When the team has needed Quincy the most

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by supertitan17, May 5, 2004.

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    So, that must mean that Carter had some of his BEST games on days where T-Ham ran poorly, right?

    Let's just get the running game fixed. It's rare to win the Superbowl without a running game (Yes, you will find examples of where a team had a poor running game, but I am speaking "in general").

    Then let's see how well/poor he plays....after all, what are you going to do? Throw a guy into the starting lineup who hasn't played a game in over 3 years? Like I said, if he were coming straight out of college, I could see it, but the fact of the matter is that he DIDN'T come straight out of college. We saw what happened the last time we did that.
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    This is not about Quincy, this is about being stupid in your blindly loyal love for Quincy. I pull for Carter to do well every game, you see I'm able to seperate the team from the player, the apologists can not.

    When someone compares Carter to Favre and McNabb and goes as far as saying Quincy had a better year than Favre, how about instead of attacking us you tell the morons that put out all this drivel to shut up because you are making all Carter fans look bad.
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    Why was the New Orleans game so important? The Cowboys clinched a playoff spot and the Eagles had already clinched the division the day before. Dallas did not have a chance to wrap up the division against Miami or Philly when they played them. I also believe that the Miami game was lost by the defense (specifically Mario Edwards).
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    We finished 2 games behind the Eagles, we split with them and we were both 5-1 against the East, so if we win both of those games, or just the Eagles game we WIN the NFC East.

    Yes the D played bad against Miami, but I guess Q's fumble that went for a TD, 1 INT that set up a FG, and 2 INTs deep in Miami territory had NOTHING to do with the loss.
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    The point made was we would have wrapped up the division if we beat the Dolphins or Eagles. At that time, the Cowboys wouldn't have wrapped up the division title. The Eagles also might not have lost the the Funny-Niners if they knew a possible division title was in jeopardy with a loss.

    Q could have had a great game against Miami and the Cowboys still would have lost. Mario Edwards was torched repeatedly by Miami's receivers.
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    What part did you not grasp? We finished 2 games back, but were tied in the division, if we beat Philly we both finish 11-5, BUT WE ARE 6-0 in the East...result
    WE WIN THE DIVISION. If we beat both Miami and Philly WE WIN THE DIVISION, so yes we could have clinched the division by winning those games.

    We lost 40-21, Quincy gave them a TD, adjusted score 33-21. One INT set up a FG, adjusted score 30-21. INT at the miami 3 took off a TD, adjusted score 30-28.
    INT inside Miami 35 took off a FG, adjusted score Dallas 31, Miami 30.

    Yeah it was all the defense's fault.
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    I think everyone on the team has to take blame when a game is lost. They win as a team, lose as a team.

    I am just suprised that this forum has so many Q-man backers. Maybe I reading something wrong. Not sure if sarcasm is in play, or seriousness..

    Any how, first post here. What better way to come in than a Q-man thread.
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    power schmower. a power running game starts up front. if parcells can cure the o-line ills the way he cured "a culture" he could throw "twinkle toes" hambrick out there and he'd succeed. it's the old saw - a quarterback's best friend is a good running game.
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    that goes a long way toward explaining why pete is currently working as assistant
    manager at the rainbow carwash in tucumcari new mexico.
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    i'd much rather be labled a QC apologist, sniffer, whatever - than to succumb, for a nanosecond, to the grossly premature projections of the "pools of fools" ready to annoint drew henson. it's been almost 3 years of constant calls for harrington, the kid bombing with san diego(i can't recall his name), hutchinson, henson, etc. i apologize for the many i left off the list - the sheer numbers are overwhelming. it amazes me how much of the cowboy's troubles are directly attributed to carter. and how little credit he gets for any of their success. certainly there are better quarterbacks out there. unfortunately, their teams want to keep them. parcell's
    isn't asking QC to be a superstar - just a game manager. carter just needs to minimize the panicky decision making and he will fill the bill. i saw marked improvement in his game last season. i hope he can show more this season - his fourth. any improvement on the o-line and running game will only further facilitate his progress. soooo - since he is the most experienced and capable QB currently on the dallas roster.... to pull for the cowboys i must pull for him. to a man - GO COWBOYS! i'm a cowboys fan, so... of course i'm a QC fan.
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    you have got to be a CPA. answer this one. was there ever a time during last season that you felt dallas had the kind of offensive balance that could make up for the defense allowing 30 points? do you think any head coach or D coordinator in the league would consider giving up 30 a successful defensive outing? it was a team loss. all players deal with them. all fans deal with them, er... 'cept the ones with the QC voodoo dolls. so stick another pin in his liver if it soothes your symptoms. chant "it's carter's fault... it's carter's fault ..." and see if that keeps your cornerback from getting beat senseless. or you linebacker from being caught out of position. the team made fiedler look like montana. the team takes the loss.
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    I don't think I will ever get this.

    Doubt about a player's ability = hate

    Wishing for a better option = hate

    Out of curiosity what will it be if we actually make a QB change? I grew up speaking my mind. I respect people who can speak theirs. We don't have to agree with each other, but I don't see any need for the labels that get thrown out. No good ever came from a label applied in haste.

    Just my opinion.
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    And I doubt I will ever get this.

    Hoping a guy will improve = APOLOGIST

    Thinking a guy can be good if he gets his head together = JOCK SNIFFER

    Recognizing a QB needs time to develop and not be awesome in his 2nd or 3rd season = MAKING LAME EXCUSES
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    I doubt I will ever get why people that get so irritated about the subject....keep diving right into the same subject.

    I used to love to swim....stayed in the swimming pool all summer.
    A few years ago me and the wife wanted a pool for the home...went through all of the trouble of getting it set up, taking care of the chemicals, keeping it clean, enjoying the pool for a year.

    Then My ears got too bad and will not drain right, even have troubles from showers, so instead of still complaining about getting water in my ears (no ear plugs do not work...learned the hard way after shelling out some bucks for custom made ones at the Ear Doctors office) I decided...hey do not go back into the swimming pool and if you do...do NOT go underwater or around anyone splashing the water around.

    So I just do not get people that get irritated about something, and let it really get to them, yet can not manage just to stay away from it in the first place.
    That is not being mean toward you....just does not make much sense to me.
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    Perhaps you should READ what I said next time you post a reply. I said the defense played bad, but Carter did too, and to say that the game was just the defense's fault is stupid and that was what I was saying. The defense carried the team so they deserve some slack for a bad performance.

    I don't hate Carter, what I can't stand are the mindless posters that will go to any length to protect, make excuses for, or simply over react to any criticism of Quincy Carter.

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