. AmishCowboy

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    When your a Cleveland Browns fan?
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  6. GimmeTheBall!

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    It must be said that Little Danny Snyder has hired the brother of John Gruden as his newest coach.
    He can't even get the correct Gruden for his HC.
    If Jerra is a joke, Snyder must be ultimate joke.

    Next on Redskins' agenda: A name change from Redskins to Warriors. Sell your merchandise at half price, Danny, cause the NFL is coming after you for that offensive name.
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  7. Bullflop

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    Being the fans of a once proud and highly dominant team (in our distantly storied past) .500 records are hardly anything to set our spoiled minds, souls and hearts a-twitter. To be sure, things can always be a little bit better or a little bit worse. As things now stand, it really appears we're stuck in in a stagnant state of perpetual mediocrity!
    Nevertheless, I've gotta admit, however, not being a Redskins fan is one helluva blessing in itself. Praise God!
  8. physeter

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    I agree. The management of the Redskins franchise has attained a disproportionate recklessness that is difficult not to notice.
  9. bark

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    Watched Marty's "a football life" on the nfl network a couple of weeks ago.
    Snyder promised him full control and at the end of the first yr tried to take back or hire a gm. Marty walked out.
    Thank you Danny boy....
    I think Marty had them headed in the right direction
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  10. TwoDeep3

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    I yet to understand how a group of fans can abandoned the mindset that the team should succeed and make the play-offs and go deep into them. The list of other teams and their failures seem to bolster the emotions of some to accept mediocrity.

    This franchise was not built on accepting defeat. Landry despised losing.

    But it sure seems some rejoice in just watching a game with the star on a helmet and all expectations of success are left at the door.

    I feel terrible for you people who seem to think this is all there is. But a part of me thinks you deserve this since you have given up, or never known the utter joy of watching the last seconds tick down on a Super Bowl where Dallas is firmly ahead.

    Thank you, Jerry, for teaching an entire generation that Dallas Cowboy football is about being average. What was once a storied and beloved franchise is now just the butt of jokes.
  11. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    I'm sorry you feel like this...

    Things do get better, so hang in there.
  12. TwoDeep3

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    I suppose I could start threads where I narrow the scope to the point that the only comments are positive about a franchise that doesn't scare anyone any longer.

    Not even Cub Scouts from an ice cream truck.

    I prefer reality over dreaming of things that will not happen.
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  13. GimmeTheBall!

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    If Jerra is smart, he will start praying a novena each night, thanking the great football commissioner in the sky for borning Danny Snyder, one of the few owners that make Jerra feel . . . wise.
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  14. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    What won't happen?

    If something has not taken place yet, there is no "not happen". (are you tricking me?)
  15. Idgit

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    500 seasons are never good enough, but at the same time, they're not ever so bad. I'd be much, much more disgruntled if I were a Redskins fan than I am right now as a fan of the Cowboys.
  16. NJ22

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    The difference is at least Danny boy is trying to get a football guy in the mix nowadays, Jerry doesn't even try and says he never will. Give me Snyder any day.
  17. 5Stars

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    Ok...you are scaring the hell out of me! (don't tell anyone about the novena)! What is wrong with you?! Please...don't scare the kids.

    This is between Jerra and Snyder. Leave the novena out of this! Please....!
  18. Risen Star

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    It's about defending the status quo of the team. Painting the best picture possible.
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  19. EPL0c0

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    Since 1999... Washington is 9-21 vs Dallas, but does have 2 playoff wins to Dallas' 1 playoff win. Yeah, it could be worse...but just barely.
  20. boyzjunkie

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    Threads that take solace in finding a franchise that is more poorly run than ours...are just plain depressing.
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