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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CliffnMesquite, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. CliffnMesquite

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    Traffic ticket?
    A couple of weeks ago I was driving home from work and "rolled through" a stop sign at Ross and live oak. Sure enough a Cop was waiting in the beer store parking lot. He got me! This was at 6:15 Am on a cold and rainy morning and as the officer appeared at my window, he asked me how I was doing. I said at least I'm dry.

    He wrote me the citation and I was on my way. I freely admit that I didn't quite "stop' at the sign and paid the fine, as I was guilty. :)

    What have you done to raise the ire of traffic enforcement?
  2. vta

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    Last month. In an odd moment, a highway I drive every morning was completely clear and I took advantage, steaming along trying to gain some time on my long commute. Coming down a hill I saw the SOB sitting in a parking lot of some small mall, clocking the only fool flying down that hill. 79 in 55.

    They have things called 'Safe Corridors' here in Jersey where they double fines for infractions and I happened to be in one. I had to go to court and cop a plea for a lesser charge and a good chunk of change. Over 300.00 all told, considering the fine and also what NJ has in Motor Vehicle surcharges.

    Despite that I've been pretty lucky, though. Since I've gotten this car in May of '09 I've been pulled over a number of times and let off with either a warning or something less damaging than a speeding ticket, to avoid points. I guess it was just my time.
  3. CATCH17

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    I got one a year and a half ago in a school zone.

    The cop clocked me at 45 when I was about 50 yards before the 35 school zone.

    I told him and he disagreed even though he was wrong.
  4. Sam I Am

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    Last ticket I got. Hmm, I'm guessing around 10 years ago. Maybe less, but not by much.
  5. big dog cowboy

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    It's been over 20 years for me. Considering I averaged at least one a year from high school on that is a nice change.
  6. Sam I Am

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    Umm, that didn't make any sense! :laugh2: It's been 20 years since, yet you average one ticket a year since high school? How did you squeeze 20 years in to what? The last six months?!?!?
  7. VietCowboy

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    never. only been driving 8 years though
  8. heavyg

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    Ive had one ticket (7 yrs ago) before we moved from Calif to Ok. We were coming home from the races and a Deputy Sheriff was coming the oposite direction. He flashed his bright lights as if I had mine on. I did not and flashed him back. He spun around and pulled me over and ticketed me for having my brights on. Unfortunately we moved to Ok the next week so had to try to take care of this through mail (I was not going to pay the ticket without a fight). Long story short in the end after the judge read my letter and the letters of those in the car with us he through the ticket out :)
  9. Hostile

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    Thanksgiving and I still do not think I deserved it. I was traveling on a 2 lane highway and was passing a couple of slower cars. In the distance I saw headlights so I sped up enough to safely clear and then I slowed down. The car in the distance was a Highway Patrolman and he gave me a ticket for being above the speed limit for about 10 seconds total time it took to pass the last car.

    Prior to that I had not had a ticket in 7 years. Really hacked me off.
  10. Joe Rod

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    A year ago in May. Driving down to Sugar Loaf Key on Route 1 (mostly one lane from Key Largo down to Key West). My wife gets nervous being behind semis and she asked me to get past one when we opened up to two lanes just prior to Deer Key. Speed trap was just over the hill. On a twelve hour trip, it was about fifteen minutes from our destination.

    Found out when we got there that my brother had told my wife about the speed trap before we hit the keys, but she forgot to pass that little tidbit on to me.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    Was getting a parking ticket about 10-15 years ago. Came out and told the guy can I just pay it now instead of getting something in the mail. So I paid a few dollars and never got anything in the mail. Chances are the guy did not submit it and just kept the money for himself.

    Other than that...nothing.
  12. Bigdog

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    About 5 years ago. I was going with traffic speed on a country road and then got off on another road. It was a cop coming the other way. When he turned around, I looked at my speedometer and said to myself "oh sh....t." He said I was going 74 mph in a 55 mph zone. He gave me a ticket and my daughters a sticker. They were so excited and even told my wife that night that a nice cop gave daddy a sticker also.
  13. Vtwin

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    The last three times I have been pulled over have been for travelling in excess of 95 mph on my motorcycle. Rode off with a warning all three times. Twice I was racing the sun to get home on the last day after a 6 or 7 thousand mile ride. The other time I was just late for work.

    Last time I got a ticket was ten years ago for doing 40 in a 25 in my truck. Classic speed trap set up coming into town.
  14. Faerluna

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    About a year and a half ago we were coming back from meeting a friend and her son in North Carolina. I was zipping along at a pretty good clip and got pulled over for speeding. At least I had slowed down a little from what I was doing or it probably would have been much worse.

  15. bbgun

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    Never. Then again, I rarely drive.
  16. adamc91115

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    3 years ago when they had a makeshift weigh station setup on the side of an off-ramp. They were pulling over every kind of truck, from S-10's to Semi's. I got a ticket for being 700LBs over in my work truck.

    Been pulled over twice since then for speeding... 68 in a 50 and "over 50 in a 35". Got warnings both times.
  17. casmith07

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    One time I was driving 35mph in a 35mph zone and got pulled over.

    I "accelerated too fast" from a stop light. At 5:30AM. When I knew the cop was behind me. I got "let off with a warning" but I needed to "slow down." :rolleyes:

    Gotta love the south.
  18. vta

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    I have wondered if that would ever be a problem if 'caught': an officer citing me for going to fast to reach the speed limit. I guess some do.
  19. casmith07

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    Except I didn't do it.
  20. hairic

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    Last traffic stop was for 33 in a 30 about 10 years ago, about a mile from school at 7:58 am. Gave me a warning and said if he ever caught me speeding again he'd give me a ticket for even doing 1 over.

    Was that cop's first day. Probably did it to make me late.

    The next day doing 31-32 in that same spot, he flipped his lights on for a couple seconds. Probably did it to make me crap my pants.

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