When were you glad the team didn't get who you wanted to draft?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reverend Conehead, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. BigStar

    BigStar Stop chasing

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    I wanted Wentz and the picks needed. My scouting resume is collecting dust. :D
  2. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    I should have said "just" players who weren't available when we picked. Your assessment is correct.
  3. rpatricc

    rpatricc Well-Known Member

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    Off topic, but I'm still pissed we passed on Steven Jackson and drafted Julius Jones later
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  4. lqmac1

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    I was so disappointed when we took Z Martin. I literally sat there for a few minutes just staring at the TV thinking it was a wasted pick. Boy was I wrong.

    I wanted Manzeil
  5. lqmac1

    lqmac1 Well-Known Member

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    Yes! I forgot about that one. I was licking my chops because Jackson kept slipping and we needed a running back badly. Dude, I lost my **** when we passed up on him.
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  6. Titleist

    Titleist Well-Known Member

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    (???) Read the OP's question more carefully - this is about who you wanted to draft but the player turned out to be a bust.

    This is pretty easy for me. I was crazy about "Earthquake" Bill Enyart in the 1969 draft...he had several awe-inspiring games in college, including a 50 touch, 300 yard, 3 TD rushing game against Utah. Even today that is fantastic! I was so upset we skipped him and picked some Ivy Leaguer named Calvin Hill.

    Of course, Earthquake went on to only play 3 seasons in the NFL and Calvin helped win us our first Super Bowl, so I was clearly wrong on that one!
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  7. Air Force One

    Air Force One Well-Known Member

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    I hate to admit it but I wanted Manziel. Just goes to show that even the smartest people in the world can be wrong occasionally.
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  8. windward

    windward NFL Historian

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    Carson Wentz.
  9. Hailmary

    Hailmary Well-Known Member

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    I'm the idiot that wanted Jeff Driskel in the 4th last year. I was screaming at the he tv when we took Dak instead.

    I'm also the idiot that once thought that Henson was the better prospect over Romo.

    I should stop evaluating QBs.
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  10. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

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    I also was a Hensonite!
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  11. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

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    Mike Williams WR USC, thought he was the Lebron James of WR's. D Jarrett too, Il never underestimate separation again
  12. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

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    Wanted to trade the farm to get Mcfadden
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  13. CowboyFan74

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    Jay Cutler- Mega arm but apparently a tiny brain...
  14. JBell523

    JBell523 That's still my Quarterback

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    I wanted Big Mike Williams, the WR from USC. He was so dominant. We missed on Moss and I didn't want us to miss again.

    Dude didn't go to an ideal situation in Detroit, but needless to say I was wrong about him.
  15. Toruk_Makto

    Toruk_Makto Well-Known Member

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    Tyron Smith is a 4x All-Pro.

    Lineman don't win indvidual awards so comparing him to JJ Watt winning DPOY isn't really fair. Tyron smith hasn't even peaked yet based on him still only being 26. His contract (well that of any lineman) is also much friendlier.

    I'd take Smith over Watt 100 of 100 times.
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  16. robbieruff

    robbieruff Well-Known Member

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    To this day I think we should've taken him.
  17. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member

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    I liked Floyd somewhat too

    Nice trade down by Dallas though!

    Some say we maybe could have had Floyd and then Frederick in the 2nd though.
    All theory
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  18. robbieruff

    robbieruff Well-Known Member

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    This is a tough one. I would echo some of the above call outs but to change it up I would have to say Carlos Rogers (WR from Michigan State) who ironically went to the Lions in back2back picks with the other popular bust - WR Mike Williams.

    Defensively I was a huge Boz fan and thought he'd make the perfect Cowboy with his combination of media prowess and on field dominance. Uh....no.
  19. radioactivecowboy88

    radioactivecowboy88 Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    D. McFadden and Johnny Football are probably the two biggest I was totally wrong about...
  20. BoysfanfromNY

    BoysfanfromNY Well-Known Member

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    Wanted Goff at 4 last year :facepalm:

    So glad we didnt draft that bust

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